Title: Waking up at Septembers End

Author: PiperDreamer

Slant means thought.

Bold means Inner.

Slant and Underline meaning dream or nightmare

Disclaimer: I do not, nor will I ever own Naruto.

Warning: Mild language use!


16 year-old Kisame began to wonder if saving that pink-haired girl on a whim was the greatest or dumbest thing he had ever done.

One thing for sure, he was going to get her back for breaking his arm.


Chapter 1


Sakura stared glumly at the guard at the gate, remembering that she needed to stay civil since she was in a neutral countries border and that punching the guard for being a rude asshole would not go well with the new, extremely paranoid Mizukage.

She had been waiting here in front of the Mist village gates for over an hour in the freezing January weather because they just had to search everything in her's and her teammate's packs.

A week ago Tsunade-shuisui had sent her and team 3 (a trio of Jounin's who all had been teammates in their Genin's days) to heal a third of the council and find a cure to a epidemic that had recently broke all over the village.

Tsunade had explained that none of the medic's there could heal them. They then requested for Sakura due to her reputation: she had nearly surpassed her sensei the Fifth Hokage at the age of fifteen, and had a track record of finding remedies to even impossible ailments, and could heal near any wound.

Some days, Sakura just hated her reputation.

It often lead to B-class or higher missions, which though she was grateful to get, were often just for her abilities as a medic instead of a ninja.

She honestly couldn't remember the last time she had dealt with a opponent of decent stature, Sasori of Akatsuki not counting.

"Are we ever going in there?" The dark haired teammate garbed in regular Jounin's uniform, Masashi (who Sakura had a strange urge to be both respectful of and strangling him for causing all her problems, which really bothered her since she was sure she never met him before this mission) whispered to Akira, a round faced man with glasses wearing a orange gi (another man she felt she needed to be respectful of yet wanting to beat the crap out of. Weird).

"Quit complaining you two." Rumiko, a dark haired also glasses wearing woman sporting a lovely red mandarin shirt and blue pants with slippers (Sakura was wary about this one, who when they came across a traveling miko and her companion, who reminded Sakura of a Inuzuka only with white hair, and then somehow turned them against each other and then somehow manage to put a teenage girl who bared a striking resembles to the miko into the mix).

Sakura could only pray that the man would hurry up and finish checking their packs; she was really tired and listening to these three get along made her wish her own Genin teammates had been even half this happy. It made her a bit jealous and being jealous of her temporary teammates was not a good thing.

As if Kami had heard her prayer, the rude guard confirmed that they really were here for the Mizukage and allowed them entry.

A Chunin then guided them to the tower, all awhile Sakura took in her new surroundings.

For the most part it appeared as though the village was in a constant state of fog (this was the mist village but really, how the heck did could these people even know where they were going if some areas she passed into couldn't even allow her to see her hand in front of her?

And worse when she did see people they took one look at her and either had shocked or confused looks, but mostly the elders did this while the younger ones looked guarded.

Oh come on, her pink hair wasn't that strange!

Crazy old farts.

After what felt like an hour Sakura finally saw parts of the tower.

Oh thank kami! Sakura was about to speed up when a hand reached out of the mist and grabbed her arm.

Quelling the sudden impulse to stab the owner of said hand, Sakura swiftly turned and came face to face with a mist civilian.

It was a plain looking woman of late twenties, with dull blonde hair half hidden by a purple hat, garbed in mist chunin uniform.

The woman looked as though she had just seen an old friend if the grin, (showing a row of sharp-looking teeth) on her face was any indication.

"It's you! You came back!"

Sakura stared at the lady oddly. She was pretty sure she never met this woman before. Maybe the lady was mistaken?

"It's been a long time Sakura-san!"

Nope, she wasn't. Sakura began to rack her memories of anyone who looked like this. A former patient perhaps?

"Man, I haven't seen you in forever! You…you haven't… aged a day…" The purple hatted woman said, sounding confused.

"Sato-san, I believe you are needed at the hospital." Sakura's guide said frostily.

The woman let go immediately before grinning apologetically, then she busted into a fountain of water.

I gotta learn that, Inner Sakura thought as she moved away from the water.

"Crazy woman," the guide muttered. Upon receiving looks from everyone on Team 3 and Sakura he explained.

"Sato Anzu-san is a medic-nin, one of our best but she's a bit…eccentric."

What shinobi isn't? Sakura thought, her mind going immediately to Anko, Kakashi-sensei, Gai and Lee.

After that weird run-in, Sakura soon found herself in the building, being ushered by the secretary to the Mizukage's office, scolding them the whole way on being late.

Its not our fault that retard at the gate took so long going through our stuff!! Inner mentally yelled as Sakura point blank ignored her and kept her face as neutral as possible.

After a few minutes Sakura and company were in the present of the Mizukage.

Sakura blinked before sweat dropping; the room was full of paperwork, she almost couldn't see the Mizukage.

Do all kage's suffer from paperwork? Sakura asked herself as she watched the man behind the desk look like he was about to set the whole thing on fire and laugh manically as he danced around it.

The secretary gave a short cough, causing the man behind the desk to snarl.

"If you have another loud of paperwork, I swear I'll rip your damn arms off and beat you to death with 'em!"

Yes, they do. Inner deadpanned, remembering a similar threat made by Tsunade.

"Um, sir, the team from Konaha is here." The man said meekly.

It was only then did the man look up.

He was easily the tallest man Sakura had ever seen (if the fact he easily towered over the huge mounds of paperwork was any indication), with a full head of gray hair that seemed to defy gravity, high cheek bones, one blood shot hazel eye and the other an empty socket, that showed out even more thanks to his pallid skin that was heavily scarred, sharp triangular teeth that seemed to be a natural physical appearance of the residents of Water country that showed through his snarling face.

