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"Dean there is something I need to tell you and Sam, we can wait until he wakes up before I say anything." Castiel said as he watch the other hunter walking up to the brother.

"What did you need to talk about Cas, you can say it now before Sammy wakes up." Dean said knowing how important it is, he could tell by the look on Castiel's face.

"Dean I can wait for Sam to wake up, this is something you both need to hear together." Castiel said as he sat down on the chair, he would wait until Sam wakes up.

Dean was going to ask him again what the problem was, until Sam started to whimper in his sleep. Dean put his hand on Sam's head and rub it, whispering to his brother in a calm voice. Sam settle a little in his sleep and snuggle closer to Dean, he was still a little restless in his sleep Dean rub his back and head.

"Shhh Sammy I got you it's ok just sleep kiddo, I'm right here by your side Sammy keeping you safe." Dean whisper to Sam, and was rubbing his thumb behind his ear. At the same time he was rubbing his back with small gentle circles, knowing this always put Sammy to sleep again.

Castiel watch as Dean calm Sam down with his voice and touch, he could see how much Dean loves his brother. He had seen how far Dean will go to keep Sam safe no matter what, it always surprise him on how Dean could just touch Sam and he'll calm right down. Knowing what he has to say to them both on how Sam could kill Lucifer, it was tearing his heart in two knowing how Sam would react to the news.

"Dean why are you and Sam sleeping out here, last time I saw you two you're in bed." Bobby said hoping he could get them back in bed, knowing Dean would be more comfortable.

"I step out side to get something out of the car, when I came back in Sammy was about to fall. He got out of bed and manage to get half way to the couch, if I hadn't caught him he would be on the floor in pain." Dean said still feeling a little angry at his brother.

"Well I guess I couldn't blame the kid for that, he's been coop up in that room for four days." Bobby kind of felt sorry for Sam.

"He could've waited until I got back inside Bobby, I told him if he needed any help to wait for me. But no he had to do it his way, and almost ending up hurting himself again. I'm not going to let him risk his life anymore, he's going to listen to me from now on and do as I say." Dean knew he was sounding a little protective (well a lot), he just won't be able to handle Sammy getting hurt again.

"Dean he was only walking from the bed to the couch, how much dangerous could that be. Yes he would've fallen on the floor and felt stupid for it, it won't kill him if he hits the floor Dean." Bobby wasn't trying to defend Sam, he could understand Sam position in this.

"You don't get it do you Bobby, I almost lost Sammy not once but five times. I'm not going to let him hurt himself by doing something stupid, if he can't wait for me to help him then he should've stayed in bed." Dean was not going to back down to Bobby on this.

"Dean I'm a big boy now who can make my own decision, I don't need to ask you when I can do anything. I know my own limits when I can or can't do, I thought I could've made it to the couch with out feeling dizzy." Sammy said as he got up from Dean's lap.

"That's just it Sammy you don't know your own limits, you always think you do even when you were little. Always pushing yourself to make a point to Dad, well he is not here anymore and I'm in charge now." Dean remember when Sam was little and almost got killed, trying to make a point to his dad that he could do it.

"Dean I'm happy that you look out for me all the time, making sure I don't get hurt or push my self to much. I'm a grown up now who can make my own choices in life, I don't need you to look out for me anymore. I need you to let me be by your side instead of being behind you, I can take care of myself so you don't have to protect me." Sam was trying to make a point to Dean without hurting him at the same time.

"Sammy you can say that until your blue in the face, I've protected you for so long it just comes natural to me. That is something I just can't turn off and turn back on, it's something I'm proud of my whole life knowing that I kept you safe. You can't except me to change now on this just like that, I'm your older brother who will always be by your side." Dean wanted Sam to know how much he takes pride of keeping Sammy safe.

In the corner of his eye Sam saw movement to his left, when he look over he saw that it was Castiel. He wonder how long he's been sitting there, he look at Dean with a confuse look in his eyes.

"Cas said he has something important to tell us, he was waiting for you to wake up before he said anything." Dean said looking over at Castiel, he wanted to know what was so important.

"Sam I just got some information from Michael he found a scroll, the information in the scroll tell on how to kill Lucifer." Castiel saw the shock look in Sam and Dean's eyes.

'W-What do you mean that Lucifer can be killed, he's an powerful Angel right." Sam said with shock in his voice and eyes.

"Yes he is an powerful Angel Sam that is correct, in the scroll it says that a gifted man with an Arch Angel can kill Lucifer." Castiel saw the horror in Dean's eyes, he could tell that Dean was about to explode.

