Chapter one


I sat there and stared out my window at the snow falling swiftly out of the sky. This window I was staring out had been apart of so many escape ideas I had planned but never actually done. My mind started drifting and I lost all consciousness of everything around me as I was lost in my thoughts.

"BELLA, COME DOWN HERE!" Charlie my father yelled up at me.

But I was too lost in my thoughts to hear my father yelling up at me and so I didn't notice when heavy footsteps came thumping loudly up the stairs. Suddenly the door to my room, at the very top of the house in the attic, flew open and Charlie came stomping in.

"BELLA!" Charlie screamed at me.

"Huh?" I said as I came back to reality just noticing Charlie.


"I….I….I'm sorry…I…I…I didn't know….I was….was…cleaning." I lied out of sheer fear.

I had no idea why my father would come up to my room. He never went past his room on the second floor. I stayed all the way up in the attack two stories up! I feared that something terrible was going on.


"I'm sorry I'll go and get some coal and then start dinner right away, Sir" I said.

I only called him Sir because that was the only thing which Charlie said I could call him. I waited until Charlie had went downstairs then I threw my coat and my boots on and went down the small staircase to the third floor. I went down the hallway and slipped out the fire escape and started running down the stairs. I walked to the shed out back where we kept our extra coal that didn't fit inside. I grabbed a bunch up in my apron and ran to the side of the house and through the kitchen door. I walked through the kitchen and the dining room and went across the hall to the sitting room where my father, step mom, and brother, Emmett, were. I ran to the fireplace and dropped the coal in front of it and got the shovel.

"Bells let me help you do that." My brother Emmett said.

Emmett was sixteen, two years older than me and was my real brother. He was born before me but after my mother had given birth to me she just up and left us. Leaving me and Emmett with my dad Charlie. Then about two years ago my dad got remarried to my step mom, Rebecca Black. My dad favored my brother more because he said when Emmett got a little older he could take over the family business, Swan and Family Firms. I however was only good for cooking and cleaning in his eyes so that's what I had to do.

"EMMETT DO NOT HELP HER YOU SHOULDN'T BE DOING THAT KIND OF WORK!" Charlie yelled as Rebecca smiled behind him, obviously pleased.

"Why shouldn't I dad?" Emmett asked him.

"Because, son," Charlie put his arm around Emmett, "you won't need to know how to do that later in life. That's what we have servants for…" Charlie tried to explain giving me a look over his shoulder that would kill.

"BELLA IS NOT A SERVANT DAD," Emmett yelled interrupting Charlie, "SHE'S YOUR DAUGHTER!"

"TO YOUR ROOM EMMETT!" Charlie screamed

"BU," Emmett started.

"NO, NOW!!" Charlie interrupted this time.

Emmett whispered sorry to me and walked out of the room and his steps echoed the hallway as he stomped up the stairs as loud as he could showing his anger. I felt bad for all that happening to him. Gosh, Charlie could be an ass! I finished adding the coals to the fire and announced I was going to make dinner and I walked to the kitchen.

"EMM…" I started to yell but someone was putting their hand over my mouth muffling my words.

"Shhhh!" Emmett hushed me.

"What are you doing in here Emmett?" I whispered.

"You have to leave Bells, the sooner the better!" Emmett whispered.

"NO! I won't leave you!" I said almost too loudly.

"You have to! Trust me I'm better off here than you are anyways!" Emmett tried to say in a convincing way to me.

"No, I can't do it." I said as I started cooking dinner.

"Ok, I'll drop it for now, but I will talk to you about this again Bells, I will get you out of here." Emmett promised.

Emmett hugged me tightly and snuck out of the side door up the fire escape ladder and through the window to his room before I had the chance to say anything back. I finished dinner, steak with mashed potatoes, corn and some bread, and I went and set the table with the food. I called Charlie and Rebecca in to eat because I knew Emmett had been punished and wouldn't be allowed to eat. That's what always happened when he was sent to his room, which he was a lot because of his "childish behavior". This was basically him teasing me in the way only brothers can, or even being nice to me got him in trouble anymore. So I served them and went back to the kitchen, and waited for them to finish. I wasn't allowed to eat with them I had to wait till they were done. After about an hour they had finished and I went in and cleaned up the table and I put the rest in a picnic basket and snuck outside and ran through the snow in socks and my dress without my coat to hide it in the icebox so I could eat it later. See I wasn't allowed to eat their food I had to eat the scraps so when they had leftovers I saved them for later that night or when I needed it. After I had hid them I ran back inside and I blew the candles out in all of the lamps around the house and I made my way to my attic room. I slipped on my pajamas and crawled onto my cot Charlie provided for me in the corner. It was one of the only things in the room. I had the cot in one corner, a shelf with very few things against the opposite wall, and a basin against the back. As soon as my head hit the pillow I drifted of into a deep sleep.

I woke up to Emmett shaking me and when I looked at that small window it was still dark outside. I groaned.

"Emmett, what do you want it's still night and I'm tired!" I mumbled settling back in my blankets to go back to sleep.

"Bella, wake up!" Emmett said while shaking me.

"What Emmett?" I whispered.

"I'm Hungry!" Emmett complained.

"Oh my God Emmett!!" I moaned.

"Pweese!" Emmett begged as he gave me his puppy dog eyes that never work. He outgrew that years ago.

"Fine, I guess ill get you something because I am hungry and your in trouble because of me anyways, so just sit here I guess…" I said as mean as I could.

"YEA BOI!" Emmett cheered as quiet as he could.

I got out of bed and put on my boots and my coat. I told Emmett to stay there one last time as I slipped out my door and tiptoed down the stairs, down the hall, out that familiar window, and down the fire escape. When I reached the bottom I ran through the snow and to the icebox. I snuck inside picked up the basket of leftovers and went all the way back up to my room all they way up in the attic.

"Here is your food." I said while tossing the basket at him.

"Thanks!" He said digging in.

"Mhmm" I replied trying to take some food out of the basket, barely managing but even with his hog-self I got what I wanted and ate till I felt I would explode. It had been a while since I had this feeling, years even. I barely ever got anything to eat that was probably the main reason I was so tiny.

We sat like that for a while, just talking while he ate. We talked about tons of stuff, like how stupid Charlie was being, how we hated Rebecca, and how good he thought my food was. When we were all done I put the crumbs on the window sill for the birds to eat in the morning and I started down to the kitchen. I walked the same way I had that morning and I put the basket away. I was walking out of the pantry where I kept the basket when I tripped and fell and the bang echoed through the WHOLE house! Suddenly I heard Charlie yelling as he was coming down the stairs and he sounded MAD!