"'bout damn time you showed up! What the hell took you so long?!"

"Your guard at the gate delayed us." Akira said, not noticing the secretary giving him pointed looks that said 'don't say anything that'll piss him off!'.

Sakura, being a medic had noticed something's about the Mizukage.

The man was easily in his late fifties, looked as though he hadn't slept properly in days, was slightly twitchy as though he had been sitting for a very long time and was suffering from cramping, was highly annoyed, looked close to going nuts and killing everything in sight, and there was a huge pot of coffee next to him.

Wow, change the coffee to sake and we'd have a male version of shuisui! Sakura thought in amazement.

Then she noticed the large sword next to the desk, well within the reach of the Mizikage, and easily long enough to decapitate them all from his seat.

That is the biggest sword I have ever seen, including Zabuza's. Sakura thought, remembering Zabuza's sword.

The man looked them over, judging them on their status and reputation.

When he looked her over, Sakura thought she saw a flash of something gleam in his one eye but dismissed it.

She was really tired and it was already 11 pm.

"You three shall be assigned a partner and helping with some of the post as a good amount of our men have fallen to the ailment. You Haruno shall begin work at the hospital at six o'clock tomorrow morning. I know your all tired from your little trip here but I can't spared you anymore time then that. I'll provide you with a guide for the duration of your visit as well as the living expenses. Wolf."

A ANBU appeared, his mask that of a wolf. "Escort these four to their hotel." He said before going back to the paperwork.

And with that Sakura and company walked out of the tower and followed the ANBU very closely to prevent themselves from loosing sight of him.

It wasn't long before they came to the quant, if not a bit old hotel.

Upon seeing the ANBU the owner, a rather old looking man whose name badge said Hiroshi, practically threw the keys at team 3 but hesitated when he saw Sakura.

Why was he looking at her like he knew her? But as quickly as he stared he stopped, gingerly handing her the key with the number 13 instead of tossing them.

This place is weird.

After a short trek they reached their respective rooms. Sakura had entered it and almost immediately fell on the bed.

Though her body was tired sleep eluded her.

Why were older people acting like they knew her? It was like they were surprised to see that she was alive or something!

Plus what that Sato lady said bothered her.

What the hell did she mean she hadn't aged a day?


Honryuu Kasamaru looked up from the paperwork bound desk, staring out the window into nothing.

The new Mizukage had almost jumped out of his skin when he saw her.

He knew it had to be her, who else was a medic trained by the Slug Sannin, had pink hair and emerald eyes?

Seriously, why hadn't he noticed this before? Who else could it be?

So she really wasn't lying back then. He mused, remembering the last time he had encountered the strange and unique girl.

It had been during their last major epidemic, slightly over seventeen years ago.

Getting up he strolled over to where an old cabinet stood with large letters on it saying: MIA.

He pulled one drawer open and leisurely skimmed over them till he found the one he was looking for.

The file was old, having sat there for nearly two decades. He didn't bother to read anything other then the name: Uzutake Sakura.

He slowly pulled the little picture out from its paperclip and held it closely to his eye. It was her I.D picture, probably her official Tokubetsu Jonin picture.

It was a perfect match, the only difference was that the Mist hitai-ite was absent, around her waist if he recalled correctly.

Then he grinned when he found another photo wedged between the papers: the one he dubbed 'Team Ass-pain'.

In the center was Sakura who hadn't changed at all as she rubbed the hair of a annoyed looking ten-year old Momochi Zabuza, as Sakura was teased (rather unmercifully if he recalled) by a seventeen year old Hoshigaki Kisame with a younger, two-eyed version of him behind them, choking down pills.

Ah, he remembered those days, mostly because when he had been assigned to them he had to take prescription drugs just to deal with the insane lot.

She had only been there for nine months, but she had left an impact on the place, and was probably the main reason Kisame went rogue.

Not that he was ever going to tell anyone that.

Looking at the calendar, Kasamaru couldn't help but grin.

Tomorrow was the day.


Kisame stared out the window of his hotel room at the clear night skies of Fire country.

Itachi found it strange that his normally jovial partner looked so… blank. Or not having that grin on his face. It actually worried him, not that he ever showed it.

Kisame pretty much ignored everything as he stared out into nothing, seeing a pink haired girl smiling happily at him, her jeweled eyes glittering with glee.

Tomorrow, He thought.

Tomorrow marked the anniversary of when he met the crazy girl that had, without ever meaning to, turned his world on its head.

Uzutake Sakura.


Yay! A new story to mess with!

I had a while back wanted to try my hands at a time traveling Sakura story, but couldn't think of anything.

The plot shape more after listening to the Song "Wake Me Up When September End" byGreen Day but it still lacked a bit.

So I turned to my roommate and told her to give me three random characters, and a genre type as long as it didn't involved Sakura ending up with any of the guys from Konaha.

She gave me Kisame, Zetsu and Sasori, and romance.

My plot bunnies began to mass produce as my muses began to weave possible scenarios and soon I had a KisaSaku story line working around my thoughts.

Thanks roomy!

For anyone who doesn't like how long the romance takes to start, I will only say this once: to make the romance believable, there has to be a lot of context and set-up. And come on guys, this is a KisaSaku we're talking about, making it a difficult pairing as it is, so it's going to take a while for any romance to happen.

Besides, I want this to develop slowly so that the reader can see things gradually happening and isn't like, "Where the heck did this come from?"

Also, the plot is fairly convoluted with lots of scheming and stratagem, so that takes time to explore too.

Plus romance isn't my forte so it'll be a bit of a challenge.


Who are the people of Team 3?

Hope you like it!