"NO WAY IN HELL CASTIEL." Dean shouted before Sam could answered him.


Barakus came to Lucifer side who was standing outside, he was looking out at the mountains from his balcony. He was quite for a moment before he ask his Lord what the plan was, he wanted to get his revenge on Sam and Dean for killing Draco.

"My Lord what's our plans on taking the Winchesters on." Barakus wanted to be prepared before he headed off for battle.

Lucifer turn and look over at Barakus standing by him, he could see the resemblance of Draco in his brother. Draco was smaller and had brown hair and eyes, Barakus had black hair and dark brown eyes. The facial appearance where so uncanny that at first he thought it was Draco, the only difference was Barakus was taller and more muscular then Draco. He could feel the tension coming off of Barakus and he knew why, he could feel it himself and it excited him to feel that kind of raw power.

"We've got to wait until we know where Sam and Dean are, Castiel put a powerful ward off symbol on them. No Angel or Demon can find them if they sense for them, so we need to be patience and wait for them to surface." Lucifer was loosing his he didn't want Barakus to feel it.

"So we'll wait until he hear that they came out of hiding, then we'll go and kill Dean and get Sam for you. "I'll take pleasure in killing Dean right in front of Sam, he'll know what is like to see his brother be killed. He'll feel the pain as I did seeing Castiel killed Draco, my heart ache for my brother when I watch him die. Yes we were not close for the last year or so, but that doesn't mean that I never stop loving him." Barakus said with a heavy heart and tears in his eyes.

"Believe me Barakus you'll get that chance as soon as we find them, just be careful with Sam and his powers. When his brother is in danger that is what's sets them off, and he can throw you a good distance. I've learn that first hand with Sam and his powers, so did Draco he learned the hard way when it comes to Sam protecting his brother." Lucifer warned Barakus about Sam protecting his brother.

"Thank you for telling me about Sam and his powers, we'll need a plan then on how to do this. One thing for sure I want Dean's death to be as painful as possible, the pain Draco went through at the hands of Castiel. Well Dean will feel that and much more by the time I'm done, he'll be begging me to kill him on the spot." Barakus said looking Lucifer in the eyes.

"Well then lets go inside and think of a plan then, it has to be a very good one to fool Sam. He won't be that easy to be fooled around with, when he knows his brother is in trouble then all hell will break loose." Lucifer said as he walk into the house, he had his hand on Barakus shoulder.


"There is no way in hell that my brother is going up against Lucifer." Dean got up and stood tall to the Angel.

"Dean if there was another way I'll take it, Sam is the only one who can kill Lucifer. I'm going to be there the whole time protecting him, I'll make sure that nothing happens to him under my watch." Castiel was trying to reassure Dean.

"The only person who needs to protect Sam is ME, not that I don't trust you Cas I'll feel better if he stays here. Let the damn Arch Angel fight Lucifer by himself, and I can guess on who that is am I right." Dean knew it was Michael who put Cas up to this.

"Yes Dean you're right it's Michael who ask me to talk with you, he showed me a scroll and it says the same thing. This scroll says that a gifted man can take the Adversary down for good, he can smite the Devil with the help of an Arch Angel. The Arch Angel who can kill Lucifer is the one who sent him down, after Lucifer wouldn't bowed down to human God sent his warrior to teach him a lesson. That Angel sent Lucifer to hell for disobeying God wishes, the Arch Angel is on of the most powerful Angels in Heaven." Castiel said.

"If Michael is so powerful why can't he killed Lucifer himself, he could come here and kill the bastard. Why does he need Sam to do his dirty work, he can come and do what you did to Draco." Dean was going to do what ever it took to keep Sam away from Lucifer.

"Dean Arch Angel can't kill a human they're sworn to protect them, even if Lucifer has a human as a host Michael can't not kill him. He would need another human to help him do the job, if he kills this human he would be punish by death by God himself. Michael would need Sam consent to do this…." Is all that Castiel said when Dean went off on him.

"Are you freaking hearing yourself here Cas, you want Sam to except Michael in him to kill Lucifer. Are you f*cking in sane or something, there is no way in hell he'll allow that…." Dean turn to Sam when he called him, he could tell that Sam would agree to it.

"Dean if it means the death of Lucifer and getting on with our lives, then yeah I'll do to get rid of that bastard once and for all." Sam could see the anger in Dean's eyes.

"Sammy I'm not going to allow you to do this." Dean said with fear and worry in his voice.

