Little Things, Big Plans

The sounds from the bathroom offered Sasuke comfortable background music as he crawled onto his side of the bed and relaxed against the pillow, waiting for his boyfriend of nearly five years to join him. There was still light in the room but it was only coming from the dim lamp on Naruto's side of the bed so it wasn't an uncomfortable amount to keep Sasuke from dozing off. Although tonight, he didn't want to doze off like he normally did after a long day of work. He was planning to wait for his sexy little blonde to join him in their large queen bed. It had been nearly a week since they'd been able to really spend time with each other. Naruto had been away for business for five days to settle a deal with an international clothing store while the past two days had Sasuke working so late at the office that he'd end up passing out when he got home.

Today was different. Today was relaxing. Today they hadn't worked passed their exhaustion point. They were both together, in their apartment that they'd bought four years ago, Kiba wasn't over or calling frequently to interrupt their sex life, and everything was going to be perfect. He'd wait for Naruto to slip into bed, give him a quick kiss and turn over to fall asleep. Then Sasuke would cuddle against Naruto's back, nip that sweet spot on his neck just right and tease his fingers up Naruto's spine before Naruto eventually turned around to kiss him intensely on the mouth. And then the night would escalate from there and it would be perfect.

Sasuke grinned to himself as Naruto walked back in the room. His lean and tanned body exposed for all of Sasuke's viewing purposes, save for the orange boxers he was particularly in love with, and Sasuke had to restrain himself to keep from out-rightly licking his lips in anticipation.

Naruto smiled softly at Sasuke, having grown used to his boyfriend's stares before bed, and calmly walked to his side of the bed. After sitting down, he turned the lamp on expelling all light from the room and crawled under the blankets. He leaned over to place a quick kiss on Sasuke's lips and whispered a 'good night' against them before turning over to count his fluffy little sheep.

Sasuke's smirk grew as he shifted over to Naruto's side of the bed and pressed his body flush against Naruto's, holding him close. Naruto sighed sweetly and fell into the caress comfortably. As Sasuke stared through the darkness as Naruto's exposed and beautifully sensitive neck, he licked his lips and moved in close, pressing his soft lips against Naruto's neck.

"Do you think we should have a kid?"

Sasuke's teeth almost bit a chunk of Naruto's flesh out as he began to nibble. Everything about this situation had drastically changed and Sasuke wasn't sure he wanted to question the cause of it.

"You... get a... What?" Sasuke choked out, being unable to verbally or mentally handle the sentence previously uttered by his boyfriend.

Naruto rolled over, his cerulean eyes beaming at Sasuke through the adjusted darkness. "I was just thinking. It might be nice to have a baby."

Sasuke nearly choked on his tongue. "A... baby... like a human one?"

"Yes, Sasuke. What else would I be talking about?" Naruto didn't necessarily sound impressed with Sasuke's obvious denial of the situation.

"Well baby goats are called kids. Let's get one of those, they can't be too much trouble." Sasuke stumbled over his excuses but he was rather impressed with himself for remembering what baby goats were called.

"And where are you going to put this goat?" Naruto asked, pretending to play along.

"Well where do you expect to put a child? In the sink?"

"We could always find a bigger place."

"I like this place."

"We've been here for four years."

"And that's four years of me really liking this place. It's like a limb now, I'm attached to it. Or rather it's attached to me seeing as that's how limbs work."

Sasuke knew, even though he couldn't see it, that Naruto had raised his eyebrow at his rather strange analogy. However, before Naruto could intervene with more improved reasoning, Sasuke added yet another comment.

"At least here we can put a goat on the balcony outside."

Naruto's eyes narrowed at the generally amount of stupid in his boyfriend's comment. "A goat. On a balcony. Six stories up?"

"Mountain goats like high places."

"Oh now you're getting ridiculous." Naruto exclaimed, sitting up with frustration.

"No, I'm getting exotic. Babies are plain while mountain goats are all full of excitement!"

Naruto stared back at Sasuke looking incredibly unimpressed. The raven sighed as he rolled over onto his back, staring back up at the blonde with determination and all kinds of stubborn. He simply did not like the idea of a child. He wasn't going to say that to Naruto because he didn't want to turn this into a real fight.

"Look, Naruto." Sasuke sighed, trying to stop this from escalating to the point where he'd have to start keeping ice on the balcony for a mountain goat. "Babies just aren't the kind of thing you bring up before sex."

