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This will be mainly ByaRen; set in an Alternative Universe, where the war with Aizen has just finished, and will deal with the rebuilt of Soul Society and life after such a devastating war. It will have mpreg in the future.

Notes: Because this is an AU, I'm taking a few liberties with story.




[Spoilers Ahead]





So this is, more or less, canon-compliant until chapter 364 of the manga; the invasion of fake Karakura Town by Aizen and his minions, the initial fights and the arrival of the Vizards all have happened, from then on I'm not even going to try and guess what's on Tite's head.


I. Mind Sight Sound

Byakuya was rudely awake by an insisting shaking of his left shoulder. It was intriguing!

It wasn't like Chiyo(1) to wake him so... physically. She would just shout in his ear and Byakuya instantly would be up and ready to his morning tutoring, the one right before training.

Oh! But wait... wasn't he already in Shinigami Academy, top of his class?

The sleep-stealing shake to his left shoulder turned to bodily jostling. Rather uncomfortable, really.

It wasn't like Hisana to be this forceful. She was always so gentle...

Oh, but Renji! Red, fiery, hot Renji! Yes, he was brute and demanding and would certainly try and wake Byakuya this way.


Byakuya didn't felt like waking.

Not just yet.

Not right now.

Perhaps maybe later...


He blinked, trying to get his eyelashes untangled but there was nothing beyond them but white.

An expanse of rippled white in a void black canvas.

He blinked his eyelashes some more and could discern a sea of red in the black and white.

Renji, his mind supplied.

But no, it was too dark for Renji's red. More like clotted-blood red.

A shift in the universe and he now could see that the red wasn't uniform but splashes fed by dark-clothed shapes lying in the white sand. His world shifted some again and...

WAIT! Was that a dark-clothed shape with Renji's red?


Piercing screams of a battle field assaulted his senses but his attention remained focused on the red-haired body in a pool of blood until the world shifted once more.

NO! Take me back. Back to Renji!

But nothing more than raspy, hoarse sounds clawed their way out of his throat.

Voices nearby tried to sooth him.

Familiar voices.


No, it couldn't be.

Rukia then; the similarity between their voices had always haunted him.

He couldn't make out the words.

Just get me back to Renji, his mind pleaded.

Something prickled his arm and the voices became clear as everything else began to fade out. All but the red.



"Get Unohana-taichou! QUICK, Rukia-san! I don't know how much longer I can keep him like this." - A shrill

"Please don't give up, Hanatarou-kun." – Pleading concern.

"There's so many of them. Wounded... Dead..." – whispered hysteria.



(1)Chiyo is a character I created and used a few times now (in "Os Anos de Renji" and "Threads of Different Yarns"); she is a servant in the Kuchiki family and has served as Byakuya since he was a child.


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