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Chapter 3: A Light in the Night

"I hate school sometimes…" I muttered tiredly with a sigh. It had been about a month since I met Akira and the others… and I was glad to have met them; to have them as friends in this place.

"Well Mai, it could be worse." Uncle Toraki noted, reading the paper instead of being absorbed in that strange orange stone for once.

"Easy for you to say," I huffed. "They make these skirts way too short!" I yelled trying to pull it down a little. I pulled on my coat, looked at the time and realized, "Oh no. I'm going to be late! Bye, Uncle!" I called to him and ran out the building, barely hearing his shout.

"Oh Mai, I'll be leaving for Nagasaki and won't be back for a few days! Maybe you can stay with that Miharu girl so you won't be alone!"

"Oh," I ran back really quick and replied, "Okay. I'll ask her later, Uncle. So, bye, again." I then kept running, going through puddles and avoiding other people. It was raining again. Cold, icy, chilly rain left a mist on my face and legs, making them feel numb Man, I miss Kyoto. It was never this cold…

"Darn… I'm so tired," I mumbled as I slowed down, trying to warm up my face. I hadn't been sleeping well ever since I met Akira. My visions had become more frequent and vivid. "Oh well… I'll get used to it… I guess I got used to it last time."

"Hey Mai!" a voice suddenly rang out. I tried to turn around to see who it was but I turned too fast making me to lose my balance on the slicked over sidewalk. Thankfully, somebody caught me before I could hurt myself. "You okay, Mai?" I looked up to see a familiar pierced face.

"Ak-Akira, wha-what are you doing here?" I asked as the boy helped me to my feet.

"I was getting some stuff for dinner," he said motioning at the grocery-bags in his hands. "I just happened to see you running and decided to say hi."

"And about gave me a heart attack," I muttered grumpily. He laughed at that. "Oh, where's Miharu? I haven't seen her yet this morning…"

"She isn't feeling well. Has the flu, I think. But she'll get better soon enough," he said, mostly to himself. He must have been worried about her.

"Oh… I'm sure she will. But, um… then can I ask you something, Akira?" I managed to start.

"Sure, what?"

"Well… my Uncle's heading for Nagasaki for a few days and he wanted me to ask Miharu if I could stay with you guys for a bit…" I said shyly, looking down at my feet as a faint pink came across my cheeks. Why am I blushing? It's only Akira. He looked a bit surprised but he recovered quickly.

"Sure. That'd be great!" He exclaimed happily, though that was normal thing for him. He was always happy.

"I'll have to go home and get some stuff though."

"Oh… okay then. I'll meet you after school lets out. Bye, Mai." He gave me a smile and ran off… really, really fast.

"Whoa, that boy can move…" I muttered as I kept walking and realized I was closer to the school that I thought I was. A few of Miharu's friends are defiantly different… I thought I myself as headed through the gate to the school.

"Oh, hey Mai, where's Miharu?" The girl with long black hair who asked Miharu for luck asked.

"Um… I heard she had the flu." The girl looked devastated.

"Oh no I was going to try out for track today! I need her luck!" I winced a little at how high her voice got. I forgot to mention that her friends can also be a bit crazy…

"Er… I have gym when tryouts are going on, so maybe I can help you." I said, trying to comfort her she suddenly went starry-eyed.

"Really Mai…? You'd do that for me?" She asked as she gets right up to my face. Seems like Akira isn'] the only one who ignored the personal space rule. Great, just great!

"Su-sure. I'd be glad to help but can you give me some space… please?" I asked as she backed off.

"Okay see you at tryouts!" She called as she ran off to class. Whew. People are so hyper here in Tokyo. The day passed by as it normally would though I did notice that a girl with dark hair had been watching me almost all day.

"Hey, who's that?" I asked one of the other girls.

"Oh, that's Keiko," she answered. "She's good friends with Miharu but she's kinda weird."

"What do you mean?" I asked. She shrugged.

"Don't know. She's just weird… but you know you two look a lot alike." That caught me by surprise. I don't think I look anything like her.

"I do?" I asked as with my head tilted to the side.

"Yeah; I mean you both have the same hair color, like the same exact shade of black. You're about the same height but your eyes are slightly lighter than hers."

"Oh…" I said, zoning out a bit as I stared at the board and listened to our teacher drown on. Soon it was gym and I looked to the tryout people. The girl from earlier gave me a smile and I[weakly smiled back. "Please let her do well," I muttered as I gripped my pendent.

I could have sworn I felt heat underneath my fingers. I opened my hand in surprise. Huh, I could've sworn…That's when the whistle blew and the students started to run. The girl started out in last place suddenly overtook the others and finished first. She then ran up to me and grabbed me into a tight hug.

"Oh thank you Mai! I swear I felt like I was going to do terrible and then I saw you and I wind up coming in first!"

"Oh, uh… I doubt I had anything to do with that. You did it yourself." I managed to pry her off of me. "Now how about you join the other people who made it?" She grinned, thanked me again and ran off to be with the others. I slipped away to take a shower and change in peace].

Glad she made it but why did she thank me? I just stood there. I mean yeah my pendent heated up a bit but I doubt it meant anything. I sighed as I finished up and the other girls came in. One more class to go!

And that class seemed to last forever! But when it was finally over and I felt so relived walking out to freedom. Then I saw Akira waving at me from the gate of the school. I smiled and headed over to him. "Hey Akira."

"Hi Mai! Let's go get that stuff shall we?" he asked as we head off to the shop. True to Uncle's word, he wasn't there. I quickly unlocked the door and we stepped in.

"Okay I'll go get my stuff. You wait down here." I run upstairs into my room. I grabbed some posters of bands I like and some other knickknacks. I grabbed my sleepwear and clothes for after school. I stuffed all of my things into my backpack and walked down to find Akira toying with Uncle's orange stone.