Naruto's eyebrow rose in a more curious and intrigued manner, with a hint of sarcasm.

Sasuke thought about it for a moment. "Well, okay... maybe that's actually exactly what you can bring up before having sex but not... really... it's not that... we're not heteros! We don't do things by the norm and we certainly can't just get pregnant and oh look how'd that happen? It's not like that with us."

"Yes, thank you for finally explaining to me how babies are made. I was just oh so curious all these years." Naruto stated flatly, sarcasm practically dripping out like venom from his lips.

"I ramble when I'm nervous, you should know this!"

Naruto's expression softened. "What's to be nervous about?"

"Oh I don't know. Maybe the fact that my boyfriend just said we should have a baby."

"What's wrong with that?" Naruto's eyebrows furrowed.

"It's not like getting a puppy, Naruto." Sasuke sat up to be on equal levels with his boyfriend who'd been turning to look at him properly. "You can't simply walk down the isles of an adoption center and say I'll take that one with the brown hair, oh wait do you have that in a different gender?"

"I'm aware of the adoption process." Naruto was all but glaring at Sasuke now for how patronizing Sasuke was beginning to sound.

But Sasuke couldn't help it. He was practically floundering in fear. Despite being tiny little bundles of irritation, babies were a huge decision.

"I just don't know if we're ready, okay?" Sasuke offered, hoping to end things here.

"You mean you're not ready."

Sasuke's expression fell flat and he used gestures to express his next sentence. "You know, I am part of we."

Naruto sighed in frustration and possibly fatigue. "Look, can we just talk about this in the morning? I don't want to fight tonight."

"Yeah, sure we can talk about it tomorrow." And as much as Sasuke had wanted to add that Naruto should have also waited until the morning to bring up the initial baby thing, he didn't because that would just end with... couch.

Lying back down, they both rolled over to face away from each other and fell into relatively unsettled sleeps.

Coffee... multiple cups of coffee. Not decaf and blacker than the very depths of the ocean. That would be the only thing to revive Sasuke from a night of staring at the ceiling caused by his boyfriend's fresh and inspiring idea.

Sasuke honestly had no idea what could have possible brought such a theory that children, more specifically an infant, would be beneficial to their life together. Children were the things stupid people had when they thought it could save their marriage. Pregnancies nowadays weren't planned, they were accidental. Not that either of them could be pregnant... which is exactly the case he was trying to make. Sure there's adoption and surrogate mothers but that would mean having to explain to the child that neither of them were his or her real parent... Although, if the kid was intelligent enough they'd figure that little tidbit out on their own.

Sasuke sighed as he let his head fall onto the table just inches away from his steaming coffee. Perhaps if he got some scalding burns and was admitted to the hospital than Naruto would forget this whole ordeal... at least for a little while.

Without warning, as usual, the door to the apartment swung open and Sasuke's supposed best friend barged into the kitchen/dining area.

"So I'm gonna be an uncle huh?" Kiba stated before he was even invited into the home or given a proper greeting.

"I swear to god if that boy talked to everyone about this." Sasuke mumbled into the counter top.

"Nah, just me." Kiba pulled a stool up to the island and leaned over, grasping Sasuke's black locks and pulling his head up. "Not so thrilled are we?"

Sasuke glared at his idiotic best friend, though he wasn't in the least astonished that Kiba would ask something when the answer was clearly obvious.

"Babies aren't something you can easily decide on like new nightstands or curtains."

"Hey! Curtains are difficult to pick out! You gotta match to the carpet, the walls, the furniture. It's this whole design thing and I'm going to stop talking before that coffee is dissolving my eyes."

"Good choice."

"How would discussing it with an open mind do? Maybe suggest doing it in a few years or-"

"I can't be a father Kiba!" Sasuke interrupted. Truthfully he didn't think he could be a father. He didn't have the best childhood and he certainly didn't want to impose his twisted family views onto his child or his lover who would become the other parent. It was weird and different and Sasuke simply wasn't ready to deal with the fact that he'd be trying to make a family work.

"I think you'd be a great dad. What with your scathing discipline and hard work ethic. You'd be like that dad who's always off at work making hard money for your children to survive while Naruto stays at home, watching the kids and designing a new fall line."

Kiba's grin had spread to the far corners of his face and Sasuke stopped for a moment to consider how many times he'd have to punch him square in the face to make that smirk go away.

