It was late, I had to pee, and not to mention it was dark. I was lying in a lawn chair Rabb had kindly given to me—he was currently leaning against a table next to bam and Chris who where chatting about the show, they where having trouble coming up with a name for this episode. Sitting up and stretching, the quiet chatter ceased for a moment before starting up again once I walked into the woods.

I was only gone for about 5 minuets.

When I got back, the conversation between the 3 boys was over, everyone was asleep and Raab was asleep in my chair. Swearing under my breath I knew from past experiences that there was nothing I could do to get Raab out of—which was now his—the chair. Sighing in major defeat I looked around the small circle of guys and found my only option to be the ground, because there was no way I was trusting any of these guys if I slept in there lap; there was no telling what they might do to me. But my down fall is bugs. And that was the only thing I was worried about. I slumped to the ground next to Dunn's feet and proceeded to pull off my hoodie when I heard someone mutter something from across the fire pit. Looking threw the head hole I saw bam was watching me in amusement. His face lit up by the dyeing flames of the fire. I could feel my cheeks light up; I pulled off the rest of my jacket in an attempt to cool them down—no luck.

"Are you still awake?" I asked folding my CKY hoodie into a ball to use as a pillow, "yeah, I was waiting to see if you where going to come back." I tried to hide a smile. "Just making sure I didn't run away?" I asked sarcastically. He laughed and replied a sarcastic, 'of course.' I threw the makeshift pillow onto the ground and laid my head down on it. "You're not seriously going to sleep on the ground, are you?" bam asked threw the fire. I shrugged my shoulders and replied with a yawn, "What choice do I have?" I could here Bam shift uncomfortable in his chair. "Well, you could come sleep over here with me," he muttered quietly. "Now why would I do that?" I asked with an air of wonderment masked by sarcasticness. "Because," he said in about the same tone, "if you don't you'll get eaten by spiders." I scoffed and turned around so I wasn't facing him, "right," I muttered. A few seconds later I sat up and repeatedly hit my hand until I was sure whatever had crawled across it was dead or gone. "So you're not bothered by the bugs?" bam laughed. I looked over at him threw the now smoldering embers. "So where does that offer stand now?" I smiled weakly.

This wasn't so bad, well no—that's a lie—it's pretty bad, but when your sitting on your best friends lap with your head nestled into the croon of his neck and he smells faintly of dead roses, outdoor fire smoke, and freshly cut wood you cant help but love the position your in, especially when his arms are wrapped tightly around you. I slept soundly that night with out even once thinking about bugs or the woods we were currently being surrounded by.

As great as I fell asleep I woke up even better, at first I thought I was having one of those crazy dreams I always had when I woke up to Bam's voice only to wake up and find that I was alone in my run-down apartment. I woke up to bam quietly calling my name but to my surprise I also woke up to the one and only Bam Margera. "What," I muttered, pulling the warm solid mass I was wrapped around closer. I heard a chuckle, "it time to get up dumb ass," he muttered stroking my hair. "What no blow horn? No buckets full of water this time?" I whispered in his ear. I heard him chuckle again. "Not this time, plus you're lying on top of me so... That's a little problematic."

I felt my cheeks grow hot again as I pulled away from him in realization. From what it looked like it was early morning, suddenly I sneezed violently, and not to mention it was cold. Standing up It took me a moment to regain my balance before I trudge into the woods to do some business.

That was so wrong…. I thought watching Camden walk away. It was so wrong because I enjoyed waking up to see Camden was asleep in my arms. Was I aloud to think that? I mean… she's my best friend. Well anyway I didn't have time to worry about that. I had to think up someway to get back at April and I had to do a start for the show. Standing up I walked over to the camera crew man Mtv sent to follow me and my crew and kicked him awake.

~an hour later~

I was sitting in one of the many—now empty—lawn chairs watching Glomb shrink into the distance. I felt very sick, it's true I was starting to feel rather ill, but I didn't mean that kind of sick. I couldn't stop thinking about Bam. Every since yesterday and last night… "Cam?" someone called, it was Dunn, "you okay?" he asked sitting next to me. "You look a little pail" I sneezed. "Um I'm fine…" he laughed in my face, "yeah, right. How long have I known you?" he asked—I counted in my head and on my fingers finally giving up, "a long time?" I muttered shifting uncomfortably in my seat.

"Exactly, now what's bothering you? Is it the water still?" I shook my head no. "Then what? Come on cam, tell me; or ill never let you hear the end of it… and ill tell bam something's wrong." Almost before he finished his sentence I bellowed out. "I think I love Bam!"