Okay here we go... So I read Creacent Moon a few months back and I wanted to write a story (why not) This story takes place at least a year after the series end. hope you like it ENJOY!

Chapter 1: A fated meeting.

"You sure you want to do this Mai?" Hiro asked me for the hundredth time.

"Yes. I'm positive, Hiro-san. I keep seeing them… I want it to stop," I replied brushing my black hair away from my eyes.

After my parents' disappearances, I see their faces when I close my eyes. It was painful but that was not the only reason I wanted too leave Kyoto… ever since they disappeared I been having these weird visions when I sleep.

A young woman, possibly a shrine maiden, walked into a field illuminated by the full moon. She wasn't alone. As she walked into the center of the sea of green, a young man with canine ears stepped up to her and embraced and kissed her. They then begin to dance as if it was some courtship ordeal. As it ended, the two left with one last kiss before they separated with the rising sun's arrival.

"But isn't it a bit extreme to go live with your Uncle in Tokyo. I thought you liked it here with us…"

"I do. I love living with you and Ayame. But I feel so intrusive."

"What? You aren't intrusive. We're technically the only family you have left here."

"I know but the plane is about to leave and it would be bad to waste this ticket. I'll call you when I get there, okay?" I said as I ran through security and got on the plane. I heard his voice fading in the background of the many others swimming around us.

"You better!" I laughed. I was going to miss them.

Hiro and his girlfriend were my closest friends in school. Though he graduated, I stayed with him after what happened with my parents three months ago. I laughed a bit. I wonder who would do the cooking now that I'm gone. I knew it wasn't going to be Hiro. He was a terrible cook and Ayame can't even turn on an oven without burning the place down… oh, well guess they'll eat out every day.

The plane ride went well. I fiddled with the pendant around my neck. It was in the shape of a crescent moon with a wolf carved into the center. It's been in my family for generations, passed from mother to daughter. There was a funny legend as too how it came into our possession.

Many years ago, there was a young shrine maiden. While most of her people worshiped the day and feared the night, she was enchanted by the moon and its calming aura. Every full moon, the maiden would leave her shrine to walk around the fields surrounding her village one day during one of these nights the woman ran into a strange young man. He had the ears and tail of a wolf. She had heard of the stories of werewolf's being horrible and destructive creatures but he had a gentle smile and a kind heart.

They befriended each other and each night after that meeting, they would meet in the meadow and talk about their life. On the days of the full moon, they would dance together in perfect unison. The only nights they didn't meet was during a new moon, for the boy was of the lunar race, a race that was strongest when the moon was full but weak when it was new.

After a year, the couple began to fall in love; and though their love was forbidden, neither cared. One day he asked the maiden her hand in marriage and presented her with the pendent. She happily and gladly accepted.

But sadly, the day before the two were to be wed, the head priest found out about their engagement. Disgusted that the young maiden would defile herself like this, he banished her from the village with a warning: if she was to join the boy and his tribe, they would start a war.

She did go to her love, acting as if everything was as it should but deep down she knew what she had to do. Heartbroken, the maiden wrote a letter to her beloved and put it into his room while he was asleep. When he woke he saw the letter:

My Dear Wolf,

It saddens me to say the head priest has found out about our courtship and has banished me from my land. He threatened to start a war if I were to continue with our engagement. I did not want blood to be spilt in my name nor did I want you or your peoples to be killed for this reason. So I am going into hiding. Please forgive me. You are still my only love and I swear we will be together one day, even if it is in another lifetime.


Your dear Maiden

Angered at the priest for banishing his love, the wolf killed the priest and the men of the shrine, leaving only the women and children. He then returned to his village to wait for his love to return. He eventually found another mate but he never stopped hoping that his priestess would return to him.

It was strange that my visions were the story. What did it mean? I knew werewolves weren't real. It was a fact my family had been looking for them for years but never found anything. It's just a silly legend that was invented too give the women of our family false hope that they'd find 'true love'.

The plane landed shortly after I finished my thoughts. After going through security and getting my luggage I headed out. The temperature was warm but humid as a light rain showered over the town. I took out the map and walked under the awning with my luggage, noticing just how heavy they were. Wow, Hiro was right. I might have over packed a bit… I managed to tumble with my baggage while trying to read the map until a strong gust of wind blew the map from my hands.

