My Brother's Keeper

This is my second story that I am writing, and this one will be a little darker. There will be violence in this one, and will be some torture so read the caption to the chapters.


Dean and Sam got a lead on a Demon, who was torturing and dismembering people. So they check it out on Bobby's computer, and find the article in the Dallas New Paper. They police found the bodies of five people, they found their remains in a warehouse. The police got a tip that someone found the bodies, they did not give their names just the place. So when the police got there they were in shock, the bodies were all over the place. It look like a wild animal got a hold of them, and tore the bodies to shreds. Dean and Sam decided to check it out, so they left Bobby's house the next morning. When they got to Dallas they renting a hotel, then went to the police station to get information. When they got there they told the police they were the FBI, checking into the murders of the five victims. The police gave them the information they collected, then went back to the hotel to do some research.

"Did you find anything yet." Dean ask stretching himself.

"I found that one of the victims was the mayor cousin, but the other four people have nothing in common." Sam said looking at the reports.

"Ok so were do we go from here now, the way I see it a psycho killed the people. I don't see anything that resemble Demons, just some crazy person that went on a killing spree." Dean said he was tired of doing research.

"Dean since when do any of our cases do with psycho's, remember the Deava's in Chicago with Meg. They left the bodies torn to shreds, and they were missing their hearts to." Sam said smiling at his brother, he knew how much Dean hated research.

"Well Meg was a psycho anyway, so that goes your theory about that one." Dean shivered at the thought of Meg.

"Well that is true with that one for sure, but this one is different Dean. When they check the door way, they found something that look like white powder." Sam said knowing what they found was sulfur.

"Demons leave sulfur in that places they been in, so the Demon left his calling card." Dean was now thinking this was a case for them.

"First we need to get in and check the place out, bring the EMF and scan the place first. Then we can check out the area around it, and see if we can find any other clues that could help us." Sam said.

"Ok then write down the address and lets get going." Dean said just as Sam gave him the info.

Dean just look at his brother and smile, he was glad that Sam was back with him. He did not have to tell Sam what to do, they could read each others so well. They did not have to say it in words, they knew just by the body language what the other one was thinking. So Dean grab both of their coats and walk to the door, he handed Sam's his coat when he got to the door. When they got to the warehouse they park down the street, they did not want to be notice if there was police around.

So they enter the warehouse they saw were the bodies were, the police had police tape around the scene. They could smell death in the warehouse, and it made them sick to their stomachs. So Dean took out the EMF and got no reading, so they check the door and windows for sulfur. The found some at the back of the warehouse, they found it at the door that led to the alley. So they went out into the alley and look around, they found a trail of blood leading away from the warehouse. They followed the trail two blocks down, then the lost the trail of blood. So they decided to come back tonight, and set a trap for when the Demon returns. They went to get some dinner then return to the hotel, and did some more research on the killings. The first person who was killed was a teacher, the second person that was killed was in real estate. The third person was a construction worker, the fourth person was a store owner. They did not even know each other, or having anything remotely in common with each other. The headlines only talk about the Mayors cousin, they other got stories in the middle of the paper. The articles said they went missing two days of each other, so in a week and a half 5 people went missing. Dean decided to go to the warehouse around 8 pm, and wait to see if the Demon came back.

As they were getting ready to go to the warehouse, Dean look over at Sam and notice he was getting tired. He did not want his little brother getting to exhausted, he got out of the hospital just 2 months ago. So he did not want Sam to push himself, so he was going to tell Sam to stay here and rest.

"Sam why don't you just stay here, and I will go take care of the Demon." Dean said being concern.

"Dean you need me as back up, you can't do this by yourself." Sam said knowing what Dean was saying, he has been feeling a little tired.

"Sammy you only been out of the hospital for two months, you still need your rest." Dean knew this was not going to go over well.

"Dean we are going to set up a Devils Trap, and then we are going to wait for the Demons. I don't see it being stressful at all, what could possibly go wrong." Sam said.

"A lot of things could go wrong Sam, there could be two Demons doing the killings. We could trap one but not the other, he could sneak up behind us or worse." Dean did not really want to argue, but his brother was being stubborn.

"I have been resting for two months now, only doing exorcising Demon's back to Hell. I need this to get back into the game, I have to prove to myself I can still do this." Sam said getting a little frustrated with Dean.

"Ok Sam if anything goes wrong in there, I went you to get out of there. You are not to stay if anything happens, if you get hurt I will kick your ass to Hell and back." Dean said with a stern voice.

"Dean I promise that I won't get hurt, but I can't promise I would leave. If anything happens to you I will be there, you need me protecting your back." Sam said as he walk out the door, Dean just sigh and walk out after his brother.

When they got to the warehouse again, they put an Devil Traps by the doors. Then they sat in the shadows an waited for the Demon, Sam watch the front door Dean the back door. Sam had a feeling he's been here before, then he remember his dream of Lucifer and Dean. His whole body shivered at the thought, he tried to clear his mind to the hunt.

"Sam is there some……" Before Dean could finish they heard a sound, and they both got up aiming their guns. Dean got behind one pole and Sam got behind the other, they kept an watch at the doors and waited. Just then the door open and they saw a man coming in, he was dragging a person into the warehouse. Just as the Demon got in the door, he grab the person and threw the body to his left. Then he turn and close the door, then he step back from the door to get the body. That is when he realize he could not move, he got very anger when he look up and saw the trap. The Demon turn around and saw Dean and Sam, the Demon smile when he saw Sam walking to him.

