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The sun was setting over Nerima. Families were sitting down to eat dinner, the local wildlife was getting ready for the coming dark, and high in the sky, a young, pig-tailed youth by the name of Saotome Ranma was soaring out of the ward.

The day had started normally . . . at least, by Nerima standards. Ranma had woken up in the koi pond, after being thrown in by his (or her, as she was in female form at the time) father. After beating on the stupid panda, Ranma had eaten breakfast at his usual pace (insanely fast), and had left for school with his 'uncute' fiancé, Tendo Akane. The annoyance known as Kuno Tatewaki was sent into orbit, and then Ranma slept through school, complete with a tension filled lunch where Akane, his 'cute' fiancé Kuonji Ukyo, and his so-called Amazon wife Shampoo got into a minor fight, which ended when Mousse, a Chinese suitor of Shampoo's, tried to achieve his revenge on our aqua-transsexual hero.

Mind you, he ended up tying Shampoo up in those chains of his, but hey, Ranma really couldn't complain. After all, it got him out of trouble without having to interfere with the potential brawl.

However, it was when school ended that the trouble began . . .

Hibiki Ryouga, the eternally lost boy, had wandered back into town, and he ended up attacking Ranma again. The match lasted for about an hour, and totaled most of the street. Ranma could have ended it sooner, but Ryouga, as per usual, didn't notice that there were civilians in the area, which meant that Ranma had to spend time distracting the fool long enough for everyone to get out of the way. Which meant that when he finally wandered back to the Tendo dojo, he was completely unaware that Akane had tried her hand at cooking again!

This didn't mean that the other fiancés were unaware.

When Ranma finally made it back home, he was met with all three girls up at arms about whose dinner he was going to eat. Shampoo had a take-out box full of Ramen, while Ukyo had several okonomiyakis ready for the pigtailed martial artist.

Akane's dinner, on the other hand, was crawling away again, as nobody was around to watch it.

Honestly, nobody in Nerima knew why Akane had this problem, as both her sister, Kasumi, and her mother, Kami rest her soul, were excellent cooks. Kasumi had tried to teach her, but all that did was help her to make a half-decent curry. At least, Ranma thought it was halfway decent. Everyone else thought it was too spicy. Maybe it was the fact that she added too much habanera pepper to the mix . . .

Since Akane's other sister and the unofficial breadwinner of the Tendo family, Nabiki, had been getting on his case about the amount of damage that had been caused to the house (much less how much money that wedding had cost them . . . as if she hadn't already had that covered before the wedding began), Ranma decided to try and stop the fight before anything else could be destroyed.

Big mistake . . .

As Ranma leapt in, Ukyo drew her giant spatula, Shampoo was hefting her bonbouris, and Akane had materialized her mallet. As he got closer, they all swung . . .

And that's what lead to our current scene: Saotome Ranma flying off into the distant horizon, faster than he had ever flown before, leaving three stunned fiancés, a sighing Nabiki, and a blinking Kasumi behind in the yard.

Most of the local martial artists would be terrified out of their minds if they were in his situation. However, Ranma was not just any martial artist, and he's had plenty of practice with aerial maneuvers. As he reached the peak of his flight, Ranma flattened himself out, so that he could catch as much air resistance on the way down.

The landing was still going to hurt, but at least he'd be able to land without breaking anything important . . . hopefully.

Ranma looked ahead, in the hopes of maybe recognizing where he was going . . .

He didn't.

Damn, what did I expect? Akane can get me into the next ward with one hit, all three of them would have knocked me . . . oh, please Kami, tell me that I'm still in Tokyo!, the young martial artist thought.

As he got closer to the ground, Ranma looked anxiously for a clear spot to land. For the first time in the last two years, he couldn't find any bodies of water in his flight path. There was a park a bit further ahead, but he knew that he wouldn't be able to make it that far. Spying a nearby alley that looked long enough for a rolling landing, Ranma adjusted accordingly, braced himself, and . . .


The martial artist extraordinaire of Nerima managed to skid onto the hard concrete, rolling across the alley and into a couple of crates of rice that were left up against a wall. Ranma laid there for a few minutes, until all the pretty stars vanished from his eyes, and then sat up, wincing as he did so.