"Hey!" I yelled as I ran after it. The rain hit my skin as I tried to catch up. The paper then fell into one of the puddles in the road. Relieved I didn't have to run anymore, I was about to walk over to get it until an arm wrapped around my waist to stop me. I was about to make a complaint when a bus went flying past right where I would have been, shredding my map into pieces.

"Are you crazy? You could have gotten run over," a young male voice stated, as the arm released me. I turned and saw a tall brown haired boy about my age. The first thing I noticed was the piercings. Let's see, two on each ear and two on both of his cheeks…. Wow eight piercings. Bet those were fun to get.

"No. I am not crazy. I was trying to get my map," I replied. Why am I talking to a stranger? I guess did he save my life, but still, he could be a hoodlum with all those things in his face.

"Oh, why do you need a map if you live here?"

I rolled my eyes, "I just moved here. I was heading to my uncle's shop. It's called Yaramani Mystic Supply. Do you know where it is since my map is destroyed?"

"Yes, of course, it's a few streets down. I could show you if you like."

"That's nice of you but I don't go anywhere with strangers."

"Names Akira Yamabuki, what's your name?" He seemed nice enough quite energetic and I guess he was kind of cute…Oh, what the hell it couldn't hurt to make friends here, right?

"Yaramani, Mai Yaramani." I supplied for him. "It's nice to meet you Yamabuki-san"

"You can call me Akira. Yamabuki-san makes me feel old man when I'm only sixteen," he huffed with a look of disgust that almost made me laugh.

"Okay then Akira-san."

"Much better. Now we're not strangers," he grinned and I gave a half smile. "Now, do you need help with your luggage? I saw you struggling with it earlier."

"That would be helpful, thank you." He then went and picked up my bag with an alarming ease. "Damn, you're pretty strong, aren't you Akira-san?" He nodded and we began walking.

"Where did you move from Mai?" he asked in a warm tone.

"Kyoto," I replied.

"Why'd ya move alone?" I shrugged. He was cute and all but I wasn't going to tell him my life story.

"Just felt like a change, I guess."

"I bet you're going to miss your parents, huh?" he asked and I tried to hide the flicker of pain that flowed through me.

"Yeah. I will. What about you Akira-san? I doubt you're from here originally."

"Yep. I come from a village in the north but I moved here with a few friends. I work at a bar called Moonshine. You should come in one day. It's pretty cool."

"That would be nice, I guess…" I said. Is this boy asking me out? Naw… he's probably trying to be nice, I thought a little embarrassed.

"Great! I hope you can come by soon then," he grinned. "Oh, and here we are," he said as we stopped at a store with a bunch of stars on the window with the gold words Yaramani Mystic Supply in big, wavy cursive.

"Wow, we got here faster than I thought. Thanks Akira-" But I turned and noticed I was just talking to my suitcase. "Akira-san? Where'd he go? I was going to thank him for helping me… oh well, maybe I can thank him later…" I walked inside and see my balding uncle sitting at the counter doing a Sudoku. "Hey Uncle Toraki, it's great to see you!" I yelled to get his attention. Toraki was my dad's younger brother. They started this shop together before he met my mom.

"Oh Mai, glad you're here," he said glancing up from his game, "Did you make it okay?"

"Yeah a boy helped me carry my luggage and showed me the way."

"Oh, really? What was the boy's name?"

"I think his name was Akira Yamabuki. Do you know him?" I asked curiously.

"Nope. Never heard of 'im," he looked back down at his game, losing interest in the conversation.

"Oh, okay…" I replied in disappointment. Then I realized something, "Oh no! I better call Hiro-san! Uncle, where's the phone?"

"There is one in your room upstairs," he supplied helpfully, pointing to the stair way.

"Thank you!" I ran up the steps, going about two at a time. I was already up the stairs and barely heard my uncle add, "It's the third door to the right!" I found the room easily after that. It was a bit plain but I could fix that when I unpacked. I dialed his number and waited. By the third ring, I heard a voice answer.

"Naramoshi residence."

"Hiro-san, glad to hear you."

"Mai…? Oh guess you found your Uncle's huh?"

"Yep and on the way I met this strange boy."

"A boy; what was his name?" Hiro-san inquired.

"Akira Yamabuki." I replied.

"Is he cute?" He would always ask me if I had found a boy I met that was cute.