"Okay, okay. Enough jokes before I'm a dead man." Kiba made the right decision, yet again, though his chances were becoming slimmer by the minute. "Why does Naruto want a kid in the first place, sure you guys have been together for a while and your relationship did start out quickly considering you hooked up at a bar and started dating the next day-"

"It wasn't the next day, Kiba." Sasuke intervened.

"Well, okay the day after that day. Because two hours really makes such a difference. But disregarding your slut status, it is a little strange that he suddenly wants a baby without you two ever discussing it."

"Despite the fact that my fist wants to collide with your face, it's rather interesting that you can go from naive idiot to informed intellect... well intellect is a bit of a stretch but you get my point."

Kiba merely rolled his eyes. He was used to this sort of treatment because he was, in general, rather oblivious and occasionally boarding the edge of stupidity.

"Though... back to the matter at hand." Sasuke spoke as he lifted his coffee to his lips, taking in a large gulp. "I have no idea. One minute I was nibbling his neck affectionately and the next he wants a wrinkly pile of newborn."

"Moving on from the oddity of that sentence and skipping my usual 'I don't need to know about your sex life' rant, I'll suggest that you sit down and have an actual conversation as to why Naruto feels he wants or needs a child."

"We had a talk last night... I don't know how well the next one will go." Sasuke confessed, wrapping his hands around the mug.

"Maybe this time we can transport the mountain goat back to the Alps and you can have serious discussion about it."

The raven's expression sunk in disbelief. "He told you about the stupid goat?"

Kiba shrugged. It was clear he was half serious about the ideas he was bringing to mind while the other half of the brunet was obviously getting off on mocking his friend's remarks about a goat being more manageable than a baby. "You're the one who brought up the goat... on a balcony... in the middle of the city. Hey, maybe he'll cave and give up on the baby idea if you through in a mountain lion."

"You're enjoying this way too much."

"It's not often you say something more idiotic than me." Kiba's smirk had returned with a vengeance and Sasuke had to grip his mug to keep him from throwing it at his best friend.

"I think this has been a very successful talk. Points for Kiba. I'll now be on my way before any physical harm comes to my person and you, Sasuke, will sit down with Naruto tonight and have a civilized and mature discussion."

"You actually know the word mature? I'm surprised."

Kiba laughed at Sasuke's sullen sarcasm as he stood up from his stool, making his way to the doorway.

"You really only came here to lecture me, huh?" Sasuke's eyebrow rose of its own accord. Normally his friend wouldn't leave even if you became incredibly violent towards his person and now here he was, willing leaving before an hour had struck.

"Work is calling. Otherwise I'd stick around longer to torment you, seeing as how today is your day off."

"I hate that you know my schedule." Sasuke grumbled.

"Maybe if your secretary weren't such a slut." Kiba grinned widely.

"Maybe if you didn't flirt with anything in a skirt." Sasuke shot back, considering the idea of projectile coffee for the third time since Kiba's visit.

"Later man, have a good talk."

"Yeah, yeah." Sasuke nodded a goodbye to his friend as the door closed behind the brunet.

Now would begin the long, gruelling day of waiting for Naruto to return home from work and anticipating their so-called mature discussion. Sasuke wasn't so sure he wanted to be mature about the subject, the more immature he proved, the less of a candidate he would be for fatherhood.

"I'm home," Naruto called as he shuffled in the doorway. Pile of sketch books in hand. Clearly he'd gotten on a role with the new designs because papers were sticking out from them and they seemed rather vast under Naruto's arm. He probably should start carrying a briefcase, like Sasuke had always told him, but that simply wasn't artistic enough for the blonde's tastes.

"Welcome home," Sasuke greeted from the kitchen table.

"Tell me you haven't been sitting in that exact place when I left you this morning." Naruto sighed as he placed his books down and took off his shoes.

"Well I sat here, drank about three cups of coffee. Kiba dropped in, I sat here. Then I wandered about the apartment for a bit, ate something while sitting on the couch and then returned to this placement to eat a sandwich." Sasuke held up the tuna sandwich as exhibit A. "So technically I didn't spend all of it here."

"Ah... well that's much better than a simple 'no' I suppose." Naruto chuckled, putting his jacket in the closet.

"I'm overly descriptive when I'm nervous, you should know this." Sasuke mumbled as he took a rather large chunk out of his sandwich, squishing the excess tuna out of the opposite side.

"True, but why would you be nervous unless Kiba's purpose was to lecture you this morning after I told him the goat story."

