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chapter 3:

Averting her eyes to the elder, Kagome handed her calculus teacher the slip.

'' Students this is our new transfer student Kagome Higurashi Gonzales. '' introduced Ms. Hitoshi. A murmur swept through the classroom, but where quickly hushed by the teachers threat of more homework.

"Umm.. were do I sit Ma'm? '' Kagome softly asked.

"Take a seat over there, next to Inuyasha Takahashi." she replied indicating for the said young man to raise his hand.

" He'll help you catch up. Isn't that right Mr. Takahashi.'' She said, giving him one of her well-known glares. Her reply was a quick 'Keh' and a scowl.

As Kagome walked down the isles to her partner, her eyes swept over his form. She had to admit he looked good and bad-boyish, though very familiar to one of the five dudes outside in the parking lot earlier. He had long gray-silver hair, dark golden brown eyes, and two white doggy ears on his head. She almost squealed when she saw them twitch. His tanned skin looked clear as day and his rugged facial expressions gave him a dark appeal. The red bandana tucked in his black button up shirt made him look even more the bad ass.

''Hi I'm Kagome." greeted Kagome as she took a seat next to her partner.'Better me meeting new people' she thought .

"Inuyasha. '' he replied with a charming smile most girls would have swooned over for. She gave one of her own, showing him her adorable dimples. She watched prettily as his cheeks took a pink tint and he looked away with a 'keh'.

'' You do that a lot.'' She commented. He looked at her confused for a sec.

" 'Keh'. You say that a lot.'' She clarified.

" How would you know. You've barely been here for less than five minutes. " he replied hotly.

" I know. But don't worry. It makes you look even cuter.''

" You know what would be even more cuter." He said, iching closer to her.

"Oh, yeah. What?." She asked.

" Well,'' he started off. " Me. You-"

" Takahashi! Pay attention!" Ms. Hitoshi interrupted.

" Cockblock." He muttered. Kagome heard and chuckled to herself. He looked at her and smiled, mouthing ' We'll finish this later.'

She rolled her eyes playfully and went back to taking notes. ' I'm such a flirt.'

"Let me see your schedule.'' he asked. Showing her schedule to Inuyasha, she went back to solving the problem her teacher put on the board. A couple of minutes later Inuyasha said,

'' We have almost every class together except for 2nd period and 4th period. I'll wait outside of your class for you and show you around.'' Nodding at him, Kagome went back to taking notes on how to solve the problem. Piece of cake. Hmm chocolate to be exact.

Back with Ama...

'Where the hell is that classroom at? Oh, here it is. Ama thought with a cheerful smile. She opened the door and watched as everybody stared at her.

"Morning." she greeted as she handed her slip to her teacher. A man in his late 30's who looked Caucasian.

"Class, welcome Amaris. Our new transfer. " he introduced.

" I'm Glad to have a new student join the pack."

" Glad to be joining the pack." She smiled. She had a feeling this teacher was going to be what the Americans say, ' cool'.

"Where may I sit?" she asked politely.

"Next to...Miyu Shiki. Ms. Shiki if you could please show her around after class. I'll give you a pass." he said.

Nodding, Amaris went and sat on her assigned seat. Looking at her tour guide, she noticed had long dark brown/maroon hair that reached up to her waist, ice blue eyes, and a pale completion. She was very pretty. Could compare to a model.

'' Hey, so what is the class lesson about?'' Amaris asked

Miyu explained everything with a bright smile. She smiled so much and Amaris could tell they were real and sincere. She couldn't help herself, she smiled back just as bright. She had a feeling she was making a good friend.

'' This is what you have to do...'' all through class Miyu explained to Amaris the lesson they were doing and they managed to finish before anyone else.

Back with Joclyne…

If I don't find room 2-106 I'm going to Commit murder. thought Joclyne with a scowl on her pretty face.

"Oh wow, here it is." she opened the doors to her new homeroom which was History. As she entered, all eyes were on her.

"Hey,I'm the new exchange student." Joclyne said as she handed her slip to her teacher.

"Ah, yes. Class this is Joclyne Diaz Higurashi. She just came here from Spain." The teacher introduced. The class erupted in "hello's" and "Hi's". She smiled warmly to the students. Already liking the class.

"Where do I sit Ma'm?" she asked. The teacher's eyes swept across the room, landing on an empty spot near her most quiet student.