"Dean this is something I need to do man, I'm getting tired of Lucifer coming after me. This way I can defeat him and get on with my life, I'm going to need you by my side when I do this." Sam got off the couch and headed to his brother, he almost fell when Dean grab him.

"Sammy you can't even stand up on your own man, you're way to weak yet to do this. Wait for another week before you decide to do this, then we'll have a talk with Michael and go from there ok." Dean was hoping that Sam would agree with that, when he didn't his heart sank to his stomach.

"Dean we need to strike now while the iron is hot, do it when he least except us to go in for the kill. I'll wait for another three days if that makes you happy, if not then I go by myself and do it alone." Sam saw the look in Dean's eyes, and knew he would say yes to it.

"I'm not letting you go in this alone Sammy, I always have your back and I'm not stopping now. You have three days Castiel to tell Michael we'll talk with him, if he can't except that then to bad for him." Dean walk up to Castiel and look at him straight in the eyes. "If Sam gets hurt in this battle you better tell Michael that his ass is mine."

"That goes for the rest of us Castiel, we're not going to let Sam go in this alone either." Bobby said for the rest of them.

"I'll let Michael know about you decision and get back with you, when this is over I'm going to be a little sad." Castiel said with his eyes down.

"Why is that Cas?" Sam ask the Angel.

"After this is over you'll be leaving, and I won't be able to find you. With that symbol on your chest I put one, I won't be able to feel your presence." Castiel said with sadness in his voice.

"Well Cas we would have to find something then, so this way you can find us when you need us. A phone is a good start and you can call, we can be in touch with the phone and you'll know where we are." Dean gave Castiel a cell phone to have.

Castiel look at the phone with a frown, 'how would I work this thing, there are to many buttons'." Castiel thought to himself.

"Mine and Sam's number are in your speed dial, that is this button right here Cas. You press this button here and it'll bring up our numbers, then you press who you want to talk to." Dean look at the numbers and saw Bobby's number in there, he turn and look at his old friend.

"He would need my number two ya idjit, what happen if he couldn't get a hold of ya." Bobby said with a smile.

"Thanks so I just hit this button and it'll call your numbers, that is very interesting to know that." Castiel almost drop his phone when his ringer went off, it was the sound of a lady enjoying herself.

Sam look at Dean who was smirking at Castiel look, Sam took the phone from Cas and change his ringer.

"Spoil sport I was only having fun with him, now you ruin all the fun I could be having." Dean pretending having his feelings hurt.

"Get over it Dean I don't think he wants to hear that, so tell Michael we'll see him in three days. Tell him I'm going to have some demands before I say yes to him, I'll tell him what they are when I see him." Sam look at Castiel straight in the eyes, he wanted the Angel to know he was serious.

"In three days then." Castiel said as he disappeared.


"My Lord I've got a plan on how to kill Dean, I just hope that it would work without us flying through the air." Barakus said as he walk into the room.

"What is your plan Barakus let me hear it, then I can tell you if it would work. I'm not saying it's not a good one, I just know how Sam is when it comes to Dean." Lucifer didn't want Barakus think his plan was not a good one.

"I got together all the Demons who followed Draco, they all agree to help on separating the Winchesters. Some will go after Dean while the others go after Sam, they'll keep Sam busy while I kill Dean right in front of him. Then you can do what you want with Sam after that, I told them not to hurt Sam in anyway or they'll answer to you." Barakus was hoping that Lucifer would go for it.

"That sounds like a good plan Barakus, I think that just might work out. If we can get Sam away from Dean this will work, he'll be to busy trying to save himself then Dean. Castiel shouldn't be a problem anymore since he lost some of his powers, I can take care of the Angel know he is nothing anymore." Lucifer said knowing that he could kill Castiel and get away with it.

"How do we flush them out to do this, what are their weakness besides each other." Barakus ask his Lord, cause he knows them better then he does.

"They can't handle when innocent people are being hurt, we need to get them to come to us. We'll go and possess some people to get them notice, then the Winchesters will come a running to save them." Lucifer said as he got excited about the plan.

"That sounds like a plan then my Lord, when do you want to start this to get them here." Barakus said.

"We're doing this in California instead of here, they both know that I'm here in this state somewhere. So they won't come over here, we need to go where they are and bring them in." Lucifer said with a proud smile on his face.

"Alright then lets get a moving then my Lord, so we can get this over with and I get my revenge." Barakus was getting excited himself.

"Lets all met there in four days shall we, this way it'll give us some time. We need to do this like it's a regular hunt for them, they'll know if it's a trap and won't came at all." Lucifer knew these two Winchesters very well.

