Learn To Fly

I was shaking. Yeah i know, I'm the daredevil who flyes on airbourne, why should a guy fear anything if he's able of so much things! You shouldn't be scared when you can fly .

Well guess what? I'm totally frightened.

I don't know how to explain it. At the beginning I didn't even understood that it was fear i was feeling. First, i thought it was excitment, i mean, wasn't that exactly what i wanted all along?

Then doubts came. What if he barely knows who i am ?

What if worst, he doesn't even care?

What if he's exactly like his on screen persona?

I don't want him to reject me, but more than anything else, I don't want him to hate me.

I could live with him ignoring me, but if he despises me?... I don't think I could face it.

Damn Trump storyline, i was begging Vince to let me on Raw, and when i finally faced that i was stucked on ECW for at least another year, he calls out of nowhere to tell me R'm moving to Raw. That I'm wrestling him.

Just thinking about it make my heart beat faster.

We talked, what? 3, 4 times maybe?

Polite congratulations or greetings. But god, everytime those eyes falls on me... I feel like he's seeing me, REALLY seeing me and only me, i feel under and intense and burning light. Just as if I was being interrogated on a really serious i could live or die just by the judgement he takes out of those looks.

Hey, Bourne! Welcome to Raw, man.

I automatictly turn my head to see, yeah you guessed, not that hard hum, HIM.

- Hum, hey, thanx.

- So you're fighting me uh? Not bad for a first match on Raw.

- well, hum, yeah, i guess.

God i know by the heat on my cheeks that i'm redder than a fucking lobster right now. Dammit! Randy Orton just smirk, not that arrogant smirk he wears on TV, but an adorable smirk, like he's looking to something really cute or a particulary stupid being. I'm voting for the second choice. He approach his hand and ruffle gently my hair. My head is burning from his touch...Its totally crazy.

Don't worry, i'll be kind with you , don't want to damage a masterpiece!

And with a wink he's gone... Fuck. what was that?

He's laughing of me, huh?...yeah of course, he noticed that i was way more nervous than just the new comer who talks to the big guy. Oh damn, why did i ever wanted to leave ECW ? Well, i guess the humiliation has just begun.

God that match was amazing! I even forgot i was wrestling him, we were just so in sync ... He really made me brought my best out. I feel exhausted, and highly satisfied, just like everytime i wrestle a really really great match.

A soft knock on my locker room door grabs my attention and I tell whoever is behind it to come in.

My breath stops when Randy Orton comes into the room, closing the door behind him.

This time I'm determined to not look like a total retard, so I speak first, before he can even open his beautiful mouth.

Hey, Orton. Great match, huh?

Hum, yeah it's been a while since i wrestle something that clean.

Yeah, was great fun. So, hum, you wanted to see me?

He's more beautiful that he has never been. He looks so embarassed, he so cute my heart wants to jump out of my chest, and i'm panicking at the thought that he could hear it.

Well...not really , I, hum... Ah, fuck this shit!

Before i can even understand what's happening, his mouth is pressing against mine, his arms surrounding me in the most wonderful way.

I don't know how I ended up in his arms, my legs around his waist, my back against the nearest wall, kissing him like my life depended on it, his strong and sweety chest against mine. All i know is that i don't want it to ever end.

I think i learned a whole new and more efficiant way to fly.