Sasuke groaned through the sandwich he was currently chewing in his mouth. Once swallowing it, he allowed himself to voice his grievance through actual words. "Must this always be referred to as the time Sasuke rambled on about goats?"

"Well I was just going to call it the goat story but that title is far superior." Naruto grinned, making his way to the table, sitting in the same location Kiba had earlier in the day.

"You and Kiba are out to get me I swear." The raven sighed, placing his sandwich on its respectful plate. "But the idiot does make a good point and I think we should actually sit down and talk about this like mature adults."

"Free of all possible goats? Even the billy kind?" Naruto teased, causing Sasuke's brows to furrow in annoyance.

"Yes, precisely that." Sasuke grumbled but did not out-rightly complain because he was adamant in having a serious talk about the issues and desires currently at hand. "So... why do you want to have a child."

"I have the right to want a child." Naruto's eyes narrowed in offence.

"Of course you do. But you didn't want a child last month, not that I was aware of and haven't wanted one before that. So I can only assume something happened while you were away that caused this revelation."

Sasuke was rather proud at himself for being able to get down to serious business instead of avoiding the topic as he usually did. He was particularly proud when we saw the expression on Naruto's face. Clearly he had struck a nerve and was right in his assumptions. Not that he was all too surprised. Sasuke was adept at reading his boyfriend after five years of being together and four living with each other, it was only natural that he'd be able to assume the origins of new and wild ideas of parenthood.

"It's not like I've never thought about children..." Naruto averted his eyes as he spoke, trying to delay his confession for as long as he was able to.

"Understandably. You love children, it's only natural for you to think about having them. But that never prompted you to suddenly spring the idea of having a child on me right before bed."

The blonde sighed, raising his head in mild frustration. "Yeah I know... maybe it was that woman... at the meeting..."

"Woman?" Sasuke pressed gently. He'd learned that it was always a good idea to keep Naruto on track or else he'd ramble on about random details that weren't necessarily key to the story being told.

"She was the head of the store I had to negotiate with. We were talking and she asked about my wife and if she was thrilled to have a husband in fashion design. Of course I immediately laughed because I pictured you in a wedding dress and it was the best image ever..." Naruto paused to laugh and reminisce about the image in his mind but Sasuke's stone glare urged him forward in the story. "So I told her that my boyfriend couldn't care less about fashion but he supports me nonetheless. And her response to that... she didn't even really comment on the fact that I was gay or anything like that but she said that it was too bad that I didn't have a wife because she was considering giving me free samples of their new line for infants, but since I wouldn't be needing them, she'd give them to one of the other visiting designer."

Sasuke honestly didn't know how to respond for quite a while. For one he was stunned that someone could be that tactless and discriminate in such a casual way and secondly, he found himself struggling with anger that was boiling up at the idea of someone insulting his boyfriend in such a way to deny him the right of being a normal parent.

"Hey..." Naruto whispered softly, attempting to get Sasuke's attention, for the raven had been staring down at the half eaten tuna sandwich for quite sometime now.

"Sorry... I can't believe she would say something like that to you. Without any care in the world, just blatantly ignorant and rude."

"Yeah... so... I guess I felt..."

"That you had to prove her wrong?" Sasuke prompted softly, staring into Naruto's cerulean eyes.

"Not my best ideas I guess..." Naruto sighed, staring back apologetically into his boyfriend's darker eyes.

"Not entirely your worst though."

Naruto's eyes narrowed in confusion. "What?"

Sasuke sighed, his whole day of thinking had proved... eventful at best. "I'm not saying now is the best time to pursue this idea but... maybe... a long time in the future, I'd consider starting a family with you."

The raven almost laughed at how wide and bright Naruto's eyes suddenly became. It was like some twisted version of an anime character that had ingested far too much sugar.

"So... you actually wouldn't mind being a father? And us having a child of our own?"

"Only when we're actually ready and thoroughly prepared to have and raise a child though." Sasuke insisted.

"Yeah... that sounds pretty good." Naruto grinned happily.

"But!" Sasuke interrupted before Naruto could proceed with more notions of happiness. "I insist that in our new place - that we're not getting right away - that we get a proficient balcony on which I can keep my mountain goat."

Naruto's inward groan progressed into an outward laugh as Sasuke smirked before continuing to devour his tuna sandwich. Goats aside, things were hopefully going to be smoother in their relationship as it progressed towards the future.


Thanks for reading, this will probably be the last installment in this story.