I cursed this horrid weather under my breath as I sped down the road doing 80mph. It had begun raining over an hour ago and it that wasn't helping my situation at all. I've been driving for a good six hours and by now I was well past Bathory. Vladimir was still sleeping peacefully in the back seat where I left him. In a few hours the sun will rise and Mellina will wake up in her bed, thinking it was all a dream, then realize Vladimir was gone and she was all alone.

I knew she wouldn't call the police because I left her a note saying that if she did I would never allow her to see Vladimir again. Harsh and cruel, I know but I couldn't risk losing him again.

However this was not my biggest concern, I was more worried about Vladimir's reaction. When he wakes he will surely have lots of questions, and there is no doubt that he will be frightened. I frowned, I didn't want my son to be scared of me but there was no way around it. We were heading for our new home in Washington, a gorgeous mansion that I bought and had refurnished in less than a month. (picture on profile) How is that possible? With a lot of money and a skill for mind control that's how.

I yawned, knowing I would have to stop at a hotel soon. We should reach the mansion around three o clock tomorrow if we stop in and rest for a few hours tonight. I had my mind completely focused on the road when I jumped slightly from hearing a groan from the back seat. Vladimir was waking up.

He tried to get up, but that only resulted in him bumping his head on the roof of my car.

"Uff!" He yelped, rubbing his head.

I couldn't help but chuckle as I looked back at him threw my rearview mirror. He sat up straight and looked at his surroundings, his facial expression showed that he was confused.

"We'll be pulling into a motel for the night in a few moments." His eyes darted up to me just as I finished speaking, and his eyes became frightened.

"Who are you? Where am I?" He asked. I did my best to keep my voice calm and gentle.

"We are going out of state Vladimir, just you and I. As for who I am, well you'll find out later."

"Where's my mom?" His voice cracked. I felt a stabbing pain in my heart, I could almost feel the waves of fear rolling off him. I tried to think of the right way to respond without frightening him even more.

"She's safe at home. Don't worry, I didn't hurt her. I just wanted you." Ok, that was honest enough.

He swallowed hard before asking his next question. "Are you going to...hurt me?"

WHAT? How did he get that conclusion? I thought back to my last statement and realized how that must have sounded to him. Nice going Tomas, you try to be gentle and you end up terrifying the poor boy.

"No Vladimir, you won't be harmed in anyway. I shall reveal to you who I am and why you are here when we reach our destination tomorrow. " I said as I pulled the car into the parking lot, thankful that the rain had stopped. I unbuckled my seatbelt and turned around to face him. He looked absolutely horrified and more then a little confused. I gave him a gentle smile.

"Do not be frightened Vladimir, nothing bad is going to happen to you. Soon you will understand everything, but for now do try to relax. Alright?" I opened my car door and stepped out before opening the back door for Vlad. He climbed out slowly and looked around him, taking in his surroundings I assume.

I popped open the trunk to grab the bag I had packed for Vladimir. After I had knocked him out and had him in my car I had gone up to his room and gathered a few things he might need, clothes, toothbrush, underwear, etc. I know he might not like the idea of a stranger going through his belonging but it wasn't like I was snooping or anything. Just getting things he might need. God I sound like his father already.

I turned back around, offering my son a smile but he wasn't there.

My heart stopped and I turned my body around frantically searching for him. My eyes landed upon a single figure, running into the distance. I breathed a sigh of relief, knowing he was at least safe. Then I smirked in bemusement as I took after him with my vampire speed. He clearly did not know of his true vampire capabilities, much less how to use them. I'll have to fix that later.

Suddenly, I was right in front of him with my arms stretched wide out. He didn't even see me there before he ran into my embrace. I wrapped my arms around him tightly and pulled him closer, holding him to my chest.

He struggled, trying to get away from me, but it was useless against my strength. I felt his fists pound my shoulder blades and I let him do it, hoping it would help him release some stress. It was no struggle for me at all but it still saddened me, my grip on him tightened subconsciously. When he finally wore himself down he slumped against me and let me hold him. I loosened my grip and looked down at him, then proceeded to wipe away a single tear of frustration from his cheek.

"Everything will be fine Vladimir, I promise you. I would never harm you. Come now, lets go back to the hotel." I patted his back and turned him around, my hands stayed on his shoulders while I walked him forward.

I lead the way to our room, keeping my eyes on Vladimir so he wouldn't run off again. I doubt he would try it again, knowing he can't outrun me but I'm not taking any chances. Not with him, he is too clever. At least that's how I saw him.

Here we are, room 34B, I opened the door and motioned for him to enter. He gave me a cautious look before slowly making his way inside, his eyes never left mine as an obvious fear of turning his back to me. I frowned and walked in after him, closing the door and locking it as I did so. Out of the corner of my eye I saw young Vladimir flinch as the lock clicked, I sighed and turned to face him.

His eyes were glaring at me, they held great anger but also a deep sadness. Guilt began picking at my heart like sharp needles, but I shoved it to the back of my mind and ran my hand through my hair, as I normally do when I'm stressed.

"You should relax and try to get some rest, long drive ahead of us tomorrow. " I said to him gently. With that said I wondered over to the bed closest to the doorway and sat down, kicking off my shoes.

Vlad just looked between me and the door, probably trying to figure out his chances of making it out of the room and away from me. His chances were slim, and I think he already knew that.

"I'll just follow you and bring you back." I stated firmly. He slumped his shoulders and stood there, starring at the door, before finally walking past me to the other side of the room where the second bed was and sat down as I had. Never allowing his eyes to move in my direction. But I didn't need to see his eyes to know he was thinking of another way to escape. I smirked. If that's how he wants it then fine, let the games begin.


I listened carefully to my kidnappers light snores, making sure he showed no signs of waking anytime soon. He's so wired. I mean, he stole me from my home, brought me to some random hotel, and then just rolls over and says 'good night'. I admit I had dozed off for an hour or two, but I woke up just as the sun was rising. I normally remove my shirt and just sleep in my pants, but I knew I won't time to redress when my chance to escape came along. So instead I kept all my clothes on, including my shoes.

I just knew I had to get out of there quickly, this guy could seriously hurt me, or worse. For all I know he could be a serial killer or some sick child molester. Oh yeah, it's defiantly time to leave.

I pushed the bed comforter to the side and quietly sat up, bringing my feet to the floor.

I stood up slowly, and took a small step forward. Then another. Then another. I was silently making my way past my sleeping captor and toward the door. I was finally about to pass him completely when I felt something tug at my left ankle and I fell forward. My face collided with the hotel carpet, hard.

I groaned and turned myself onto my back. I looked down at my feet to see what tripped me, when I spotted the thin piece of rope tied around my left ankle. I followed the rope with my eyes to see where it ended and my eyes widened when I found it. My kidnapper had woken up and came to stand in front of me, the other end was tied to his own ankle. He reached his hand out to me but I ignored it and stood up on my own.

"It was a good try Vladimir. You may be good, but I'm better." He said. "Since its sun rise I thought we would start getting ready to leave but I can tell by the bags under your eyes that you haven't had enough sleep."

I heard a click and down to see that it had come from a pare of handcuffs. One end cuffed to my wrist and the other cuffed to his. He walked back to the bed he slept in, dragging me after him, laid back down on one side while I laid on the other. Obviously being left with no alternative I sighed and tried to roll onto my side, facing away from my kidnapper. Unfortunetly the handcuffs caused his arm to drape over my shoulder.

I expected him to try and yank his back but after awhile his snores filled my ears once again. I huffed in a angry fashion before letting sleep take me.