A/N: Soooooo…I've always wanted to write for this book, so I requested the category.

Hikari: I kinda liked the book but-

Me: -it seriously lacked what it needed.

Hikari: I know, the pairings were off and not to mention-

Me: The lack of the kind of scenes that every book needs!

Hikari: Exactly! We're on the same page!

Happiness. I should have felt it. I should have been really, really happy for myself, dating Roger, who was a really great guy. I should have been happy for Amy, happy that she found a guy so great to her.

But I couldn't be happy when there was a certain person by the name of Josh Rosen who always caught my eye.

I couldn't believe I had always been so blind to it. He was perfect for me, but I was blind enough to let him go to her. After we had finally rekindled our friendship, there was already something to strain it.

Sorry, Amy, but I love Josh. Without him, happiness just can't be achieved.

A/N: Hikari: Please have the next one be more than onesided!

Me: Okay, okay, yeesh! And maybe one day-

Hikari: -we'll write the scene that the book needed!