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Welcome. To. The. ULTIMATE ANIME OBSESSION GAMES!! Brought to you by the Anime Channel and Honda!

Welcome obsessed fangirls (or fanboys… ) to the showdown of the century! We have taken over Bill Gate's home without his permission or knowledge to host this one of a kind match! We shall gather 4 male characters from 4 popular anime shows!

Naruto- Gaara, Naruto, Kakashi, and Sauske.

Avatar- Aang, Jet, Zuko, and Sokka.

Fruits Basket- Kyo, Shigure, Yuki, and Haru.

Ouran High School Host Club- Hikaru, Kaoru, Tamaki, and Kyoya

And we are your two super crazy awesome anime obsessed fangirl hosts!!

Hi! I'm PaytonOfTheFunk!

And I am TheGirlOfManyObsessions!

We shall be kidnapping each of these lovely characters, and putting them through rigorous, challenging, scary, crazy, and highly embarrassing challenges that will more or less make them lose their own dignity and self confidence!

Basically, we're taking them to hell and back!

After being publicly humiliated and ridiculed, they will be criticized by our studio audience.

That's YOU!

But, there is a twist … yes… a twist… *evil laugh*

Our obsessions shall be rated, and the one with the lowest score… Shall be eliminated… But! We have a surprise for them…

The losing contestants… will be put on the auction block!!!!!!! And sold… for a month.

*nods slowly* So at the end of each chapter with a competition, you, the studio audience shall tell us who to kick off, because it is too painful for us to choose ourselves.

And, we are too lazy to do it ourselves.

So we have you do the dirty work! *evil laughter*

Remember… The first chapter does not come up until we get reviews!

They are a vital source to our… umm… thinking-ness… Oh! And flames will be used for roasting marshmallows!

And flamers will be flamed back with some not very nice stuff. WHICH WILL BE POSTED FOR THE WORLD TO SEE!! *dramatic music*

As you can see... We are very evil... Becasue we tourture our obsessions. They don't have it easy, but we just make it harder for them... *evil smirk*