"Well well look who is here, no other then Sam Winchester himself. How does it feel not having the blood in your veins, you don't feel the power or the strength anymore. Now you are just a weak human, a pathetic excuse of what you were suppose to be." The Demon sneer at Sam.

"I may not have the blood anymore, but I am not as weak as you say I am." Sam said with a smirk.

"The way I see it you are weak, the blood gave you the power and it felt good. Then you gave it all up for what, to be back with your pathetic brother of yours." The Demon smile when he saw Dean flinch.

"I would be careful on how you talk about my brother, he is a lot stronger then you think. He is even a lot smarter then you, at least he can think on his own." Sam could see the Demon was getting anger.

"That is enough Sam we did not come here for word wars, we came here to take care of business. So if you to don't mind now, lets get down to business shall we." Dean said.

"Well then go ahead and kill me, send me back to hell. I will just get out and come back for you, it may take me a couple of years but I will be back." The Demon said with a evil grin, he just happen to look behind him. He just happen to look up, and saw someone scratching at the trap.

"I think we should make him suffer first Sam, what do you think of that. Maybe pour holy water down his throat, or put salt on the knife and cut him." Dean look at the Demon with such hate.

"Dean lets not get into that shall we….." Before Sam could finish he was being thrown, he hit the ground really hard and was pin there.

"SAMMY!" Before Dean could do or say anymore, he was thrown to the wall.

Dean look at the Demon who was walking out of the trap, he walk right up to Dean and got to close. He was right up to Dean's face, their noses almost touching each others.

"So you were going to do what to me." The Demon smile a Dean, and his eyes went to an oily black.

"Leave my brother alone you bastard." Sam said with hatred in his voice.

"Now now Sam what language coming from your mouth, someone should wash your mouth out. Maybe I can wash your mouth, with your brothers blood after I killed him." The Demon smile at Sam's panic look.

"Why don't you kill me first, then you can let Dean go. Isn't that what Lucifer wants to do, he has tried to kill me in the past." Sam was trying to get the Demon away from Dean.

"Why do I want to do that for, I want you to watch as I ripe your brother lungs out. Then I would ripe his heart our and feed it to you, as you feel his blood in your throat then I will kill you." The Demon sneer at Sam.

Sam watch as the Demon step closer to Dean, he started to fight against the hold. He was thinking why was his powers not working, are they not suppose to work when Dean's in trouble. As the Demon got closer Sam's panic level spike, he was trying to get free from this hold.

"Stay away from me you Son-of-a-Bitch." Dean said looking into the Demons eyes.

"Come on Dean show your little brother how brave you are, and take your death like a man. I promise the pain won't hurt much, you will feel the same ripping you did in hell." The Demon was raising his hands to Dean's chest.

"No leave him alone, get away from him. Please leave my brother alone, I said get the hell away from my brother." Sam was getting scared for his brother, then he felt a warmth in his body. He felt his finger tingling at the tips, then it went through his whole body. As he saw the Demon's hand almost on Dean's chest, he yell out "NO" then energy left his body and the Demon was thrown.

"How could you do that, you don't have the blood in you." The Demon was shock at what Sam did.

"That is not all I have up my sleeves, there are a few more tricks I have. Lucifer knew all about them to, and he did not tell you did he. He probably thinks you are a low life, and a very poor excuse of a Demon." Sam could tell he was getting to the Demon, just as long as he stayed away from Dean.

"Sammy what are you doing, don't be stupid and do this." Dean was getting scared for Sam.

"I would be careful on what you say, I could kill you right here. With the flick of my wrist your gone, so I would be careful on what you say." The Demon sneer at Sam.

"Say like what? You are a low level Demon who is no good, who can't even take on a human and win. If you survive this all the other Demons will laugh at you, and point fingers at you mocking you all the time. Saying that you can't even take on two humans, that you are the lowest of all the Demons in the pit." Sam knew that he is getting the Demon mad, he wanted to Demon to come after him. When he is focus on him more, then he would forget about Dean all together. Maybe get him mad enough that he would let Dean go, then Dean could kill him with the knife.

'I said watch your mouth human, or your brother will pay the price. Is that something you want to do, have your brother die because of you." The Demon was burning mad now.

"I am only telling the truth here about you, if it's true on what I heard about you. That you will do anything to get favor from Lucifer, that is even washing the ground he walks on." Sam said.

"That is it Sam now you are going to get it, I am going to give you so much pain. That you will be begging me to stop, and when you do I will push harder on you. You are going to feel my wrath, and when you are dead I will kill your brother." The Demon was so anger and focus on Sam, that Dean was in panic for his brother.

"Why use your powers to kill me, why don't you use my knife. It's right there next to you, why not just stab me in the heart." Sam was looking at the knife on the ground.

The Demon pick up the knife and walk over to Sam, he got on his knees next to Sam. He raise the knife above his head, and started to swing the knife into Sam's chest. That is when Sam heard Dean called out to him. "SAMMY"


Well that is all for this one, I hope that this was not to boring.

I promise the other chapters will be more exciting, and we will find out who let the Demon out.