" Please take a seat next to Itachi Uchiha. I'm sure he'll be a darling and show you around and help you catch up.'' Nodding at her teacher, she went and sat next to the said guy.

"Hi, I'm Joclyne. What are you guys doing?" Joclyne asked as she took a look at her partner. Black hair that was in a loose ponytail, which matched perfectly with his pure black emotionless eyes. His skin was pale, but didn't make him look sick. He was very good-looking, and that calm demeanor made him more attractive.

"Chapter 4.'' was his quick reply.

''Not quite the talker I see.''

'' Hn.''

" What is up with that word? My sister says that, now you. Who's next? God? Maybe I should join in. I'm feeling so left out." She muttered. Itachi heard, and a small smile graced his lips. Unfortunately, it went unnoticed by the whole class.

'' Oh well. So can you share your textbook with me until I get my own? '' she asked. He looked at her and saw that she was giving him the puppy pout. Her eyes were shinning bright.

'' Hn.'' sliding the textbook her way so half was on her side.

'' Thanks.''

No words were spoken just when Joclyne got confused and Itachi had to clarify. Girls in the classroom were shocked that Itachi was talking to someone a lot, especially the girls. They glared at her, but decided he was just helping her out since she was new and began to continue their work. Joclyne was aware of the burning glares directed at her. She was about to say something but she noticed they weren't glaring anymore and just shrugged.

These skanky bitches better not be giving my sister and Kagome a hard time. thought Joclyne.

Bring Bring Bring

'' Come on Kagome first period is over.'' said an impatient Inuyasha.

'' Well sooorryyyyyyy if some people actually care in knowing the homework Yasha.'' replied a playfully annoyed Kagome. They have became real good friends during first period, with the occasional flirty comments here and there.

Kagome learned a lot about Inuyasha. For one thing he was a half demon, two he turned 18 on February, and three, he completely hated being told what to do with a passion. And that was a fact. Gathering her stuff, she walked down the hallway beside Inuyasha, who was showing her next period which happened to be with one of his best friends. A lot of glares and flirty looks were directed her way but she simply ignored them. She was new. Not stupid.

'' Oh there she is. Sango!'' Inuyasha called out. A girl with long straight chestnut hair that reached mid back turned around. She smiled when she recognized the familiar face and jogged towards them.

'' Hey Inu. Hi stranger. I'm Sango Taijia. You must be one of the new girls I've been hearing so much about.'' Sango said smiling.

'' Yeah. I'm Kagome. Nice to meet you.''

''Same here. I see you've met InuYasha here. He probably tried to put the move on you huh? '' Sango asked with a knowing smirk.

''Yeah. Boy's a flirt I can tell you that.'' Laughed Kagome. Sango laughed knowing it was true.

" So what class you got next?" Sango asked as she recovered from her laughter.

" Um… Science I guess. You?''

" Same. Come on I'll walk you there. We could sit together. Don't want Miroku try to cope a feel on my ass.'' Kagome laughed at Sango's comment and agreed. They soon began to talk about more topics.

'' Wow I feel so left out here.'' interrupted Inuyasha. Remembering him they apologized and giggled. They quickly departed and went to their respective classes before the bell rang.

Back with Joclyne

"Hey Itachi are you done now?" asked an impatient Joclyne.

"Hn." was his reply.

"Why your so quiet? Not that I have a problem with that, but I want to know, and who knows? Maybe we can be friends." She asked.

"Really?" he said his voice not betraying anything.

"Course dude. So you like football?" she asked merrily.

"Who doesn't like hurting people.'' he replied with a smirk.

Joclyne giggled, "You know? Your funny. We became friends like that. See its easy making friends."

"Your right.I just don't try. So don't get used to it." he said. But she sensed the playful tone in his voice and smiled at him.

"So- Ama!" Joclyne yelled across the hall, making heads turn to the source of noise.

"Ama?" he asked.

"She's my twin and your going to meet her." Her voice left o room for argument.

Back with Ama…..

"Miyu, let's go I want you to meet my twin and if we could run into the seniors, my cousin." Ama ushered.

'' I'm coming. I'm coming. Jesus women what's with the rush." she replied back. While in homeroom, they realized how much they had in common. Thus they became friends.

"I'm not rushing. Your just being slow.'' Was Ama's witty reply, who earned a rassberry from Miyu.

" There. Done. Happy?"

" Oh delighted." They laughed at their own wit and headed to their lockers.

They had arrived to their lockers while talking. They were only 3 lockers away from each other. Amaris was waiting for Miyu to finish putting her stuff in her locker.

