Chapter 70: Epilogue: Goodbye Naruto's Rise

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* Konoha: Thirteen Years Later *

The village expanded over the thirteen years of peace. Naruto the Hokage, Gaara the Kazekage, Han the Tsuchikage, Ē still had a few good years left as the Raikage, but had his brother on standby incase something happened to him, and Mai was still raining Mizukage and kept Yugito Nii close at hand to keep her on the right trail. The five had many meetings over the years keeping the balance of peace to their greatest extent. The chunnin exams were still in process giving other ninja villages a friendly competition with either their own comrades or from other villages.

A few times war almost broke out between Iwagakure and Kumogakure or between Konohagakure and Kumogakure. Kirābī and Naruto would resolve the issues as quickly as possible. Since Naruto became Hokage eighteen years ago the nations have not been at each other's throats since becoming Hokage.

Naruto's son Yahiko Namikaze rose to fame rather quickly graduating from the academy at the age of eight and became chunnin at the age of nine and became jounin at thirteen. Soon afterwards the boy became even more famous taking on rather difficult missions that would take a lot of time and careful planning to complete. He unlocked his silver chakra and his byakugan at the age of twelve making him a force to be reckon with. He inherited Samehada from his father when he was promoted to jounin and made great use of the sword and was just appointed one of the leaders of Gyouten. Yahiko's next goal was to defeat his father and become the Rokudaime Hokage, but wanted to have his time of freedom before he's confined to the village and a schedule.

Hitomi became a very strong kunoichi as well, but not as famous as her brother she was certainly making a name for herself amongst the female ninjas both young and old. She is a chunnin under her sensei Shisui Atsusa, her teammates are Kakuzu Aburame and Jet Lee (Sakura & Lee's second born). She inherited both Benihime and Shuusui from Naruto and he taught her how to maintain the two heirlooms and some jutsu that could make them easier to master. Unlike her bright blonde brother her hair was dark blue with a single blonde streak coming down the side of her face and her long hair was tied in a single pony tail. Her personality was like her mother, but when it came to fighting she was like any other Namikaze that came before her just emotionless in combat.

Many of the Konoha Twelve's children grew up and made names for themselves and putting their clans on the map. Naruto got the rights to continue writing 'Icha Icha' novels and completed the series five years ago and started a spin off series of the book called 'Icha Icha OVA'. The series was a hit with adults and Naruto still continues writing it to this day. Hinata retired from being a ninja when Yahiko was born and became a stay at home wife/mother, but she still trains to keep herself in top condition.

Naruto was in talks about stepping down as clan head and allow his son to run the clan so he could focus more on the village as a kage and have less to worry about with requests from other clans about strengthening their forces. This was one less worry for him, but he was sure that his son wasn't gonna like the idea… yet.

* Dusk: Close to the Hokage Tower *

A female kunoichi was frantically searching everyone for someone, she had lightly tanned skin, red eyes, neon green hair that spiked into ponytail, a white long-sleeved shirt with her well toned stomach showing and her leaf headband imbedded into the left sleeve, a white skirt, and a cylinder red wood object. She held out her hand letting her sleeve roll past her hand showing a beetle land on her extended finger. The bug made a buzzing noise and she smiled, "Found you." and began her trek again.

She started to run up the wall leading to the Hokage Monument by sending chakra to her feet allowing her to run up the wall, but stopped short when she heard a whirling sound. She spun around and grabbed the a kunai by the handle and turned to see who it was.

It was another kunoichi. She had long black flowing hair, black eyes, and fair skin. She had on a black kimono that showed off her cleavage with a white fire design along the collar, thigh high black stockings, her headband was wrapped loosely around her neck, and from what she could tell was red fingernail polish.

The attacker called out happily, "Arigatou for finding where Yahiko-kun is, but I'll take it from here Ren-chan." Ren snickered, "Like I'd let that happen Miyu!"

Miyu sighed and said, "Looks like we are doing this the hard way." She closed her eyes and opened them again revealing the sharingan. So far the two bloodlines of the Hyuuga and Uchiha haven't completely merged yet and doctors believed that it's only a matter of time before the two bloodlines combine making a new dojutsu.

Ren crossed her arms telling one of her rivals, "You sharingan gals sure depend on those eyes." Before the two could leap into action they found that they couldn't move, both girls looked down at their feet and noticed a shadow connecting to both of theirs.