Two days later they were all in California getting ready, they pick the warehouse in a small town outside San Francisco. They didn't want to do it in a big city, knowing it would attract unwanted visitors. As they made their plans on capturing the Winchesters, one of the Demons let without anyone noticing.


"Sam did agree to kill Lucifer with my help, that would be great so when does he want to met." Michael said.

"He said he'll met you in three days Michael, he is still recovering from his ordeal with Ross and Draco. He said before he does this there are some demands, he didn't tell me what they are and if you don't agree then it's off." Castiel said with a small smile on his face.

"What is it with humans and their demands, do they think it makes them superior to us or what." Michael didn't like it one bit, but he would listen if it gets Lucifer killed.

"Sam is one stubborn human and he'll make sure they are met, if you want this to happen I suggest you take him for his word." Castiel knew Sam enough that he wouldn't back down.

"Fine I'll listen to what he has to say, but I don't have to agree to the demands." Michael said.

"If you want Sam to help you Michael you'll heed to his demands, if not he'll just turn around and leave for good. When he goes so does Dean and his friends, that even includes me my brother." Castiel does know that Sam excepts him as a friend.

Michael nodded to Castiel then disappeared, he was standing there for a few minutes by himself. He felt a presence behind him and he turned, he look at the Demon coming from the shadows.

"What did you find out about what's going on, where will they be at and when." Castiel ask the Demon.

"There's a little town out side of San Francisco that is where they'll be at, the town is north of the city by the coast. They'll be in the warehouse that is on the water front, they laid a trap for Sam and Dean. They'll be there in four days from today, Lucifer will be with them on this one he wants Sam really bad." The Demon told Castiel everything she knew.

"This better be the truth if not you'll suffer greatly, now go back and keep an ear open. If anything else changes let me know before the fourth day, if not I'll make sure you end up like your mate." Castiel told the Demon.

"You make it sound like we are animals, he was my lover not mate. The Demon you killed at the barn Ares was my lover, I still blame Lucifer for his death." The Demon said.

"If you value your life you'll keep this to yourself and no one else, I'll know if you tell anyone that we are coming." Castiel said then sent her on the way.

Three days later finds Castiel, Sam and Dean, their friends in an open field, this is the place they'll met Michael to talk. Sam was a little nervous on meeting the Angel, he wasn't sure how Michael would handle his demands. He still hasn't told Dean or Bobby what they where, he wanted everyone to hear at the same time on what they are. At first they all thought maybe he wasn't going to show, then a bolt a lighting came down and there was Michael.

"Wow snapping entrance there hail-o boy." Dean said out loud.

"Always the one with the smart remarks Dean, this must be your Demon loving brother. I thought he would be a little taller for some reason, at least you're big and strong you should be able to handle it." Michael said with a smirk.

"If you came here to disrespect my brother then we are leaving." Dean said as he turn to walk away, Sam grabbing him to bring him back.

"Touchy touchy Dean you need to work on that one, Castiel told me that you have some demands for me. I told him that I would listen to them, if it gets us to kill Lucifer." Michael said with impatience in his voice.

"For starters you'll apologies to my brother for being so rude to him." Sam look at Michael without showing any fear, when in real his body was trembling in his presence.

"I'm sorry Dean for being such a smart ass like you." Michael said, Sam just shook his head at that.

"Second you'll give Castiel all his Angel powers back to him, I mean all of his powers not some of them." Sam could see the shock look in Michael eyes, and he could see Castiel looking at him with shock in his eyes.

"That is something that is out of….." Is all the Michael said before Sam cut him off.

"I said Castiel gets all his powers back somehow, if not then I'll just walk out of here. If you think I'm joking watch me dumb ass, so you better get your ass a moving and do it." Sam was getting anger at Michael and his rules.

Seeing that Sam was being serious Michael look up into the skies, he said something and a bright light came down on Castiel. The light was so bright that the humans had to shield there eyes, Castiel body was shaking when the light hit him. When the light was gone Castiel fall to the ground, Dean and Sam help Cas up to his feet. They both look at him with worried looks, Sam wonder if it was the right thing to do. Then they saw a bright light coming from Castiel, and saw his wings spread out like an eagle wings. They notice how refresh he looked and he glowed, Castiel look over at Sam with a smile on his face.

"Thanks you Sam I've got all my powers back to me, I'm very grateful for what you done to me." Castiel put his hand on Sam's shoulder.