'' Hey Miyu. Do you have any siblings? '' asked Amaris wanting to know more about her new friend.

'' Yeah. I have an older brother who's a senior here. You'll meet him later. Well if he's in school today.'' replied Miyu.

'' He skips?'' asked Amaris.

'' Umm... you could say that. But he comes to school like during third period or lunch when he's busy... with things.'' '

" Hn.'' Was her short reply . O-Kay.

'' Ama!'' they heard someone yell. Turning their heads they were met with a girl who looked a lot like Ama, but with pure green eyes, a slightly darker tan skin tone, and missing the birthmark above her eyebrow and on her upper lip like Amaris had,and dark hair.

'' Hey ?'' asked Amaris staring Itachi down. Well up. She was just 5'4 while he stood probably at 5'11.

'' Ama this is Itachi. Itachi this is my younger twin Amaris . Better known as, Ama or Melly.'' Joclyne introduced.

'' Hello.'' was Itachi's greeting.

'' A pleasure to meet you Itachi. '' Amaris formally greeted with a small smile. He looked at her appreciatively. The twins where very good looking and so was Miyu. He was male after all. Could you blame him?

Looking at her sister, she placed one hand on Miyu's shoulder and ushered her forward.

'' Joclyne this is Miyu. Miyu that's my older sister Joclyne but we call her Joey or Lyn .''

'' Hi.'' greeted Joclyne smiling which was replied back with a soft smile and a soft "Hello'' from Miyu.

Bring Bring Bring

'' Come on lets go people or were going to be late for class.'' Said Joclyne pushing Amaris, Miyu and Itachi one direction.

'' Umm … Ama and I are going to Art.'' said Miyu pointing to the opposite direction that they were going.

" And Chemistry is that way." Itachi said pointing to another hallway.

'' You could have told me earlier. Itachi you're the worst tour guide ever.''

'' Hn.'' was his reply .

Amaris looked at Joclyne as if saying ' Isn't that what I say,' and busted out laughing. The other two looked at her as if she had gone nuts. She shrugged her shoulders and said,

" I thought I was the only one who said that."

Bring Bring Bring

Running out the class, Kagome jumped up and shouted,

'' Finally I'm free of that Hell Hole!.'' Earning many odd looks from students passing by.

'' Damn and it was just your first class of Advance Placement History.'' said Sango

'' It's so booooooooring there how the hell did you survive this long?" Kagome asked bewildered. She loved history with a passion but that teacher practically had her in tears. Her feet were numb. Somewhere during class, they fell asleep. Now she felt that prickly sensation that irritated her so much.

'' That's what I ask myself everyday.'' Laughing they headed towards their lockers, put their stuff away and headed towards lunch.

'' I just remembered!'' Kagome exclaimed

''What?'' asked a worried Sango.

"The twins are going to be here!''

'' Oh the other new girls. You guys are related?'' Sango asked.

'' Yeps. They are my younger cousins from my father's side of the family. Joclyne and me are always down each others throats. We're rarely on the same page. But I still love her. She's the oldest and has the green eyes. Melisandra Amaris better known as Amaris is the younger twin by 35 minutes and has the hazel green eyes. You'll meet them soon.'' Kagome said excitedly.

Running Lunch, well mostly Kagome dragging Sango while she gave the directions, they got there just as the bell rang. The lunch room looked amazing. The tables where rectangular and dark maroon red. It looked like a popular teenager resturant that could be known as the ' Hangout Spot'. There where many students. Mostly 11th and 12th graders. The aroma of food snapped Kagome out of her daze.

" Food! Finally!" she all but shouted. Sango gave her a look.

" What? As you people here in America say, I'm the fat ass"

Sango laughed,

" No you mean I'm such a fat ass."

Kagome gasped,

" You're a fat ass too!" they looked at each other before busting out laughing. Kagome quickly composed herself and in a serious face she said,

" But I'm serious. I want some food."

After going in line and getting her food, Kagome and Sango sat in a table with Inuyasha, Miroku, and Kouga. Miroku and Kouga were introduced to Kagome's fist. Miroku for grabing her ass and Kouga for claiming her as 'his property'. Mind you they learned their lesson…somewhat. No, not at all.

They were all eating and talking, when Kagome spotted her two cousins and waved at them catching their attention. They were seated in the back two rows away from the other students. Typical.She thought with a wry smile.