"You two can never get along."

Ren and Miyu looked into the direction of the voice and both said at the same time, "Kagura… and Kimiko?"

Kagura was Shikamaru and Temari's daughter and like her mother she had a dirty blonde hair color, but in was in a tie similar to how the Nara men have theirs and a smaller one under that one, she wore dark green robe with the Nara symbol on the back, a red scarf around her neck and her headband tied around her forehead. She was using the Kage Mane jutsu passed down to Nara clan members.

The second girl was wearing short purple shorts with her headband tied around her left thigh, a loose fit purple kimono with flower designs on the right arm sleeve, white shinguards. Her hair was platinum blonde and tied in a high pony tail with a purple flower in it, though her hair was still long and touched the base of her back.

Ren looked at her other two rivals asking, "You two teamed up? You know that one of you will just backstab the other right?" Miyu agreed and said, "For once she's right."

Kimiko smiled and replied, "Me and Kagura came to an understanding and decided it's better that we take you two out of the way first, then we can deal with each other." Miyu cursed under her breath and tried to move finding it useless.

Ren shouted out, "So what we just stand here and wait?" Kagura responded, "Nope, Kimiko here is gonna place you two under a genjutsu and then we will be on our way." Ren and Miyu kept trying to struggle out of the jutsu, but to no avail. Kimiko got ready to use her genjutsu, but was stopped when they heard, "Cut it out girls."

All of them looked into the direction of the new voice and saw Chiase Namikaze the adopted daughter of the Namikaze clan. Chiase had short blue & orange hair and auburn colored eyes with blue eye shadow. She was wearing the standard Konoha jounin attire with the addition of a black sash with red clouds on it. Kagura dropped her jutsu all four girls looked at Chiase.

Chiase was no threat to them since she saw Yahiko as a brother and despite being no blood ties to him it still felt like incest to her. Chiase was the more mature one of the girls, "You guys are really gonna start fighting right above my uncle's tower?" All four of the girls looked down at the base of the mountain seeing the Hokage tower just below them. Chiase rubbed the back of her head saying, "Well if your all looking for aniki, then look no further. He's on top the monument on his uncle's head, try not to damage the monument girls."

The four of them knew better than to try and fight Chiase since she received top notch training with Yahiko at her compound under Naruto, Hinata, and her mother. She was a deadly kunoichi and was not one to try and get a handle on at the beginning of a fight. Before she left she said, "Don't rough him up too bad okay girls?" all of them nodded and watched as Chiase disappeared in a puff of smoke. All four kunoichi's stared the other down and before they knew it Ren had already ran up the rest of the way hearing her rivals shout saying that she got an unfair head start.

Once they all got to the top they looked around and saw Yahiko sitting in a meditated position facing them giving them his knockout smiles. Unlike males who acquired the byakugan his eyes were normal like his father, but when activated his iris shrinks to the point where it seems to disappear. Immediately all four were captivated by his smile and felt weak in the knees. Yahiko scratched the back of his head saying, "I was watching your little argument down their ladies, so I knew that it was a matter of time before you came here."

Miyu faked some tears and ran to her crush saying, "Yahiko-kun they were all so mean to me and Kimiko and Kagura were gonna hurt me!" She threw her arms around his neck and he remained seated knowing that she was playing around. Not to be one upped Ren, Kimiko, and Kagura jumped onto Yahiko knocking him on his back faking tears as well blaming the other girl for hurting them.

Yahiko was used to this after so long. He tried to stand up, but found it rather difficult what with all four girls clinging to him like he was a lifeline. He was finally able to stand up and saw that all four were standing before him watching as he stretched out his arms. Yahiko looked at Miyu and asked, "Oh I heard that Akane has been pursuing one of the clansmen in the Atsusa."

Miyu nodded and clarified, "Yeah, she still has a crush on you, but feels that there is too much competition for your heart so she's setting her eyes on one of our clansmen. I don't know what she means about competition since I don't see these wannabe kunoichi as a threat." Miyu smiled seeing Ren, Kimiko, and Kagura glaring at her.

Yahiko liked Akane and like his female companions before him he'd protect them fiercely, he was happy though that she was finding someone. Yahiko asked the girls, "Mind accompanying me to my father's office, apparently my little sister just got back from a B-Ranked mission and kaa-san wanted me to make sure that both pops and Hitomi get home in time for dinner."

