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Crazy Last Night

Sasuke woke up slowly. He couldn't comprehend anything at this moment. His head was pounding so he knew he wasn't dead, although he might prefer the later at this moment. The raven groaned as he shifted where he laid and was surprised to find a weight on his right arm. He wanted to open his eyes, but he wasn't certain that doing that would be his best idea. The weight on his arm moved and sighed, making Sasuke inwardly curse himself. As he sighed deeply and bit his lower lip, he tried desperately to remember last night's events.

"Why do I have to go?" Sasuke asked his annoying best friend who never gave up on trying to get him to go out to bars or clubs, basically any place where dancing and alcohol dominated. Sasuke couldn't help it if he couldn't really differentiate between places like that. He didn't really care to go out and party all that often. And getting drunk off his ass wasn't particularly his idea of a fun time.

"Come on man! Please! You'll have a fucking awesome time, I swear! The place just opened! It'll be filled to the roof with hot ass women just wanting to dance, drink and get laid!" Kiba exclaimed wildly, obviously beyond all excitement and horniness that a man of twenty four years could be.

Sasuke shook his head. He wasn't in the least convinced to go by Kiba's lacking vocabulary or his overloaded libido. Not to mention, he still hadn't been entirely honest to himself, so he couldn't yet be honest with Kiba. But girls weren't exactly appealing to him. They were just rather... plain, dull, unattractive and irritation. He didn't enjoy boobs like Kiba did, and the way they batted their eyelashes genuinely pissed him off. Those heels they wore only made them stumble and would ruin their postures. There was also nothing sexy about the way women sparkled glitter all over themselves. It made them look like pixies or wannabe Twilight "vampires" and to be frank, anything that connected itself to the horrible piece of imitation literature that was Twilight pissed him off. Also if they hugged you while wearing all that glitter... you were marked for life because it took months to get every single speck of glitter off of your body. Not to mention you can never wear the shirt you were wearing when they embraced you ever again because that crap does not wash off.

To put it simply, Sasuke hated women. To put it more truthfully, Sasuke was as gay as the rainbow that homosexuals and the like stole from the world, preventing anyone else from having any color. Grey, black and brown were about the only colors they left for heterosexuals.

Sure Sasuke wasn't about to jump out of the closet and into a hot pink thong to march down the street in with a gay pride parade. But that didn't stop the fact that Sasuke found men so much more attractive and alluring than women.

"Sasuke, please! Come to the club with me! Hinata is too shy for this kind of stuff and you know how Shino is! Shikamaru is working tonight and Chouji is going to some sort of overnight barbecue in the country side. There's no one else for me to really go with this time and I refuse to go by myself without a wing man!"

Sasuke was about to suggest that Kiba go with Sakura and Ino but he was well aware of how hazardous to one's health those women were. He didn't want to imagine what they would be like once they got alcohol in their systems.


"Yes! Finally! You won't regret this I swear!"

Sasuke still lay frozen in his spot, listening to the slumbering breath of the mystery person sleeping on his arm. Right about now, he felt the urge to punch Kiba in the face. Wouldn't regret it... if Sasuke had ended up sleeping with a disgusting female, he would surely be putting Kiba into the hospital... permanently.

He was still refusing to open his eyes, he was afraid of finding out the truth of where he was. If he opened his eyes to see pink... he would be prepared to chew off his own arm to get the hell out of there.

His eyes flashed open and the light that rushed in made his head pound even harder. Once he blinked his vision clear, Sasuke gazed about the room. It looked like your average room, plain white walls, an oak dresser and desk, a laptop seated on the desk. There were some movie posters on the walls that looked like there about films concerning ninja. All in all, it didn't appear to be a woman's bedroom due to how bare it was. However, a strange bed cap settled on the arm of the desk chair made him wonder. Not many men have bed caps that look like cute animals, or a stuffed frog sitting on top of their dresser.

Sasuke groaned, their was no way he could deal with this sensibly.

Steel drums and guitars rang in Sasuke`s ears as he and Kiba made their way through the club. This was a more appealing club than Sasuke had seen before. There weren't any flashing neon lights. Just dancing, a live band, a good looking bar, and a very comfortable lounge area.

Kiba dragged Sasuke through the crowds of young dancers and to the bar where they ordered their drinks. A white russian for Kiba and whiskey and milk for Sasuke.

It was a good atmosphere for once, Sasuke didn't mind being there. The two of them sat at the bar for a while, watching the dancers. In the time that it took Sasuke to finish his drink, Kiba had gotten two shots of vodka to go with his White Russian.

