Arizona Robbins is nervous, very nervous as she walks through the halls of Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, toward the office of her boss, no correction her bosses boss. Which translates pretty much to that she's in some major trouble here because why else would Dr. Cuddy ask her to meet her in her office asap? She racks her brain for what she could possibly have done wrong but she comes up with nothing. She's been the model employee lately.

Her palms are sweating as she enters the small office of cuddy's assistant, who tells her to go right in and so she does, cuddy is reading over something with glasses perched on the end of her nose she kind of looks like a sexy librarian, Arizona immediately shakes the thought away.

"Hello, Dr. Robbins."

Arizona smiles weakly rubbing her sweaty palms on her scrub pants. "Hello." She says almost to quiet for her to here. Arizona is a little more than embarrassed over the fact that she was just thinking of her bosses boss as a sexy librarian.

"I'm sure your wondering why I called you in here." She says without looking up from the paper, Arizona can't really tell if she's angry or whatever.

"Yes actually I was."

"Well, As you know the hospital has been going through some money problems as of late so I'm having to get rid of my staff, It is by no means a reflection of how good of a doctor you are Dr. Robbins."

"Your-Your Firing me? Seriously?" She can feel the beginnings of a panic attack.

"No Dr. Robbins I'm laying you off."

"IS there a difference?"

"Yes, You didn't do anything wrong, we just have budget cuts and to many hand in peds, I am very sorry. You will be getting a very good recommendation letter for your next employer."

Arizona can't breath. She's sorry? Really sorry? Well that's just freaking super because a sorry can really help right now! So she stands up and heads to the attending locker room the locker room that was just twenty minuets ago partly hers. After clearing her locker out she heads to her car and dumps everything in the trunk. What will Richard say? And Brooke? Where will she work now? She slumps over in the drivers seat and allows her self a good five minuets of crying before she sucks it up locks it in a box in the very back of her brain and heads home almost eight hours early.

As soon as she gets through the door her cell phone rings. It's Richard she could cry she doesn't want to tell her husband how big of a screw up she is.

"Hello?" Her voice is even. He doesn't detect a thing.


"who else?"

"What time will you be home?"

Arizona sighs. "I'm home already. Why?"

"We need to talk, I need to talk to you."

Oh shit, "About?"

"I'll be home at six, just be there when I get home please."


Without another word she closed her cell phone wondering what the hell could be wrong with Richard, he sounded distressed. Silently she hoped to god that he didn't also loose his job but then she laughs because well, he's a partner at his law firm so he defiantly wouldn't.

Only a minuet after she hang up the phone rings again this time signaling that it's Brooke's school calling.

"Arizona Robbins,"

"Hi Dr. Robbins this is Cathy at Saint Paul's your daughters school,"

"Yes?" Arizona asks.

"Well we need you to come in as soon as you can Brooke has been in a bit of trouble."

"What? Is she okay?"

"She's fine please I will explain it all when you get here."

"Alright I'm on my way."

A/n;Verrrry short first chapter but only because halfway through I started writing it in in first person Pov and got so far that it was to much to change so hereyou go the next chapter should be up within the hour. Oh tell me if I should go on with this story I'm very scepic as of right now.