The girls quickly answered that they would escort him to the tower. Without another word he was able to pull the four kunoichi toward him and vanished in a flash of brilliant light.

* Hokage Office *

Naruto sat behind his desk, his blonde hair more wild and longer, his birthmarks gone after Kyuubi had dispersed from him, and had a light goatee. He was shirtless although he wears his reddish-orange coat with the black flames, black pants and sandals. He sat patiently reading over the report that Shisui handed in.

Shisui's hair was fairly longer and he still sported his ANBU attire.

His students stood closely next to him. Kakuzu had a dark shade of neon green hair and in a style similar to his father, clear circular glasses that showed his red eyes, a dark green jacket with a high collar although the collar was open revealing his face, dark green pants, black sandals, his leaf headband imbedded into the chest of his jacket, and a ninja pouch that was strapped to the inside of his jacket hanging across his chest. He was a few inches taller than his teammate Jet.

Jet Lee had a green chinese style outfit a green jumpsuit underneath, the orange leg warmers covering his shins, and metal gauntlets on his forearms. Like his father as well he sported a bowl haircut and his hair was black, he had his father's bushy eyebrows, but his eyes were green like his mother. His headband was red and was tied as a belt around his waist.

Hitomi hair was tied in a ponytail and her eyes were a pearl blue color, she was wearing a dark orange jacket with a black shirt underneath, black shorts that passed her knees, and Benihime and Shuusui were both tied to the right side of her waist.

After Naruto finished going over the report he smiled saying, "Well the mission to Kiri was a success and it seems that there were no obstacles in your path. A job well done and you all will receive the proper pay for the mission." All four bowed and replied, "Arigatou Hokage-sama!"

Naruto asked Shisui, "Tell me how is Itachi and Aoi's anniversary?" Shisui responded, "They are still in Spring country and won't be back for a few more days. Hikaru and myself will be leaving as soon as we are done here."

"Then don't let me keep you waiting. Your excused, I'd like to ask if Jet and Kakuzu would like to join me and my family for dinner tonight?" asked Naruto. Shisui decided to take his leave since he needed to go meet his wife, giving his goodbye and telling his students to train in his absence he took his leave.

Jet told the Hokage, "I'm sorry Hokage-sama, but since my brother isn't home from his mission yet someone needs to help out at the bakery." Naruto understood that they boy had other duties. Kakuzu said, "I believe my mother and father are going are they not?"

Naruto responded by simply nodding confirming what Kakuzu heard. They were distracted when the doors opened up revealing Yahiko, Ren, Miyu, Kimiko, and Kagura, they walked up behind the kids and Yahiko moved to his little sister asking her, "How did your mission go Hitomi-chan?"

"It went great aniki." said Hitomi. Ren walked over to her little brother and nudged his shoulders making her brother groan in annoyance. Naruto asked, "To what do I owe this honor of Konoha's Four Maidens and from the Yellow Daredevil this evening?"

Yahiko stepped forward telling his father, "Well the mother wants Konoha's Chakra Sage home for dinner tonight as well as little sister here." He stood in front of his father's desk continuing, "I also invited Ren, Miyu, Kimiko, and Kagura to dinner tonight."

Naruto continued smiling, "I have no problem with them coming along, but we should go now since your mother possibly set a deadline for us all to be there." Naruto stacked a few papers and put them in his desk, afterward he got out from his chair and said, "I'll be back, I'll take Jet back to his house and I'll be back in a flash."

Everyone back away from Naruto and Jet, Naruto placed his hand on the boy's shoulder and shouted, "Shoushitsuten no Jutsu!" Naruto and Jet were then sucked into a single point making them vanish entirely.

The group waited until Naruto came back which was actually a few seconds. Naruto reappeared like before his body appeared to be coming out of a single point. Afterward Naruto and Yahiko walked to the center of the room telling everyone to gather around them. Both men closed their eyes and shouted simultaneously, "Shoushitsuten no Jutsu!" making them all vanish like before.

* Namikaze Compound *

Hinata, Konan, and Fu were in the kitchen setting up the table making a big meal. Hinata knew who was coming since this was an important event she made the assumptions that more people would be coming to this dinner. Hinata switched over to wearing normal clothes, her hair was longer almost touching the back of her knees. She had on a light orange dress with a white apron over it.