"OK! Now that is done can we go and kick some Demon ass, or are we going to grow some roots. We have an Devil to kill as soon as we find him, so lets get a going and look for him." Michael said.

"I still have one more demand before I say yes, I want you Angels to leave me and my brother alone for now on. You're not to bother us or look for us, that even goes for our friends to." Sam look Michael in the eyes to see he wasn't joking.

"Fine that's a deal Sam, I don't want to deal with you two anymore." Michael said as he spread his wings.

His wings were bigger then Castiel wings, where as Cas's wings where black. Michael's wings where a dark green and blue on the top, dark brown to black on the bottom and they where heavier then Castiel's.

"I know where Lucifer is and he'll be there by tomorrow, so lets get going and get prepared." Castiel said as Michael relaxes his wings.

"Where is he at and we'll met you guys there, then we can get ourselves in place before he shows up." Dean said as he look at Michael, he was still flexing his wings.

"He'll be at the town called Frisco in California it's at the coast, he'll be in the warehouse that is by the water.' Castiel saw the shock look from everyone.

"I don't think I want to know how you found out, lets just get a moving and kill the son of a bitch." Dean said.

"When we get there Sam I'll be standing behind you when we attack Lucifer, my powers will go through you before they hit Lucifer. With our powers combined he'll not have a chance, just called for me and I'll be there behind you." Michael told Sam what was going to happen.

"What do you mean to call you when he needs you, why won't you come in with him instead." Dean didn't like that one bit.

"If I go with you two Lucifer will feel my presence and won't come, with Sam he wouldn't know he's there until it's to late. Don't worry I'll make sure nothing happens to your brother, I don't want to feel the wrath of Dean Winchester on my back." Michael said with a serious look.

Dean, Sam, Bobby got to the warehouse before the Demons did, Joshua and Joe where waiting down the road. They didn't have the symbols on their chest like the other three, so they didn't want to ruin the surprise. Castiel stayed with Joshua and Joe to hide his presence, he didn't care for it one bit he would rather be there with them. Michael was in another warehouse with symbols around it, so that the Demons can't sense his presence. As soon as Sam called him he could hear him and be there, he'll not let Sam down they both wanted Lucifer dead.

When Lucifer and his Demons showed up they didn't know they where trap, Bobby, Joshua and Joe drew devils traps around the building. So when they entered the warehouse there was no way to get out, when Lucifer was in place Sam came out of his hiding place. Lucifer saw Sam standing there and his eyes got big, he knew this was a trap, he order all his Demons to leave now and get out. All the door wouldn't open like they were bolted shut, they all panic and started to yell at Lucifer to leave.

That is when Sam called for Michael to come to him, right on cue Michael was right behind Sam with his wings out. Sam could feel heat coming through his body, the heat went through his back and right out his chest. He held up his hands like Michael did, and close his eyes to the bright light. His body felt like it was going to rip about, the feeling was so intense he thought he would black out. He was swaying on his feet from the heat, he could feel his body getting hotter by the minute. When he couldn't take anymore of the heat he heard a blood curling scream, he wasn't sure if it was him or the Demons screaming. He couldn't open his eyes do to the bright light, Sam felt like he was going to pass out do to the heat his body was in. Next thing he knew he was being lowered to the floor, when he did finally open his eyes he saw Dean and Bobby looking at him. They both had worried looks in their eyes before he blacked out, when he open them again he saw Castiel looking at him. His body still felt like it was on fire and his skin burned off, when he look at his hands he saw a tan hand in front of him. He tried to sit up but his body wasn't listening to him, he felt someone from behind him lift him from the floor. He was now in a sitting position with his head on Dean's chest, he look at his brother and tried to say some words nothing came out. He look where Lucifer was suppose to be and he saw a pile of ash, he look around and saw about 30 piles of ashes.

Lucifer was shock when he saw Sam standing there in the middle of the floor, his shock turn into horror when Michael appeared behind Sam. He tried to get out of the way of Michael's power, he wasn't fast enough to get away. He was hit by the heat from Sam and Michael combine powers, he could feel his body burning from the inside out. The pain was so bad that his wings spread out to protect him, he was going to wrap his wings around him for protection. They only got as far as a spread eagle before he felt himself burning up, he screamed so loud it shattered the windows then he turn to ash.

"I-I did all of this." Sam ask in a husky voice, he throat felt like it was on fire.

"Yeah you did kiddo, how do you feel." Dean ask rubbing his head.

"Hot n tired" Sam said before his eyes closed.

"Sam look at me." Michael said.

