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June 21rst 2009-Seniors Graduated


It was two days after the graduation, and Alice and I decided to get an apartment together, but we need the money first. And I doubt anyone would guess where that apartment was located-one block away from the house that changed our lives. Though school was over, I never got the chance to ask Alice the one important question that I died to ask-Edward knows, but I figured I'd do it a couple days after grad. So i kept the box in my dresser for all those months. Now, it rests in my pants pocket.

I had gotten Alice to agree to go for a walk with me in the park today. Of course it didn't take much, just a kiss and a hug and she gave in-she was supposed to go shopping with Rosalie today, and I hoped that she would agree, and of course my hopes came true.

I made sure I looked good before walking over to her house. I flattened my hair, and wore a white button down shirt that she had gotten me for my birthday with black pants, fancy shoes, and made sure my breath was minty fresh. I made sure I had everything ready, the ring in my pocket and what I was going to say, I looked in my bathroom mirror and made sure my hair was fine, my shirt was buttoned right, etc, before making my way out of the house, reciting what I was going to say over and over again in my head.

On the way to Alice's house, I passed Edward's. He was sitting on the porch holding Bella in his lap. I checked my watch-I had twenty minutes-why not stop by? "Congrats Grad!" Bella cheered as I approached. "Sorry I missed graduation, I had that party to go too," she told me. I merely shrugged and hugged her.

"Well, you look fancy today, what's the occasion?" Esme-Edward's mother-asked as she peeked through the screen door, her husband-Carlisle-right behind her. I always thought of them as second parents, since mine aren't around a lot. I smiled, Edward and Bella understood. Taking a deep breath, I pulled the tiny box; containing my whole future ahead of me, out of my pocket.

"I'm planning to propose to Alice in…" I started, checking my watch-"15 minutes," I said, taking a deep breath of air. I didn't notice before, the knots in my stomach when I said it out loud. Esme put a hand to her heart.

"Good luck, Alice is a sweet girl, I'm sure you will be expecting a yes," she said. Carlisle agreed in encouragement.

"Thanks, I should really be going though, it takes a good 8 minutes to get to her house…" I said. Esme and Carlisle disappeared after waving goodbye, leaving me to say goodbye to Bella and Edward. "Well, I'll hopefully see you guys soon, good luck senior year!" I said, they both smiled and I started walking away. I looked back once; they both gave the thumbs up. I quickly put the ring in my pocket again, and started for Alice's house.


I took a deep intake of breath, and rang the Brandon house doorbell. It took less than a minute for the door to open, though it wasn't who I was expecting. Alice's mother, vodka bottle in her hand and her eyelids droopy opened the door and gave me a look. I sighed, so her mother was back to those habits…hopefully Alice wouldn't get to her old habits again-I shuddered inwardly. "What do you want…?" she asked. Just then Alice came dashing down the stairs grabbing the vodka bottle out of her mother's hands, giving me an apologetic look.

"Mom," she said, nodding her head towards the couch. Her mother grumbled under her breath and did what she said. Alice made a face and set the vodka bottle on the table next to her. "Sorry about that Jazzy," she said, stepping outside, closing the door behind her. She was in a pink and white checkered t-shirt and had her matching black skull scarf, with plain blue jeans and black high-top converse. She noticed my hair right away. "You look nice today," she complemented as I draped my arm around her tiny shoulders-walking north, towards the park we always went to.

"Thank you very much ma'am" I said, using my southern accent to please her-knowing it always works. She lightly tapped my chest and I bent down to kiss her jaw. She slipped her arm around my waist, and I drew her closer. The knots in my stomach were eased by her simple touch, but though the knots were gone, it made me even more nervous…

As we approached the bench we usually sat at, I stopped her. There were some people from our school here, and I spotted Rose and Emmett sitting on a bench about 20 feet away, staring at us, Emmett gave me the thumbs up and Rose smiled; the others were all looking as I bent down on one knee. She squealed, knowing what was coming next. Alice's smile grew even wider when I took her hand in mine. "Alice Brandon, you are my life, you are everything to me now. We've been together for 2 years, and I love you Alice, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you…will you marry me?" I asked opening the small box with the ring. I honestly didn't think the speech was so good, but all the same she put a hand to her heart, tears forming in her eyes as she simply said:

"Yes!" she said excitedly, people around us clapped as I slipped the ring on her finger and she crushed into me, almost knocking me of balance, to place her lips passionately to mine. I didn't know what to say, I was just so excited that I got a positive answer to even speak at all. When Alice pulled away, I noticed the tears were flowing freely down her cheek. I smiled at her and wiped the tears away with my right hand.

"If you thought I wouldn't say yes, you're a big fool Jasper Whitlock." She teased as I sat her in my lap-still sitting in the grass. "I would gladly spend the rest of my life with you," she said after a few minutes. Those were the only words I needed to hear to bring me back to reality.

We were ready to start our forever.

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