Fu also retired after Ren was born and became a stay at home mom like her teammate. Her hair was still short, she was wearing a white shirt with a black beetle on the back, a white dress that barely passes her knees.

Konan was wearing a light blue shirt, black pants,

Shino was sitting in the living room drinking some tea that Hinata had brought him. Shino got much taller and had a few inches on his teammate Naruto now. He had a mustache now and had a few whiskers of chin hair. His attire composed of a brown haori with a black lining, it was closed using two brown belt straps, black pants & shirt.

He looked ahead and noticed that he wasn't alone. Standing before him was Naruto, Yahiko, Hitomi, Kagura, Kimiko, Miyu, along with his son and daughter. Kakuzu and Ren saw their father and greeted him properly. Everyone took of their sandals and one of Yahiko's clones he summoned took the sandals and put them at the front door.

Naruto walked up to his close friend and asked, "How's my advisor doing?" Shino stood up and shook his hand saying, "If everything goes good tonight then I'll be very happy my friend." Naruto could hear three sets of footsteps coming their way and everyone looked to see Hinata, Konan, and Fu walk into the living room.

Hinata strolled up to her husband of a little more than eighteen years. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him on his lips and of course their children spoke up.

Hitomi: "Kaa-san! Tou-san!"

Yahiko: "Seriously right in front of all of us?"

After the two broke apart they heard Konan ask Naruto, "Where's Chiase at?"

Naruto answered, "Well Gaara's son Kochi is here with his teammates and his uncle Kankuro for a little visit, so…." Konan understood since she knows that her daughter has a crush on the younger boy. Kochi was Gaara's only child and shows that he is immensely powerful and is deserving of succeeding his father when he comes of age. They all assumed as well that Chiase would invite the young teen over for dinner as well.

Fu clapped her hands once catching everyone's attention, "Well let's go and eat shall we? After all the three of us didn't cook for all of this food to go to waste." The whole group agreed and filed into the kitchen. Naruto and Hinata got a much larger dinning table since word got out about the Namikaze clan once again in power many tried to get on the blonde clan head's good side. Naruto avoided conversations where his children were involved as he wanted them to find their own love and not be forced into a fake one.

He could see that his oldest child was perplexed about who of the four women who have been fighting for his heart for close to thirteen years to be his wife. His daughter he already knew that she was crushing on the young Kakuzu badly and the young bug user knew it too. After everyone sat down they saw the feast in front of them and were eager to start eating.

Yahiko had a problem where he sat since the four girls kept fighting about who would sit on his left and right sides and in the end Kimiko and Ren won with Ren to his right and Kimiko opposite. Naruto and Hinata enjoyed watching the lover's quarrel and Naruto had to wake up late at night many times to venture outside finding that either one of the four girls would attempt to sneak into Yahiko's room.

Everyone grabbed their plates and started to grab different foods laid out along the long table. After getting their food everyone shouted, "Itadakimasu!" and then dug in.

Naruto, Hinata, Shino, Fu, and Konan talked amongst themselves while Kakuzu and Hitomi would talk to one another about their missions and training sessions. Yahiko on the other hand listened as the four girls argued about who was the more dominate. Naruto felt a presence from a seal on his body activate meaning that someone ventured onto his compound. No worries though since the toads surrounding the area would croak loudly if it was someone they didn't know, which meant that Chiase must be home.

Naruto and Yahiko heard the door open from the dining room thanks to their years of training their bodies they are able to hear, smell, and see at greater distances. However in this situation they could hear two distinct sets of prints coming to the dinning room.

Naruto was the first to look in the direction saying, "Chiase-chan, Kochi-kun you guys made it in time. The food is still warm so pull up a chair and have a seat." Chiase walked in next to her young crush Kochi. Kochi like his father had shaggy brick red hair, sea foam green eyes. His attire consisted of a black button up coat, dark red pants, two twenty four inch high gourds strapped to his waist, a red sash, black sandals, red scarf, and his Suna headband imbedded into the left side of his chest.

Kochi bowed to Naruto and said, "Arigatou oji-san for letting me stay for dinner." Naruto smiled and patted the boy on his head asking, "How's your old man?"

"He was actually wondering when the Suna nins should come for the Chunnin exams?"