Sasuke already knew what kind of night this was going to turn into. Ending with him having to tuck a slurring, stumbling, drunken Kiba in.

Suddenly Kiba slapped Sasuke in the arm and pointed him in the direction of a couple women who were barely dressed. One wore a very short jeans skirt with black fishnets and tall, high heeled boots with a skimpy halter top. The other wore a nice black skirt that would look wonderful in a tango routine with a pair of strappy black heels and a white tube top. If Sasuke were straight, he would have gone for the second girl who was dressed far more impressively than the other.

Kiba say through Sasuke, however, and rolled his eyes at how uninterested his wing man was.

"Come on man! They're fucking hot!" Kiba exclaimed. "Stop being so angsty!"

Sasuke exhaled angrily. That had been Kiba's word for him since they met in university. Not to mention, Kiba also added loner and emo to the angst.

"Well at least come try to dance with them, it won't kill you!" Kiba insisted.

"No, you go talk to them. I'll sit here and get another drink."

"Fine! More for me then!" Kiba immediately rose from his stool and casually made his way over to the two women.

Sasuke watched them as Kiba successfully flirted with them. For someone who needed a thesaurus for every day speech, Kiba was pretty decent at hitting on women. Once they started dancing, Sasuke turned around and ordered another whiskey and milk.

"Mm... I never thought of mixing those two together." A woman purred in Sasuke's ear, nearly making his testicles shrivel up inside him. Oh how women could be so revolting when they were trying to be sexy.

Sasuke scooted away from her, frowning deeply. "Yeah."

"Oh, the strong, quiet type huh? I'll go for that." She moved up closer to him and Sasuke had to control the rising urge to gag.

"Hey man! Sorry to keep you waiting!" A stranger suddenly came up behind Sasuke, slapping him on the shoulder, acting as though he knew him. "Excuse me miss," He turned his attention on the horrendous woman, "but we have some things to discuss that don't involve you."

The woman scowled at the interruption, not pleased at losing out on what she thought was her catch and stomped away.

Sasuke sighed gratefully, "Thanks for that man, I owe you one."

The stranger laughed and sat down in the chair that the woman had occupied previously. "You looked like you needed to get out of that conversation ASAP, so I decided to take the initiative."

Sasuke gave him a short smile as he turned to take a look at his saviour. Blonde, blue eyes, tan, and very cute. "You assumed correctly."

"Oh I know, I can tell that from a mile away. I have a great sense about these things." The blonde was smirking wide and Sasuke could help but feel wary of those mischievous blue eyes of his.

"What type of things?" Sasuke asked cautiously.

"Oh, you know what things." The blonde's smirk widened, if that was possible and suddenly Sasuke felt his hand on his thigh.

He jumped in surprise but didn't make any attempt to get away. He did, however, have to force down a blush that wanted to express itself on his cheeks. Sasuke wasn't about to blush in public over a guy's hand on his leg... make that inner thigh now. Sasuke bit his lower lip and feigned a glare at the blonde.

"What do you think you're doing."

The blonde rose his eyebrow, never letting up on that playful smirk, "What do you think I'm doing. You're-" He leaned in close to Sasuke's ear and in a husk voice he spoke the one would that Sasuke had been trying to deny, "gay, aren't you?"

Sasuke shivered at the man's breath on his neck and turned away slightly. He was unsure of how to handle this situation. Nothing like this had happened to him in a public place with his best friend nearby.

Oh shit, Sasuke thought, instantly swinging around to look for his player of a friend. He couldn't see him anywhere in sight, Kiba was probably off in the middle of the dance floor with a bunch of girls by now, like he normally was.

"You looking for your boyfriend?" The stranger whispered in his ear again, causing Sasuke to nearly fall out of his seat at how unexpected it was.

"My... friend actually." Sasuke immediately began calming himself, he wasn't going to be a stuttering idiot in front of this fool. As sexy as he may be... it was obvious he wasn't the sly type.

"Oh, so you're still snug in that closet huh?"

The raven turned to see the mischief eased up a bit, but not too much to make him perfectly normal.

The blonde smirked when he didn't receive an answer from Sasuke, who was not about to admit something like that to a complete stranger in a bar.

"Oh I see how it is... strong silent type as she said, eh?" The smirk grew and the mischief returned in full force. "I like the whole emo loner thing."

"Oh god not another one who thinks that!" Sasuke couldn't help exclaiming about the annoying words his best friend tagged him as long ago. "Despite what I may look like or how I act, I am not emo or a loner."

