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Candy Kisses

It had all started when Shikamaru dragged Temari through the streets of Konoha to a woman named Mizuki, stating that she had the "best candy in all of Konoha" and that "no matter how troublesome, you need to try it". Up till then Temari had always been a girl that liked her salty foods, it was her one weakness. Her brothers had always been the sweet-tooths of the family, always sneaking those little candies from their fathers' secretary's desk when they thought that nobody was looking. Before she had been introduced to Mizuki, she never had midnight cravings for a spoonful of ice-cream or a bite of her homemade cookies.

However, once she had tried one of Mizuki's absolutely delectable candies, she had been hooked; o f course, she never would've admitted that to Shikamaru. She politely declined to buy anything at Mizuki's shop and also, to Shikamaru's surprise, declined another sample of candy. However, every time that she went to Konoha she'd be tempted to go down that one street to that one shop just to have another one of those candies. Soon enough, by the third visit since she'd tasted the candy, she was seen walking aimlessly around Konoha in search of Mizuki.

She had come to the conclusion that the candies were the absolute best things in the world, and she told anybody that would listen. She soon found herself buying little candies and stuffing them into her sash, eating one every so often until she ran out. Whenever she returned to Suna after her trips to Konoha, she found herself missing those candies.

Once she had taken to her newer, smaller fans she found just the way to transport the candies from Konoha to Suna, for she'd told her brothers about the mouth-watering candies and insisted that they just had to try them. She'd store her fans in small cases tucked between her sash and managed to sneak a few pieces of candy in the cases.

Soon enough, she had gotten her brothers hooked onto the candy, each demanding she bring more candy with her to Suna. Once, when they had gone nearly two months without their candy fix, they resorted to ordering a special shipment of one hundred candies by the order of Kazekage Gaara and, after all, who could refuse the Kazekage?

Needless to say, Shikamaru had noticed how she perked up whenever he'd mention the candies and he, using his deductive reasoning skills, picked up on the fact that she did, in fact, like the candies he had introduced her to. He ended up teasing her for days on end when she came to Konoha, using the phrase "I told you so" so many times that she nearly sent him to the hospital with a concussion.

"You know, I never said thank-you for introducing me to those candies." she had said offhandedly as they sat on top of the Hokage building, watching the clouds. He looked to her and shrugged, giving a crooked smile; and when she kissed him, he could taste just a hint of his favorite candy.

Author's Note: This is just a little drabble I just thought up. Actually I was in the middle of listening to Candy Kisses by Amanda Perez so that's where I got the title from.