"I guess, but he had a bunch of piercings though. I think I counted eight."

"I didn't know you had a thing for guys with piercings…" he noted which caused me too blush.

"Shut up! I don't have a thing for guys with piercings okay! He was just a really nice guy who helped me find my uncle's store."

"Yeah right," he challenged.

"I swear I'm telling the truth but the strange thing is that when we got there I turned to thank him and he was gone."

"You sure you didn't imagine him?" he asked.

"Totally sure. He carried my bag for me. Besides why would I make something like that up?" I questioned with my voice revealing annoyance.

"Alright, I get it. I'm being mean aren't I. Just calm down, I'm sure you'll meet your mystery guy again," I heard that cocky smile in his tone.

I rolled my eyes, "Yeah right. You my luck isn't that good."

"Oh so it would be your lucky day if you found him again?" he laughed as he heard my scoffs on the other end.

"You're crazy, you know that. Coming up with such ideas," I muttered, though my face did turn a bright red.

"Okay, okay. I'll leave alone and talk to you later. Ayame and I are going out for dinner."

"Oh, okay talk to you later bye." I hung up and sighed with the thought, Why do I have a feeling my life is going to get more complicated?

I should have stayed to make sure she was going to be okay but when I looked at the time, I knew I had to bolt before I got into trouble… didn't work out that great.

"Where did you disappear to Akira? I was looking all over for you," Mitsuru grumbled.

"I was helping a girl find her uncle's house," I replied.

"Oh. I thought you were chasing cars or something," he teased.

"Ha-ha, very funny, Mitsuru. At least I can swim," I rebuked.

"Whatever…" he grumbled as we walked back to the store where Miharu was waiting outside.

"Hey, Miharu. How was school today?" I asked.

"It was good. We heard that we're supposed to get a new student tomorrow from Kyoto, too." Kyoto? Didn't Mai say she was Kyoto? "Hey Akira, you okay?" she asked me and I snapped back out my thoughts.

"Yeah but I think I met the girl you're talking about today. Did they say what her name?"

"I think her last name was Yaramani."

"Huh, then I did meet her. She seemed to be on the quiet side though," I reply. "Hey, I have an idea! Maybe we can all introduce ourselves and try to make friends with her. It would be nice of us since she's new here."

"Sounds like fun. It's been a bit boring after we found the Teardrops a few months ago," Nozomu said. "And I can't wait to charm the new girl. Was she pretty?"

"Yeah but she didn't smile much though. She must really miss her home town. So… maybe we can cheer her up!" I said as my ears go up and my tail wagged in excitement. With a unanimous agreement we walked over the store. Right outside the shop was Mai sweeping the sidewalk and humming. "Hey, Mai. Whatcha doing?" I asked as her head snapped up to see.

"Oh, it's you Akira-san. You disappeared before I could say thanks," she said, looking a little surprised to see me and the others behind me. "Are these your friends?"

"Yep," I grinned, going over to each one as I introduced them, "This is Nozomu Moegi, Misoka Asagi, Mitsuru Suou, and finally this is Miharu Shiraishi."

"Nice to meet you all," she bowed her head respectfully. She looked back to us and her faced then changed to one of curiosity. "But, why are you all here? Do you want to buy something?"

"No. We are wondering if you want to celebrate your first day in Tokyo at the Moonshine," I replied.

"Oh. Really?"

I nodded and Miharu added, "You're going to the same school I'm in. Since Akira met you, we all figured you wanted to have some fun and get to know some people. We thought it would make it an easier for you to get used to it here."

"Um… okay, that would be great but I have to ask my uncle first, if that's okay with you?"

"That's great!" I said with a lot of enthusiasm but I had to stop myself from transforming. Didn't want to freak out the poor girl. And with that she went inside.

"You're very excited about this girl coming along with us, aren't you Akira?"Misoka stated.

I turned a little pink, "Well, yeah. I mean, we get to have another friend. Why wouldn't I be excited?"

"You do realize that we have to be careful though. Humans aren't supposed to know we exist."

"I know. It's just, I've got a good feeling about her…" Mai came out right after I said that.

"He said that would be fine but I had to be back here before eleven."

"Cool. We'll make sure you get home on time. Come-on!" I linked arms with her and dragged her along to Moonshine. I had the feeling we were going to be good friends.