The blonde's eyebrow rose softly, "Oh so you're just not entirely social and you just happen to have a hairstyle similar to that of an emo."

"Actually that's exactly what I am."

The blonde rolled his eyes, as though he made a point.

"Look, I'm not emo. I never went for any kind of fad and just because I don't entirely enjoy the company of most human beings doesn't make me a loner, it makes me anti-social."

"Finally I got some actual words out of you." He smirked, squeezing Sasuke's thigh with the hand that hadn't yet moved from the inside of his thigh.

A chill ran down Sasuke's spine and he had to shut his eyes for a moment to contain himself.

While Sasuke dropped back into a silence, the stranger waved the bartender over.

"Hey, can I have a rum & coke and another of whatever he's having."

They sat in silence until the drinks came. The stranger didn't even move his hand, it stayed exactly as it was, not moving or twitching, just resting there as though it had a right to naturally be there.

"Thanks for getting my drink." Sasuke muttered, drinking the entire glass in one swing

"Well as long as I'm not the one making you shoot it that fast, no problem."

Sasuke chuckled quietly, "It's not exactly your fault... it's just you're making me..."

"Nervous?" The stranger sounded very intrigued by this and that both excited and unnerved Sasuke even more. He didn't entirely know what to think of this man who was hitting on him openly in a bar that wasn't a private gay bar.

"No I feel completely comfortable with your hand glued to my thigh."

The blonde laughed sweetly, and as if on cue, the hand moved further up his thigh. Sasuke shuddered as it grazed his crotch but didn't cup him.

"If it were glued there, it couldn't move that well now could it?"

Sasuke eyed up the stranger and realized something. Oddly enough, they didn't know each other's names.

"Yeah your hand is... moving all right..." Sasuke fought against stammering.

"It could go farther." The blonde teased, but didn't move his hand.

"I'm sure it could..." Sasuke nearly choking on his voice.

"But I don't think I will," the stranger smirked and removed his hand swiftly from Sasuke's thigh. "Come find me if you want to dance."

He then proceeded to chug down the rest of his drink before getting up and walking away.

Sasuke looked after him and for the first time really took the time to check him out. The blonde had a nice thin yet toned body and he had the best damn ass he'd ever seen. It was so firm and... Sasuke thought he felt drool on the corner of his lips for a moment. He was most certainly a sexy blonde male that Sasuke would definitely go for... if he wasn't in a public bar, if he wasn't closeted, and if his best friend wasn't somewhere in this crowd.

Sasuke let out an exasperated sigh and turned back around to the bar once the blonde was out of his line of sight. He wished he had more courage to come out of the closet. Sure he really didn't care what people thought of him but this was a different matter... this meant that no matter who he was with, because he would end up with a man, people would always be watching him because anything that's different from the norm had to be stared at. And Sasuke hated attention like that.

He waved the bartender over after that.


"Nah... just give me some rum and whatever you have."

"Whatever you say man."

Sasuke shook his head. That was all he could remember... ordering rum and whatever... several times until... until he forgot that he was too afraid to be himself.

He licked his lips as he continued to gaze around the room. All he could contemplate in his mind was whether or not he should turn his head to the right and take a look at the person who was still snoozing peacefully on his arm.

Taking a deep breath, Sasuke tilted his head just a smidgen and was greeted with yellow. His eyes widened immediately. Blonde hair... it couldn't be... All he could think about was the anonymous blue eyed, blonde, tan man that had his hand so far up his thigh that he... Sasuke stopped his train of thought there because if this person was that guy, he probably did a whole lot more than touch his thigh.

Maybe if he shifted a little, he would wake the person up because he couldn't lean up any further to look at this stranger's face or see below the blanket whether they possessed breasts or not.

The shifted had a different effect. The blonde sighed sweetly and rolled over to snuggle against Sasuke's chest.

Sasuke swallowed the rising lump in his throat. He couldn't think of a time when he was more nervous than he found himself at that moment. Other than when the stranger at the bar had his hand next to his crotch. Laying next to him, snuggled tightly against his chest like he naturally fit under Sasuke's arm, was the blonde from the bar.

He shivered and took in a long breath as the blonde fingers ran over his bare stomach. That was when Sasuke realized, as stupid as it was for him to take so long, that he was naked underneath these blankets with the blonde who also appeared naked.

Sasuke had no clue what to do at this point. Should he wait for the blonde to wake up? What would he do if he woke him up? What should he say to him?