Let's see . . . both my legs are OK . . . I think I might have broken a few ribs, but it doesn't feel like I have any internal damage . . . my right arm is out of its socket but . . .

"Hissssss!". Ranma exhaled heavily as he pushed his arm back in place.

That can easily be fixed . . . still hurts like hell though . . . and I can still move, so there hasn't been any major damage done to my back . . . yeah, I'm good . . .

Having taken care of the post fight damage, Ranma looked around, hoping to find something or someone who could tell him where he had landed. He then got up and started walking out of the alley, and into another, interconnected one.

Looks like a landed in some kind of maze, he thought. Then he snorted. Heh, I'm just glad I don't have Ryouga's sense of direction . . .


Thousands of miles away, in the Amazon rain forest, a small black piglet sneezed, before squealing out something that, if anyone was around who could understand pigs, would translate into 'Damn you Saotome Ranma, this is all your fault!' He then continued running, as a pack of local predators followed.

Later on, authorities in Paris would wonder how exactly a Jaguar managed to appear in the middle of the Downtown shopping area. As Animal Control carried the tranquilized beast away, one young girl told an officer that she happened to see the beast chasing a small black piglet wearing a yellow bandanna before crashing into a brick wall. As the child was only seven years old, the officer didn't pay much attention to it.

Poor jaguar . . . if only it wasn't that close to catching P-chan . . .


Ranma sneezed, and then shook his head. Nah, better focus on where I am, and how I'm going to get back to Nerima . . .

Suddenly, he heard something . . . voices . . . coming from the right. Ranma tensed, as his danger senses started to heighten. Cautiously, the young martial artist tiptoed over to the corner of the alley.

Peaking around, he saw an old man, wearing a three-piece suit, talking to a short, stocky looking guy dressed in black. The old man looked nervous, which might have had something to do with his companion.

" I'll have the money in a week! Just please be patient . . .

"Sorry, but the boss wants the money now, and he doesn't care whether it comes from your pocket or your insurance plan!", the overweight thug barked.

Ranma suppressed the urge to growl. He never liked seeing other people being pushed around, and he wasn't going to stand for it now.

Had Ranma been at is full capacity, things might have happened differently. As it was, Ranma had used up most of his ki trying to brace for his landing, and what was left was more or less focused on keeping the swelling down from all the bruises his landing had left him.

One moment, he was getting ready to launch a fierce haymaker at the man in black, then suddenly he felt a presence behind him, right before a heavy blow landed on the back of his head, knocking him out.

The two men in the alley turned, to find a tall man with blond hair, and a black outfit standing over a young man with black hair that was done up in a pig-tail. His black and red Chinese style clothing tattered, as if he had gone through a rough fight.

"You idiot!", the blond hissed, "What did I tell you about keeping an eye out for eavesdroppers!"

The fat man had the decency to look embarrassed. "I was keeping an eye out . . . he must be a spy or something . . ."

The blond rolled his eyes, and then looked over at the old man. "Have the money ready in a week. We'll be by then to pick it up."

The old man shrunk down in relief, bowed, and then high-tailed it out of there. Meanwhile, the blond man pulled a vial from his pocket. His partner raised an eyebrow at this.

"Gin, maybe we should just stick a bullet in his head. Nobody has been able to find that Kudo kid's body, and there are rumors out there that he's still alive . . . "

"Don't be ridiculous Vodka! Some scavenger probably found the body, and got rid of it for us. Besides, we haven't had any other problems with this stuff, so why worry?"

The man gently lifted the pig-tailed martial artist's chin up, and drained the vial into his mouth, making sure that it all went down. Then, he dropped him, and stepped away.

"Come on, let's get the hell out of here", he said, and both he and his partner vanished into the night.


Ranma awoke to find his head throbbing, and the rest of his body feeling like he was on fire. Everything burned and itched, and he could feel his ki being poisoned by something foul. He struggled to fight it off, and then managed to get up on his feet.

Looking around, he realized that the two men that he had spied had vanished, along with whoever had snuck up and knocked him out.

Suddenly, he felt a wave of sudden painful throb, and nearly lost his footing. What the hell did they do to me? I gotta get outta here!

Slowly, painfully, he stumbled out of the alley, looking for a way out . . .