Naruto responded, "Tell him to come whenever he's ready to and I'll have a room set up for him here at the compound." Kochi nodded understanding and sat down in one of the empty chairs and Chiase sat right next to him.

Everyone continued to eat and talk about upcoming events, interesting things that happened to them, or news around the village. Naruto loved these kinds of gatherings although he wished Itachi, Aoi, Shisui, and Hikaru would come as well. Hiashi and Hana would drop by every now and then, but decided that this one was more of a reminisces talk among comrades and said they would appear at the next family outing.

After sometime went by and everyone finished eating their food Naruto looked at Shino, Hinata, and Fu with all three giving him an okay nod. Naruto stood up from his seat and told his son, "Yahiko, there is something I wanted to talk to you about."

Everyone's attention was on the Hokage now. Naruto and his son locked eyes and he explained, "Son I'm sure you've heard about me stepping down as the clan head for the Namikaze clan right?" Yahiko nodded.

"Well that is true and for me to focus on my kage duties to the fullest without worrying about what's happening to the clan, so I wanted to ask you to be the new clan head. Interested?" asked Naruto.

Pretty much everyone except Hinata, Shino, Fu, and Konan were surprised. Yahiko wasn't surprised but was taken back for a moment since he wasn't expecting it this soon. Before Yahiko could speak Naruto continued, "Oh by the way if you choose to be the new clan head of the Namikaze then of course you'll need to be married or engaged."

Yahiko knew that was standard and he was told that both his parents were engaged before he became the clan head it was just common knowledge that the man or woman leading a clan needed to be married. However he found himself at a stand still.

Kagura, Ren, Miyu, and Kimiko all looked at Yahiko and saw the downed expression on his face. Yahiko put up a fake smile and told his dad, "Sorry dad since I'm neither married nor engaged I can't really be the clan head now can I?"

Hitomi kept looking back and forth between her brother and father wanting to say something and once she was Hinata sitting next to her daughter placed her hand on her daughter's shoulder looking at her. Hinata shook her held and smiled at her, Hitomi understood and remained quite.

"After all I have four beauties who fight for a right to marry me it seems, but I can't pick one without hurting the others." Yahiko said sadly. He looked at his sister and said, "Maybe when Hitomi gets older she can take up the mantle as clan head."

Naruto looked at his daughter and said, "I've considered Hitomi being the clan head, but Hitomi is more of a free spirit and would rather want to be out and about rather being confined about worrying about other clans wanting to join an allegiance with us. I really am dead set on making you clan head right now son, so at first I thought of an arranged marriage."

Naruto, Hinata, Fu, Shino, and Konan saw the panicked looks on the girls' faces and Yahiko had a look of distain on him not really liking the idea.

Hinata cut in telling her son, "But of course your father scraped the idea the moment it slipped from his lips, so he decided to try something else."

"Which is why we are here." said Fu.

Naruto explained, "I talked with Itachi-sensei, Shikamaru, Choji, and Ino-chan about this and they all said that they actually like the idea." Naruto paused looking at Yahiko and the four girls' at the mention of their family's names.

"I've decided that you can fall under the Clan Restoration Act. You see since the Namikaze only has six members in it's ranks we actually need more clansmen, so if you fall under the C.R.A. then with multiple wives the Namikaze clan has a better chance to grow into one like the Hyuuga clan." said Naruto, but he looked at the four girls and asked, "However I wanted to know how you four feel about this." Naruto didn't need to say more since they were ninjas they could fit the rest of the pieces together about what this means for them.

Miyu, Kagura, Ren and Kimiko looked at each other then to Yahiko who only looked unsure of their reactions. Naruto kinda got worried when none of the girls said anything, "Well it all depends on what you five decided as a-"

Naruto was cut off when Ren stood up saying, "Forgive me for interrupting you Hokage-sama, but… I don't mind this idea at all. In fact I'd rather it be my rivals than any other woman I don't approve of, so I'm sure everyone will want to hear it straight…. I have no problem sharing Yahiko with these three." Shino and Fu didn't mind the situation since their daughter was old enough to make her own choices and they've known Yahiko since he was a baby and knew of the connection he had with their daughter and the other three women.

The room was quite momentarily when Kimiko got up as well, "Hokage-sama I agree with Ren. I wouldn't approve of no other woman coming into this and I am happy that you asked my mother and father about his. Arigatou Hokage-sama."