"Mmm." The blonde murmured against Sasuke's flesh, giving him a spine numbing chill. Strangely enough, the murmur seemed to calm him immediately after. This blonde appeared so comfortable and it felt completely natural for him to be there with him... sleeping sweetly. Sasuke wanted to wrap his arm around him and tease the man's arm with his fingertips. He wanted to lean down and kiss him gently. He wanted to look into those deep blue eyes that were staring intensely back into his and...

Sasuke's train of thought and fantasy died the instant he finally realized that the blonde in fact was staring back at him because he was in fact awake. Sasuke again swallowed that lump in his throat as he gazed down at the stranger laying against his naked body.

Then suddenly, the blonde smirked that very same smirk he remembered from the night before.

"Good morning hunnie." He purred, stretching and cuddling closer.

Sasuke was in all honesty flabbergasted. He found himself irritated and confused.

"That's all you're going to say?" Sasuke snapped at him. He couldn't believe he was in this situation.

"Oh, right... sorry about that." And the blonde looked genuinely ashamed. "I should say... damn you were fucking amazing last night." His eyes lit up with a playful, mocking quality and his smirk returned as bright as ever. "Better?"

Sasuke merely blinked, astonished at this man's behaviour.

"Now come on, you weren't that drunk to actually forget. Because I would be very upset if you forgot me." As the blonde said this, his hand that was hidden under the covers snaked its way up Sasuke's thigh, circling his crotch, just barely brushing his very exposed cock.

Sasuke took in a sharp breath, closing his eyes impulsively.

"Remember yet? Or do I have to convince you further?" The blonde's eyes had glazed over with lust when Sasuke looked back into them but he couldn't look for long because his eyes shut themselves as the blonde gently, yet firmly wrapped his hand around his manhood. Sasuke bit his lower lip and was surprised with himself that, yet again, he was doing nothing to get away from this man.

Slowly, as though he was torturing him, the stranger worked Sasuke's length until it was hard and Sasuke was gripping the sheets within his fists.

The blonde gave a breathy laugh and leaned up to leave a kiss on Sasuke's neck. Sasuke hissed because the blonde had kissed a very sensitive spot on his neck and was proceeding to nip and lick at that very spot that somehow seemed extra sensitive today.

"Oh, I figured this out last night. You have such a beautiful mark on your pale skin, that's why it feels better."

The blonde had read his mind and strangely enough, Sasuke wasn't upset that the blonde had given him a hickey. He didn't think he minded this man marking him. In fact, he felt an odd urge to mark the other.

Sasuke cracked open his eyes and took in the sight of the blonde's shoulder, because that was really all he could see since the shoulder was directly in his line of vision. And on that tanned shoulder was a small spot that was slightly darker than the rest. Instinctively, Sasuke's left hand brought itself up to his spot and breathed it gently.

"Yes, you made that." The blonde lifted his face to gaze into Sasuke's dark eyes.

Sasuke stared back into the lust filled cerulean eyes that also held a certain other emotion of longing that matched his very sweet smile. Without even thinking about it, Sasuke leaned over and kissed the stranger deeply on the lips. The blonde sighed into his lips as he pressed himself closer to Sasuke's body, kissing back just as deeply.

As their lips moved against each other, Sasuke found that they were subtly fighting for dominance. Something inside him growled when the man who'd found his way to lay halfway on top of his body was starting to gain said dominance. Before either of them realized what was happening, Sasuke wrapped his arms around the blonde's body and swiftly rolled them over, pinning the stranger directly underneath him, without even breaking the contact of their lips. As he pressed him down into the bed, however, the kiss was broken as both groaned passionately from the sudden contact of their groans pressing together.

The blonde wasn't as hard as Sasuke but he was getting pretty close. He was breathing huskily as he stared up into Sasuke's dark eyes with had tinted red with lust.

"There he is. The same man from last night." The blonde smirked lazily, thrusting his hips up into the other, who groaned loudly before growling deeply and biting down sharply on the blonde's neck.

The blonde moaned deeply, digging his nails into Sasuke's back. "Damn you're good," He purred sweetly, as he let out the most sexiest breath Sasuke had ever heard.

"You're not so bad yourself," Sasuke spoke in a husk voice as he licked the fresh wound he'd inflicted on to what he presumed to be his new lover.

"Yeah but do you remember how good I really was?" The blonde smirked and Sasuke had to pause for a moment. He really didn't remember entirely but now that he was starting to wake up...

"Dude maybe you shouldn't chug those that fast."