Out on the street walked two small children who looked to be about seven years of age. One was a young boy, with black hair and glasses, wearing what looked to be a blue jacket, a white shirt, a bow tie, and a pair of shorts. Next to him walked a young girl with blond hair, wearing a stylish back outfit with a brown jacket over it. She had in one hand an umbrella.

The sky was dark and cloudy, and it looked like it was threatening to rain. Both children were making an effort to get home, and it looked like they were about to make it . . . until the boy stopped and turned towards a dark alley.

If this were any other kid, and any other location, this would probably end with a missing child report. However, this kid wasn't really a kid at all . . .

He was Edogawa Conan, aka Kudo Shinichi, a high school detective who had been turned into a child through the use of a special poison. His partner, Haibara Ai, was a scientist by the name of Miyano Shiho, who had used the same formula to escape from the Black Organization.

Ai, having just noticed that Conan wasn't following her, turned around to find the boy staring into the alley. But before she could say anything, a tall, black haired boy stumbled out, one hand gripping his side, the other clutched into a fist on his chest. The youth looked about sixteen years old, and his hair was tied into a pig tail in the back. He wore black pants and a red Chinese styled shirt, and he looked to be in extreme pain.

Shaking out of his shock, Conan rushed over to the man, and tried to figure out what was wrong. His clothing was ripped and tattered, but it didn't look like there was any blood on him. He turned around to tell Ai to call for help, when it started to rain.

Ai, on the other hand, already had her phone out at this point. However, the rain started before she could finish dialing, and as she looked up, she froze in shock, as everything she knew about science turned on its head!

Conan had noticed this, so he turned around as well . . . and nearly freaked out! Instead of the black haired youth that was staggering in pain, there was a young, red-headed girl. However, that wasn't the only thing that caused his shock. If it wasn't for the fact that the girl was short, had red hair, and a well developed chest, she would have sworn that the girl here and the guy before were the same person! They had the same hair style, same tattered clothing, heck, even their faces were similar!

All this took seconds for Conan's expert mind to categorize. Then, without warning, the girl froze, and then let out a loud, almost primeval shriek.

The two children jumped back in shock, and Ai immediately dropped her phone. As she scrambled to pick it up, she wondered what she should do. Unlike Conan, she had seen the change, and knew that both were indeed the same. She had a bit of experience with strange poisons, and was currently wondering whether something similar to what turned them into kids could have done this.

But that's ridiculous! How could anything cause someone to change genders? I mean, shrinking, sure, but . . . She grabbed her phone, stood back up, and froze again. Conan was still staring at the girl, who was . . .


Not just shrinking either. The girl's face was becoming younger and more child-like, and her breasts were shrinking to the point where she had become flat chested. Within moments, she was their size. And then the shrinking stopped, and the girl fell silent and unconscious.

The two teenagers turned children looked at what seemed to be the latest of their unofficial group. Then Ai, ever the sensible one, shook her head and grabbed Conan's shoulder.

"We need to get back her back to the Doctor's house, now! The Black Organization could still be around here, so we don't have time to lose!"

Conan nodded, then stopped, "Hold on a second. Did we just . . . "

"Look, it doesn't matter what we saw!" snapped Ai, as she grabbed of the downed girl's arms, "We can figure it out when we get home! Now are you going to help me, or not?"

Steeling himself, Conan grabbed the other arm, and both children carried the mystery child home. Soon, the only evidence that proved that they were ever there was a forgotten umbrella, lying in a puddle on the sidewalk.


COMING UP: Two doctors, the curse, and the drug's effect on it revealed, the opening of a new world for three reason-bound minds (which are extinct in Nerima), and a plan to keep Ranma-chan safe. This and more coming up in Chapter 2!

Follow-Up Notice: For the record, this will not be a yaoi pairing (this is under the assumption that Ranma is still a guy, despite the chaos that will rain down on him when he wakes up). The main characters will be the Martial Artist (Ranma/whatever her name will be when I set it up), and Conan/Shinichi. Pairings are Ranma/Akane and Shinichi/Ran. I'm not sure who Ai will be paired up with, or even if she will be paired up, as the only male she shows interest in is Shinichi, and I can't see a harem pairing working in such a situation.

Also, any mistakes in grammar can also be reported to me. I do not have a beta yet, so any help would be appreciated.