"Hey put that down!" He dropped it in surprise. The stone bounced on the floor towards me. I sighed, "Sorry for startling you. I just don't know what this stone's all about but I'm sure my uncle wouldn't want just anyone messing with it." I bent down to grab it and as soon as I touched it a beam of energy filled the room. "Gah!" I screamed as I cover my eyes. The light went dim and when I opened them Akira was nowhere to be seen. "Akira? Akira where did you go?" I called and I heard his muffled voice.

"I'm in the hall. I have to use the bathroom. where is it?" W

"Um… third door to the left. Don't take too long, okay." I muttered picking up the stone again. It was still glowing and warm to the touch. How strange. I dropped it in my pocket. Maybe Mr. Kurosaki knows what this is? I found a seat in Toraki's chair to wait for that hyper boy to get out of the bathroom.

"Wow, that was way too close," I muttered as I manage to fit into the tiny bathroom. Tough considering that I was in my wolf form. After couple of deep breaths I was able to calm myself enough to change back. "Hey Akira, are you alright? You've been awhile," Mai's voice rang out.

"Yeah, I'm good." I said flushing the toilet. She seemed impatient as I walked into the store front.

"'bout time," she muttered grumpily.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Nothing's wrong," she sighed putting . "I was just thinking Mr. Kurosakimight know what this stone is."

"I say he would. Let's go!" I grabbed her hand and ran out the door. She didn't seem expect it and I was practically dragging her along.

"Hey Akira slow down!" She ordered and stopped a bit frustrated but also apologetic.

"Sorry, I forget my own strength sometimes."But I really want to go fast so I can find out what was going on with that stone. That's when the idea came to me, " Hey Mai, close your eyes for a second."

She gave me a strange look, "Why?"

"Just trust me okay. Nothing bad's gonna happen."

She shrugged and closed her hazel eyes, "Alright, now what?"

"Now hold on and keep your eyes closed, kay?" I asked picking her off the ground. I felt her nod against my shoulder. I peeked to make sure her eyes were still closed. I grinned then begin running towards the Moonshine. As I begin to run, I could feel my blood pumping and my body wanting to change. I could also feel her grabbing hold of me tighter in shock. I grinned wider as the air rushed through my hair. I love going fast! After a few minutes we are outside Moonshine. I made sure there was no fur on me and I said, "Okay, you can open your eyes now."

"Whoa! How'd we here so fast? No way you ran that fast… did you?" she asked confused.

"You'd be surprised what I can do," I smiled as we walked in.

"Hey Mai!" Nozomu called to her with a wave. She waved back and returned his smile with ease all though she had a bit of pink on her cheeks. "What are you doing here? What's with the bag?"

"My Uncle left to Nagasaki for the week. He agreed with me staying here so I won't be alone… if it's no trouble…"

"Oh no, Ms. Yaramani. You are welcomed here. Nozomu here will show you your room; won't you, Nozomu?" The vampire was on his feet at that instant.

"Of course. Come with me Mai." Nozomu said as he linked his arm under hers.

"Wait! I want to show you something, Mr. Kurosaki." She stated as she reached in her pocket.

"You can call me Oboro, dear. What do you want to show me?" he asked as she opened her hand with the stone.

"This. Do you know what it is?" She asked and he looked to me in shock.

"No, I'm sorry, but I'll look at it." He said with a smile and shooed her off to Nozomu until she nearly walked right into Mitsuru.

"Hey, watch it, girl!" He grumbled and she glared back.

"Me watch it? You nearly ran into me!" She replied back calmly and walked with Nozomu upstairs but then she stopped and asked, "Oh how's Miharu?"

"She's doing better. I say she'll feel well enough to go for school tomorrow," Mitsuru replied as nice as he could. She smiled with relief and continued up the stairs with Nozomu.

"So what's wrong Oboro? Do you know what that is?" I asked him. He nodded calmly.

"I'm going to contact the Moon Emperor. I'll tell you and the others after Ms. Yaramani goes to sleep." With that he calmly left the room I gave a sigh and went to the kitchen to cook for dinner.

After a few hours of laughs and food, Mai finally went up to go to take a shower and go to bed. After making sure she was in her bed asleep, we met down in the bar excluding Miharu. She went to bed the same time as Mai did. "Now… I'll tell you what the Emperor told me." He looked right to me at that.

"What?" I asked.

"You remember asking about the Suncrysts, right Akira?" I nodded. He sighed, "That stone was one of them."

"What! Then those guys Akira mentioned are wrong. If that girl can't find a stone in the same house as she is, how can she help us gather them?" Mitsuru demanded.

"Because it wasn't active." I muttered. They looked at me confused.

"What do you mean Akira?" Misoka questioned.

"I mean when I touched it, the stone felt like a normal stone but after she touched it the stone glowed and I was forced to change. Thankfully I managed to get out of the room before she saw me."

"Oh, so the stones are dormant. That means that not only can she find them, she can make them work," Nozomu said rubbing his chin thoughtfully.

"It seems so. Now, I took the stone to the palace. They are putting it with the teardrops. The Emperor said the energy increased drastically when they placed together. I guess the legends are true; if the stones of the Moon and Sun are returned together, all life shall prosper and we can truly a life with the humans."

"Why would we want to live with humans?" Mitsuru grumbled.

"Because they, like us, live on the Earth and have just as much a right to live here as we do." Oboro lectured. "Now get some sleep , we have a long road ahead of us," he ordered as we all headed upstairs

Well... looks like things are going to liven up. I can't wait but who are those guys who want the Suncryst? I asked myself and shook my head. Ah, no worries. I have a feeling we'll find out soon enough.