Naruto: The Heir to Whirlpool

Summary: The mask comes off. Truths will be revealed. Will Naruto remain loyal to Konoha or will he claim his birth right. The heir to Whirlpool and the holder of the Rinnegan. Will Naruto join his uncle? Is there another group out there looking to control the Kyuubi? Strong Naruto. Sasuke\Sakura bashing. NaruTen.


"Hey Sakura. Do-"

"No I wouldn't go out with you."Sakura said cutting Naruto off midsentence.

"You're so annoying. Why can't you be more like Sasuke-kun? You don't even help this team all you do is hold Sasuke-kun back. Why don't you just quit being a shinobi! I mean you aren't any good and we all know that you did something to Iruka to have him promote you. Better yet why don't you just die! It's not like anyone would miss you because you're nothing but a monster. I saw you back at Wave on the bridge. You looked and acted just like the demon everyone says you are. I bet it was you who tried to kill Sasuke-kun."Yelled Sakura.

And at that Sakura finally broke Naruto's mask completely. The mask he's spent years perfecting was destroyed never to be put on again.

"You know nothing about me you flat-chest pink haired whore. I wasn't even going to ask you out, besides who would even want to go out with you. You're loud, annoying, a whore, a fan girl, and most of all weak."

At this Sakura was stunned. Never had Naruto yelled or even raised his voice at her before. But he he was doing just that and insulting her.

"Do you want to know why I'm like this? I have to wear these clothes because this is all the stupid villagers will sell me. Hoping that when I go on missions that I will be easier to spot and get myself killed or just so they could find me better in the village to beat me. I have to be loud because it is the only way I can get people to look at me proving to them that I exist. Even if it is only me that really cares. You have no idea what it's like to grow up in so much pain. You've grown up with a family and friends. And the villagers who call themselves human never look at as if you were an insult to this village just by living, or if you were a mistake from the past that they wish they could just erase."

At this point villagers were stopping and listening. Some were even throwing in their intelligent comments about the lies that he told. But lets not listen to what they have to say.

" The Kyuubi ruined my life the day I was born. It took everything I had just minutes after I was born but I don't hate it, I don't wish vengeance upon it because if I did I wouldn't be any better than this village. I have no one left. All my family is dead and I don't even know who they were. This village shuns me for something I had no control over and all of you do the same thing. So you know what? I quit! I quit this team! You can have that gay ass emo all to yourself along with that bastard 'sensei' of ours that plays favorites." yelled a now infuriated Naruto.

Throughout his little speech two noticeable things had happened to his eyes, 1) they had changed color. The once blue eyes were now a light gray with circles. Yes, Naruto just unlocked his bloodline limit from his mother 'The Rinnegan'. And 2) his eyes that were so full of life, now had a cold edge to them showing hate to all of Konoha except a select few.

Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze has been unleashed.

End of Prolouge


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