When they had convinced them to come over and sit with them, they were introduced to Itachi and Miyu. Well Sango already knew Itachi. His little brother, Sasuke was in the same elementary school with her little brother, Kohaku. They came and where introduced to the rest of the gang.

" My, does this family produce such beautiful females." Miroku said with a wistful expression.

He got in between the twins.

" Would you two, most beautiful angels from above, give me the honor of bearing my children?"

" Well when you put it that way.'' Amaris started ever so sweetly, giving Miroku false hope.

" No." Finished Joclyne as she eyed Miroku with a glare. They all laughed it out and began to talk and get to know each other even more. Then shit hit the fan when Kikyou appeared.

Heels clicking. Guys whistling. A smirk on her thin lips. Throwing her long dark hair back and puckering her lips. A scowl quickly formed on her pale pretty face as she spotted them. The new girls. The girls who were the talk of the school. At every corner she turned they were talking about them. Praising them, and apparently it was starting to grate her nerves. It was time to show these new girls who really owned the school, or her name wouldn't be Kikyou Aomori.

Walking up to the table where the girls were eating with her man, she almost blue a casket when they didn't even pay attention to her. They were either oblivious to the world or were just down right ignoring her.

' Unexceptable'. She thought. She stopped right infront of the table and slammed her purse on the table, smirking when she got their attention.

" seems you're a bit too close to my boyfriend for my taste. I suggest you move willingly or I'll be glad to do it for you.'' The whole cafeteria went silent as they awaited with anticipation the drama that was going to unfold. No one ever messed with Kikyou Aomori. No one.

" Kagome its true what you said. There's always a blonde bimbo but this ones just brunette!'' exclaimed Amaris with glee. Laughter was heard, but was quickly hushed when Kikyou turned to glare at them in warning. She looked at the twin who dared say that and spoke in a low warning tone,

" I would watch it if I were you newbie. Wouldn't want something terrible to happen on your very first day." Amaris quickly stood up at the threat and matched Kikyou with a glare that made her shiver.

" I wouldn't go around threatening people if I were you. You just don't know who will turn around and rearrange that pretty little face of yours.''

" Listen here bitch-" Kikyou was interrupted as Joclyne stood up at her sisters defense.

"Hmm sweetie I would so hold your tongue right there. Wouldn't want something to slip out by accident now would we." Joclyne threathened.

" You think you scare me." Kikyou started with a humorless laugh. "Psh as if bitch. So I suggest you sit your ass down and obey like a good little bitch I know you are." Kikyou finished with a glare.

" Obeying! Ha! That's something you probably know more than the rest of us." Joclyne retorted back.

" Yeah, care to give us a few pointers. We should all learn from the Lady Tramp how to obey, lie flat on her back and spread her legs." Amaris added. The twins looked at each as if thinking the same thing and yelled,

" Like mami always used to say, Open Wide!"

Laughter erupted in the cafeteria along with Ooooo's, and all Kikyou could do was stare at them with her mouth open. As soon as she was about to say something, she was cut off.

" It's amazing how you keep running your mouth, oblivious to the fact your not welcomed here, and thinking you're the shit. Let's face it, we all know you're a piece of shit not the other way around. " Kagome interrupted.

Who the hell did this chick think she was. She knew this girl was bad news when she marched up to the table. They ignored her in hopes she would have taken the hint, but obviously she was too dense to see that. When she called her out like that, she was about to say something before Ama said something. Then Joclyne stood up. Really she was grateful to have them and for defending her honor, but she could handle any bitch that came in her way.

" This is coming from the girl who's rubbing up on people's boyfriends." Her attention now on her main target. The girl was probably younger than her with blue-brown eyes and a perfect complection. Her dark hair framed her face in curls and her lips were plump and red ad if though she was just kissed. That made her even angrier. Her Inuyasha was kissing this this this foreign slut! It angered her even more.

" Are you that pathetic. Please humor me on who the hell is your boyfriend because apparently, no male here is standing up to claim that title. If this 'boyfriend' of yours was truly your boyfriend then he would have already been standing up for you and not letting my sisters cuss you out. You came here trying to put me on blast. Trying to put me on spot. Trying to make a fool out of me and my sisters,but look how it all blew up in your face .Made you look like the dumb drama queen you truly are. This is highschool, not kindergarden. I'm sure you already graduated from there at that age. So grow up and try not to bust a nipple bitch, cause next time you dare insult my family I wont hold back in completing Ama's threat and demolishing your face. Got that clear." Kagome finished. Everyone looked shocked and amazed. Not only had she stood up to Kikyou, but she managed to cuss her out and sound professional too.

