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"A Practical Application of Basic Physics"

Inui doodled absently in the corner of his notebook as he worked out a particularly challenging bit of mental arithmetic. When he arrived at the answer, he wrote it down, checked his math, and read over what he had written. Then he had to read it again.

"Kaidoh," he began in a voice that was approximately two decibels louder than his standard tone, "I would like to thank you for your help in providing me with a piece of data that is truly invaluable."

When he did not receive a response within 6.8 seconds, he turned to his right and prepared to repeat his statement with a greater increase in volume to compensate for the considerable noise produced by the train car rattling back and forth on the tracks. He then discovered that that would be unnecessary, as Kaidoh appeared to be in a state of unconsciousness.

Inui chuckled to himself and leafed back through his notebook. When he reached the page he was looking for, he penciled in "Confirmed" beside a column titled "Kaidoh's Stamina Limit (Projected)". He then looked at Kaidoh again and frowned. The second-year's head appeared to be resting at an angle of what he estimated to be 50 degrees to his left shoulder, which would put undesirable strain on several of the muscles in his neck, and could cause them to stiffen and cramp up by the time he woke up.

Inui adjusted his glasses and mentally ran through a list of possible solutions. After discarding the impractical, the illogical, and the socially unacceptable, he came to what he felt was the most practical (and if he went to the trouble of factoring in a dozen unnecessary variables, the most appealing) solution to the problem. He took a deep breath and slouched in his seat so that his head was 3 centimeters lower than he would prefer, which would not help his posture, but would at least reduce some of the tension in his back if he was forced to sit for a prolonged period of time. Then he shifted that he was one degree away from being parallel to the back of the seat, and finally lifted Kaidoh's head gently at a velocity of ½ cm./sec. until it was resting on his shoulder.

"Thank you for your assistance today," he whispered at a pitch calculated not to wake the sleeping boy. "I wish you a most efficient rest."

* * *

Kaidoh woke with a start as an automated female voice announced an unfamiliar station. "Senpai, we missed our station," he hissed.

Inui turned and raised an eyebrow slightly. "Indeed. Although it would be more accurate to say that we have missed our station four times."

Momentarily stymied, Kaidoh nevertheless continued. "Why didn't you just wake me up when we got there the first time?"

"Ah…" Inui cleared his throat. "Ah. The data seemed to indicate that should I wake you before your body had recovered sufficient energy, your performance tomorrow would suffer by a factor of ten or possibly even fifteen percent. H-however, since you are now awake, we can get off at this station and save approximately eight minutes twenty seconds travel time by taking the train running the opposite direction." He stood up and immediately winced.

"A-are you okay, senpai?"

"Yes. Just a minor miscalculation…"

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