Chapter 1: The Prodigy is Born


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All throughout Konoha, the village was crying from their recent loss of their hero and arguably their strongest Hokage. By far the loudest cries could be heard in a room where the cries of a newborn baby were very strong.

* Konoha: Secret Room *

"It's as if he knows that he has lost both of his parents. From what Minato told me the kid has not stopped crying since Kushina passed." Said a tall man with white spiky hair. There was a conversation being held between only a select few of the Konoha's shinobi in the room with the newborn baby boy.

"Yes, today we lost many good shinobi, the civilians still fear for their life, most of the land is up in a blaze, but on top of it all we have lost our Fourth Hokage and the last heir of the Uzumaki Clan, Kushina Uzumaki. The sadest part of all is that this child won't know what they even look like." said the second voice of an old man who looked to be in his late 50's.

"Jiraiya-san, since you are this boy's godfather what do you suppose we should do?"

Jiraiya began to speak in a low and sad manner "Not sure sensei. I'm sure Minato would want me to watch over the child, but I have to travel a lot so I'm not sure what I would be able to do. The real question is what will the village do now? Minato died without claiming a successor." All of the men in the room went silent waiting for the former Hokage to speak.

"Jiraiya-sama has a point Sarutobi-sama, without a Hokage to lead this village, the other villages would see this as an opportunity to attack us." This man was a mature Byakugan user in an expensive lavender kimono.

Sarutobi closed his eyes saying, "I will take up my title of becoming Hokage yet again until I can find a suitable replacement to run the village." He faced his former student and one of his most loyal ninjas Jiraiya telling him, "Jiraiya, I have a mission for you."

After everyone agreed with Sarutobi's decision by retaining his title as Hokage, Jiraiya responded with, "What is this mission you have for me Sarutobi-sensei?"

"I want you to try and deceive the other villages with your spy network so that we have enough time to heal our ninja squads and rebuild Konoha's defenses." Sarutobi instructed him.

Jiraiya responded to the old kage, "I never intended to use my spy network for that purpose, but it seems I don't have a choice. By the way Sarutobi-sensei, you should change the child's last name from Namikaze to Uzumaki."

The elder ninja understood what he meant by that since Minato had many enemies in Iwa including the Tsuchikage even enemies in other parts of the elemental nations. The Uzumaki clan is one that has long since faded into darkness with very few remembering the clan.

"Very well, I will have to change the boy's name to Uzumaki." Sarutobi at that moment remembered a very important document. "Hiashi-san, I understand that you, Minato, Kushina, and your wife Hana intended to have both of your unborn child Hinata and Naruto to be married on their 16th birthdays." Hiashi responded, "Yes, both my wife and Kushina talked about it and in the end me and Minato agreed and he finalized it before his death."

Understanding where Sarutobi was going with this he spoke before he did "Don't worry I never go back on my word, Hinata will marry Naruto Nami- I mean Uzumaki as planned 'demon container or not'." adding extra tone to the final part of his statement.

Sarutobi sensing the seriousness in his voice happily nodded and told them he would announce Naruto's name as Namikaze the day of his 15th birthday or earlier should they he need to. The meeting concluded with Sarutobi telling everyone present in the room that anyone who spoke of Naruto being the demon container would be violating an S-Classed secret. They do not want him to know about anything in relation to the demon so that at least the child could at least grow up without being shunned by other ninja and villagers who did not know of him being the demon container.

As everyone was about to leave the room Hiashi spoke up, "Sarutobi-sama I would like to ask that Naruto stay with me and my clan, my wife would be more than happy to look after Naruto." Sarutobi said, "That would be best, most jinchuriki are hated for just being the jailer. At the moment he is more valuable than the sharingan, so I herby announce the Hyuga Clan to be Naruto's guardians until his 16th birthday."

Hiashi with a happy smile thanked the old Hokage and then turned around and picked up the crying baby and then proceeded to leave the room.

As Sarutobi stood there and watched Naruto go into safe hands he turned to Jiraiya asking, "Why Naruto?"

"Excuse me?" Jiraiya responded.

"I'm just wondering why you chose Naruto as a name." Sarutobi stared at Jiraiya before the white haired ninja answered, "I was going to ask Minato to name him after one of my former pupils, he thought about it and when I told him the name he wanted to switch out the parts of the name, 'ga' with 'ru', so we came up with Naruto." Jiraiya looked down in sadness.

"I was aware of your Hidden Rain students from Tsunade some time during the war. What was the name you wanted for him originally?" The conversation with Jiraiya peeked his interest.

Jiraiya only told him the name with pride in his voice. "Nagato, he was going to be named Nagato."

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