" Inuyasha." Was all Kikyou said.

" What about him?"

" He's my boyfriend." All eyes turned to Inuyasha who gulped. He stood up and slowly went up to them. He stopped right infront of Kikyou and took a deep breath.

" Kikyou we've been through this before we're over. I told you last night it was over. It was your last chance."

Kikyou feeling humiliated raised her hand to slap him but was caught by Kagome's firm grip on her hand.

" Bad idea."

" Don't tell me what to do you damn tramp. Because of you my boyfriend doesn't want me back."

" Ex." Amaris said in the background who earned a low high five from Miroku and a nudge from her sister.

" No because of you. Don't blame another women for taking your man. Blame yourself for not being as satisfying and him for not caring any longer." Kagome retorted. Not wanting to be humiliated any further, Kikyou turned on her heels and left.

As soon as she was out of the room, most of the cafeteria erupted in cheers. The girls sat down and smiled at each other.

" Wow." Sango said.

" I think I'm in love." Said Koga, who had Miroku agree with a wistful epression. Itachi respected these girls even more. Along with being pretty and modest, they had a backbone. They spent the rest of lunch laughing and talking. Before they knew it, the bell had wrung and they departed.

Miyu and Joclyne headed to Dance class. Amaris went to World History with Miroku and Inuyasha. While Kagome,Sango, Itachi, and Koga headed to Study hall to work on some homework.

"Hey Sango, I'm going to go head to the bathroom. Can you tell the teacher I'll be there in a couple of minutes?" Kagome asked.

" Yeah sure." With that, she headed towards the bathroom.

She stood infront of the mirror and washed her face. ' I'm so tired.' Taking a minute to gather herself up, she dried up and headed out the door.

Bumping into someone, she looked up. She was met with golden eyes. Her first thought was Inuyasha? But she remembered Inuyasha didn't have pure golden eyes. His were amber brown that showed emotion. These eyes however, held no emotion at all.

'' Sorry? '' It came out more of a question than an apology.

'' Hn.'' stepping back a bit she took in the person she had bumped into.

She inwardly melted into a puddle of goo. This guy was .. was.. was. She couldn't even say what he looked like to her. Long silky looking pure white-silver, pure expressionless golden eyes, jagged demon marking across each of his cheek, and his forehead was adorned by a dark indigo crescent moon. She reached out to touched them thinking it was all a dream, when her wrist was suddenly grabbed and she was pulled inside a janitors closet.

'What the ... '' Fuck." she swore out loud. The Adonis just raised his eyebrow.

'' If that is what you desire. I find it most uncomfortable having sex in a janitors closet.'' The Adonis said. Wow his voice is so deep and vel- Hey! thought Kagome.

'' Hey! That's not what I ment. I'm not that type of girl asshole.'' Kagome hissed poking at his chest. 'Shit I think my finger just broke with that poke.'

Ah Virgin eh. The most enjoyable it will be. The Adonis thought smirking.

'' Girl what's your name?'' he asked

'' I don't take orders. Last time I checked this isn't Burger King. You can't have it your way.'' she stated. She read that line in one of her searches in the internet about American sayings. Sesshoumaru looked at her amused.

" Just answer."

" Only if you ask nicely." She replied, crossing her hands over her chest, with a slight pout on her lips. It all made her look even more appealing to him. He leaned close to her, and smirked when he felt her shiver.

" This Sesshoumaru doesn't do nice."

" Tsk, I think I figured that out. Don't you think."

" I have other ways in getting what I want." He stated matter-factly.

" Hmm. I'm sure you do and goodluck with that." She glared, opened the door and rushed out. She didn't need rumors spreading on the first day that she was easy.

'' Oi bastard!What are you doing in the janitor's closet? I thought cleaning toilets was beneath the ' Oh so great Sesshoumaru'. " Inuyasha replied sarcastically, with a smirk dancing on his lips.

Sesshoumaru looked at his half-brother with distaste.

" Don't try to think so hard half-breed. There's no use in hurting yourself." With that he walked away heading to study hall, leaving an angry Inuyasha in his wake. As he turned to leave, he caught Kagome's sweet addicting scent and his brothers in the janitors.

' No. Your not getting her too Sesshoumaru. She's mine.'

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