Just a challenge that I decided to do for 'Hypheniated'. I hope I did it justice.

Prompt: "I don't want kids yet!"

Pairing: SasuSaku.

She stared at him, exasperated, as he contemplated moving that tiny little car forward.

"Did your brain suddenly run out of juice?"

He glared at her, moving his red sedan into the 'Go To College' box. Sakura raised her arms in the air, ignoring Sasuke as he rolled his eyes. She put her car in "Career' and browsed through the 3 cards that Sasuke held out to her, deciding to choose with the traditional 'eenie-meenie-minny-moe' selection method. When she raised her card and showed the result to Sasuke, he smiled coyly at her.

"…are you serious? I can't be a Technician! I was destined to be an Doctor." She sighed as Sasuke graduated and picked his 'Lawyer' card. Cursing the 'LIFE' Gods, she gave another spin to the wheel at the center of the colorful board and clapped when she landed on the chance to get married. Picking up her blue husband and sitting next to the pink peg on her green car, she heard Sasuke spin the wheel and looked up at his result. Counting the 6 steps his red car was destined to take, she laughed at his expression.

"It's just twins, Sasuke."

He glared at her, shoving two little blue pegs into the car. "Yeah, twins mean expenses."

She stuck her tongue out at him, and spun the wheel. When she got a lucky 10, she clapped again and starting counting the steps until her yellow car had to stop. It wasn't until Sasuke started laughing softly at her expression that she finally looked up at him with a deadly stare.

"It's just twins, Sakura." She picked up the two pink pegs slowly and looked at them, before putting them in Sasuke's red car.

"I don't want kids yet!"

If any of you are confused, they're playing Milton Bradley's 'Game of LIFE'. It's one of my favorite board-games, and I thought it would fit with the prompt. Thanks for reading! If anyone else wants to challenge me, please post it in the review box or PM me and I'll try and do them.