Sasuke turned on the bar, a little clumsily, to see his best friend with a girl clinging to his waist.

"Yeah... whatever." Sasuke stopped himself from slurring. He really had a lot to drink in this short period of time so he knew Kiba was right, but he refused to admit it. "I'm fine."

Kiba rose his eyebrow, "Like hell you are. I'm gonna take you home..." Kiba paused and gave a silly smirk, "Man, I never thought I'd hear myself saying that... about you at least."

"No... I'm good Kiba. I'm going to go dance it off, you have fun with this woman." He spat out the last part a little too hatefully but it couldn't be helped. Sasuke was drunk, he was gay, and he hated women. It was bound to happen eventually.

Kiba furrowed his eyebrows, it was obvious he was worried for his friend but he also didn't know what to think of this. It was actually the first time Sasuke had really been drunk in front of him. It was a new occurrence for both of them.

"Um... all right man. I'll be around so just come find me if you want to go home."

"Yeah, sure man." Sasuke muttered, as he waved his friend off and journeyed into the crowd of wild dancers.

As though instincts guided him, he bumped into the back of someone familiar. The person turned around from dancing with a cute redhead male to smirk happily.

"Well hello sexy!" The blonde stranger grinned, pulling the drunken raven against his body by slipping his hand around his waist.

"Hi..." Sasuke murmured, swaying against the blonde's body.

"Wow, how much did you drink?" The blonde laughed.

"I dunno..." If Sasuke had been sober he would have kicked himself for combining don't and know into that five letter word he just slurred from his mouth.

The blonde laughed again, swaying with the raven to the music, pressing their hips firmly together. Sasuke gripped his shoulders, pulling him closer, wanting contact.

"I think you need to sober up there sexy. Let's take you outside."

"Yeah sure," Sasuke whispered against the blonde's bare neck, suddenly fascinated by his bare skin and knowing he wanted more.

"We'll try to keep you pants on until then." The blonde turned and waved a goodbye to the redhead, who now looked incredibly jealous and disappointed, then assisted Sasuke to the doorway of the club.

Once they were out on the sidewalk and into the fresh air, Sasuke felt his head clear a little bit.

"How ya feeling?" The blonde asked him.

"Better... I guess..." Sasuke sighed, taking in the fresh air but he refused to release the blonde's body.

"You know, you're holding on pretty tightly." The stranger teased.

Sasuke finally laughed and gripped the blonde's body tighter. "Maybe I like it."

"Oh really?" The blonde purred, moving closer into the raven's hold.

"Yeah," The raven growled possessively.

The blonde grinned, tilting his head questioningly. "Wanna go somewhere?"

"Maybe," Sasuke teased, brushing his lips against the blonde's ear.

Before Sasuke could actually get his lips lower to the blonde's luscious neck, he pulled away and was soon leading the raven by the hand.

"Well then let's get out of here." He smirked playfully, dragging the willful down the sidewalk in the direction of the blonde's vehicle.


"Oh you are good," Sasuke laughed, kissing the blonde shortly on the lips. "Taking advantage of a poor drunkard."

The blonde grinned, licking his lips as he gazed at the raven who'd opened up much more than from when he first woke up. "But you were so eager to get into my pants that I couldn't deny you access."

"I'm glad you didn't." Sasuke grinned, thrusting up into the other's groan, causing the blonde to groan loudly.

"Fuck you have such a sexy voice," Sasuke growled, leaning down again to latch his lips on the juncture between his shoulder and neck. That rose yet another moan from the blonde's supple lips.

"Mmm... you deserve my sexiest voice with this skill." The blonde purred, pulling the raven even closer to him, causing their groans to rub each other.

Both men groaned and began thrusting their hips in time with each other until they grew so hard that they couldn't bare it. Sasuke kissed the blonde skin sweetly, working his way down his chest. The blonde's fingers weaved into Sasuke's messy black hair and urged him to move lower. The raven didn't even have time to play with his perky nipples because he soon found his lips dangerously close to the blonde nine inch cock.

Without thinking, Sasuke kissed the tip causing a sharp intake of breath from the blonde.

"Hey," Sasuke randomly spoke, his breath caressing the bare skin of the blonde's member.

The blonde didn't speak, he merely opened his eyes slightly and gazed down impatiently at the raven.

"What's your name?"

The blonde smiled wide, laughing in a "are-you-serious" kind of laugh. "Naruto."

Sasuke smirked softly, licking his lips. "I'm Sasuke."

Finally these men found out each other's name after having such an amazingly crazy night.

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