Naruto saw Miyu stand up next, "I have no trouble with this situation at all in fact I wouldn't really call this a situation more like a common interest."

"Hokage-sama I thank you as well for going to my father about this too. I actually don't mind this since as long as I am with Yahiko-kun then I don't mind it at all." said Kagura lastly.

All four women looked at Yahiko who had a surprised expression on his face. Naruto asked his son, "Well what do you think of this son?"

Yahiko closed his eyes and smiled saying, "Okay, okay I got it. He stood up and stared his father down. I'll accept being the new clan head, but be warned father that I also intend to come for your title as the next Hokage."

Naruto smiled and said, "You'd fight me for the right as next Hokage huh? I'm liking that idea."

Shino interpreted, "There won't be much for onlookers to see since the two of you would move to fast for others to see. The idea of seeing the two of you fight makes this something everyone would want to witness."

Naruto got back on track saying, "Well son when do you wish to-"

"Immediately." Yahiko said quickly. He looked at all four of the women saying, "They've waited long enough. Allow the five of us to do the rest from here." Naruto and Hinata agreed.

Ren however asked, "Actually Yahiko-kun I'd like my mother's and Hinata-sama's input on this."

Hinata giggled and told Ren and the girls, "Please don't add the 'sama' part, just call me kaa-san."

The four nodded and heard Hinata and Fu say that they would help out as much as they could. With the dinner coming to a close he told Kochi and Kakuzu that they could spend the night as well as Ren, Kimiko, Kagura, and Miyu. Fu and Shino took their leave telling Naruto and Hinata that they would see them later.

Naruto summoned out some shadow clones for them to clean up the mess and to do the dishes to which they were done in a matter of minutes. Hitomi went to her room later telling Kakuzu and Kochi that they should have a training day in the Namikaze training grounds. Naruto gave both boys their own rooms as well.

Hinata and Naruto also witnessed Yahiko being dragged along to his room by his future wives. Konan and Chiase retired for the night as well, but Chiase earlier had requested of Naruto that Kochi get a room closer to hers. Naruto was reluctant at first, but allowed it.

After everyone retired to their rooms for the night only Naruto and Hinata remained up and awake.

Both were outside looking at the moon. Naruto and Hinata were currently sitting atop a giant toad which turned out to be Gamakichi who was now the size of his father Gamabunta. Hinata was snuggling up close to her husband as they stare gazed.

Naruto pulled her close and asked, "You know this means that we are going to have a lot of grandchildren right?"

"Of course, it's been so long since Hitomi was a baby and I don't mind watching over my little grandkids when they come." said Hinata.

They both looked from the stars to the moon seeing the massive crater caused years ago when Naruto and the other former jinchuriki (excluding Fu) came together to destroy the Juubi. Naruto wished to see what this beast looked like, but then decided that meeting a monster stronger than the Kyuubi was something he didn't wish to gaze upon after that concept hit him.

Naruto pulled Hinata to sit in his lap, "My life turned out great. I was adopted into a loving family, I lived with the love of my life from when I was a baby all the way till my life ends and married her, rose up in the ranks to become Hokage, reestablished my clan becoming the clan head only to relinquish it soon, fought against many powerful ninjas, brought about peace, and became a father of two. All in all I'd say if I had to relive my this life I'd do it all the same way again."

She merely brought her nose to his neck and inhaled his intoxicating scent, "Naruto-kun you've made my life perfect. If I pass on then I can do so with a smile knowing that my life was absolutely perfect. Naruto-kun what do you think the future will hold for our grandchildren and their children once we are gone?"

Naruto brought her chin up to look at him and he kissed her lovingly on her lips leering his tongue slip into her mouth exploring every inch of her mouth. After breaking away he said, "I don't know, but we helped pave the way for them… all that's left now is to make of this world what they want it to be in the future. I have faith in the next generations."

"I do to Naruto-kun." said Hinata.

Naruto pulled Hinata down so they laid down. Hinata slowly fell asleep and Naruto said, "Arigatou Kami for putting me in this point in time and for allowing me to live my life the way I wanted." Naruto closed his eyes as well keeping Hinata close to him he kissed Hinata on top of her head saying, "I love you hime… and I always will… Forever."

******* THE END/FIN/JIENDO *******


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