Sam open his eyes and saw Michael blue eyes, he had a small smile on his face. His eyes almost look like Castiel except Cas's eyes where a lighter blue.

"The heat your body is in will go away in a little while, the tiredness will stay until morning. I want to say thank you for helping us to kill Lucifer, without your help we couldn't do this so thank you." Michael said as he bowed his head to Sam, then he disappeared.

"D'n" is all the Sam said before he passed out.

"Sammy! Hey wake up open your eyes for me kiddo, Cas a little help here please." Dean pleaded to the Angel.

Castiel was at Sam side in no time, he look Sam over and saw he was sleeping.

"Sam is just sleeping Dean he'll be find, his body needs to rest after all the power it was under. Let's get him out of here and I'll make sure he's ok, I'll stay with him until he can take care of himself. I'm not taking your role away from you Dean, I just want to make sure his body does over heat." Castiel smile at Dean's look.

With Bobby's help Dean got Sam to the Impala, they find a hotel room two towns over. They rented out two rooms next door to each other,. Joe and Joshua wanted to make sure Sam was ok before they left. Dean got Sam to the furthest bed from the door, he strip Sam of his cloths only leaving his boxer and t-shirt on. He notice how much cooler Sammy was already, he felt some of the tension leaving his body. He wouldn't calm down enough until Sam open his eyes, then he would really calm down knowing he was ok.

"Dean you need to get some sleep son, Sam will be out of it all night." Bobby said as he tried to get Dean to rest.

"I need to be awake if he needs me Bobby, anyway I don't think I could sleep anyway." Dean said looking at Sammy worriedly.

Castiel came over and touch Dean's head and he pass out, he lifted Dean's legs to the bed and covered him.

"You need your sleep you idjit." Castiel said to Dean, he turn to see Bobby looking at him with a smile.

Two days after killing Lucifer Sam was ready to hit the road and do some hunting, he didn't have to worried about looking over his shoulders anymore. He felt refresh and rested after sleeping for two days, so now he needed to get a going and do something. Dean was glad that Sam wanted to get back to work again, so they said by to their friends and part ways. Bobby stayed with the boys for a little longer, he wanted to make sure Sam did push himself to much. Castiel as promise stayed until Sam could take care of himself, he was a little sad to know he won't be able to find them when he wanted. Sam called him over and put his hand on his shoulders, Castiel thought he wanted to stay thank you for what he did. Instead what Sam gave him touch his soul, it was a pair of Angel wings that he got.

"Thanks Sam this means so much to me." Castiel said with a tear running down his cheek.

"That is ok Cas with all the help you did for me, thank you for saving my life and being there for Dean. This is how I can repay you for helping us out, these are charms that I found and got four of them. I found out that when an Angel gives you some of his power, if you have these wings on you it puts an engraving on them. Who every wears them can find the other's who is wearing the other ones, so this way you can find us when ever you need us." Sam saw how much Castiel really like the necklace.

"I thought you didn't want anyone of us bothering you or Dean, why did you give me this to find you then." Castiel said with confusion in his voice.

"I told Michael I don't want them to bother us, you're a friend to us and friends stay in touch with each other." Sam gave Castiel hug and he stiffen a little, then gave one back to Sam.

Bobby and Dean smile when Sam gave Castiel the charm, they all got one to so when the Angel needed them he could find them. Castiel look at them and disappeared knowing he'll see his friends again, Sam felt good for what he did and look at his brother.

"SHUT UP DEAN! I did him a favor for all the things he did for me." Sam wipe the tears away.

"I was going to stay nice job Sammy, can we hit the road now before we get into an area we all hate." Dean said as he got into the Impala.

"Dean we don't all hate the chick flick moments, it's only you that do." Bobby said with a chuckle.

Sam look at Bobby and laugh a deep laugh, Dean couldn't help but laugh alone with his brother. It's been a long time since Dean heard that from Sammy, it made his heart swell with pride for what Sam did for Castiel. Then they all headed off to Bobby's house for a visit and to drop him off, after that they would be off on their own adventures.

Barakus made his escape before the doors close, he could hear Lucifer telling everyone to leave. When he came back a couple of hours later everyone was dead, he look for Lucifer hoping he would've made it out. He found his pile of ash where the last time he saw him, he had hatred in his eyes and swore revenge on Sam and Dean.

"If it's the last thing I do I'm going to get revenge on them my Lord, Sam and Dean both will pay for your death." With that Barakus left never to return there, he had some planning to do and it won't be good for Dean and Sam Winchester.


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