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(Adriana's POV)

It was pitch black around the next bend in the tunnel. I couldn't find the flashlight from my belt, so I followed along the wall with my hand.

The tunnel felt like it was curving to the left ever so slightly.

Then I saw a light up ahead. Rushing towards it, I noticed a door, lit by a single, ethereal lamp.

On the door was a piece of paper that appeared vacuum sealed to the crack between the two halves of the door. On the paper were some scribbles or characters from some language.

I used my fingernail to rip the paper in two so I could open the door. As soon as my finger had finished ripping, a large whoosh of air came from between the crack.

That must've been the seal the angel was talking about… not much for security I guess…

I opened the doors to find a well lit hallway that looked like one I'd seen on a white house tour way back in elementary school save for one thing; there were no doors.

The hallway appeared to go on forever, but there was not a single door in sight.

There were paintings, and curtained windows, and little sculptures on fancy tables, but no doors. I walked to the first window and peered out.

It was just white light, nothing behind it at all.

I continued, not bothering to look at the obviously priceless artifacts around me.

Finally I came to a split in the hallway, and finally I reached a door.

Walking blindly through a door probably isn't the best plan… I thought to myself.

I sighed, "Fuck it." And walked through the door.

I gasped.

(Abe's POV)

I felt a sudden release of mental pressure, as if someone had pulled a plug keeping everything around wherever I was out. I could sense hundreds of goblins; I sifted through their presences, looking for any sort of sign of rescue.

Then, like a lone star in a black night sky, I found her. I could feel Adriana. I could feel her love, her determination. But I could also feel her fear. Something was happening. I immediately sensed Nuala, her presence dark and cold.

I could only hope for Adriana's safety from here.

(Adriana's POV)

Before me was a large throne room, like that of a palace. The gilded columns rose at least three stories above my head. A single shimmering golden throne sat in the middle, and atop it sat a woman.


I marched forward, down the long hallway to stand at the base of a few stairs leading up to the throne. Nuala looked at me with pale golden eyes, unfeeling and harsh.

"So, you must be the Human I have heard so much about." She said.

I glared, "So, you must be the elf-girl I've heard so much about."

"Hm." She smiled coldly, "And what brings you to my chambers, Human?"

My anger was starting to get the best of me, "You know damn well, Nuala."

"Give me your hand, girl, and I shall see what you speak of."

I knew this was dangerous, but I was on her land now. Her land, her rules.

I had to play along if I was to find Abe.

Taking off my glove, I placed my hand on top of her outstretched one. I could instantly feel her within my mind, quickly sifting through every memory and thought I'd ever had.

When she was finished, she let go of me and turned to her throne.

"He has betrayed me."

"Your brother? Oh yeah, he was loads of help." I said, "But wouldn't you have known he was going to be against you?"

"Not my brother! My Abraham!" She turned to me, a mixture of anger and sorrow torn across her face, "You! It is your fault! If you had not seduced him I would not have to imprison him here!"

My powers started acting up, ethereal colors beginning to swirl around my clenched fists.

I walked up the steps and said right in her face, "No. You're wrong. You died. And now you only want Abe to lure our team here so you can re-awaken the Golden Army!"

Her golden gaze pierced through my façade of confidence.

Out of the million folds in her deep crimson dress, she pulled out a sword.

With deadly speed she began to attack me, left, right, above below. I blocked as much as I could with my powers.

She stopped, the blade inches from my face and my back pressed against one of the pillars. I took the moment.

My powers surged, hitting her the same way she had tried to hit me. She caught my final offense on the tip of her sword. I pushed with my mind, bending the sword in half.

I smiled. She smiled. I frowned.

Jumping back, I readied myself for her next attack. She pulled a dagger from her dress and began jumping and running past me lightening quick. I created a shield, but I had weak endurance and my control over my powers was running low.

Suddenly, from another doorway burst Liz, Red and Nuada.

"C'mon, we've got to help her!" Liz said, hands ablaze.

Nuada held them back, "This is her fight."

"How are we supposed to get rid of the two of you so that neither will come back, no matter what?" HB asked.

Nuada gazed out at his sister in battle, "We have to kill each other at the same time."

Without warning, Nuala had knocked me to the ground. She somehow lengthened the dagger into a complete sword and was just about to bring it down through my chest.

There was a flash of white and I expected pain. Looking up, I realized that Nuada had jumped in front of me at the last moment. As Nuala stabbed him instead, he stabbed her with his own sword.

Both gasped, golden blood trickled from their wounds.

"Oh my god! Nuada what are you doing!" I jumped up.

The twins were beginning to turn into ivory.

"No, this is the only way we can ensure neither of us are resurrected." He smiled sadly, "Go find your beloved."

Then there was silence.

I stood up slowly as Red and Liz rushed over.

"Are you alright?"

"Where were you?"

"I didn't know you were so good in combat!"

"Do you know where Abe is?"

I held up my hands, "Stop, stop! I'm fine! We need to go find Abe."

The three of us rushed back through the door I came through into the long empty hallway.

"Now what? Which way do we go?" HB grumbled.

I pointed left, "This way." I began to run in that direction. The two others didn't question my decision.

We hurried along until we found another hallway splitting off from the long one. This one was made entirely of rough-cut stone. We continued cautiously, looking for any sign of Abe.

I found an ornately designed door wedged between two large boulders.

"This has got to be it." I whispered.

I pulled on the door. Beyond it was a beautiful bedroom, with glorious wall carvings. On the floor, in the corner, leaning up against the wall, he sat.

"Abe…" I whispered, a flood of relief washing through me.

Liz and Red waited in the doorway as he and I rushed to each other.

"Abe! I was so worried! You were hurt and then you disappeared!" I hugged him tightly; tears of sadness and happiness streaming down my face.

He tilted my head up towards him, wiping away the tears with his cool hands.

I looked deeply into his midnight-blue eyes. He leaned in and kissed me.

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