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It had been nearly six months since the Winchesters moved into their latest rental house, in Kansas City, Missouri, and things had been going so well that Sam could barely believe his luck. Staying at the one school not only long enough the stop being called the 'new kid', but to also establish a tight knit group of friends, and even for the previous two months, a girlfriend named Chloe. He had even joined the soccer team after promising his tyrant of a father that it wouldn't impact on his training, or any hunts they went on.

And with both Dean and John working nine to five at a local garage, it even looked possible that they might be staying put for some time yet, but in true Winchester fashion his streak of luck was brought to a grinding halt, when half way through a weekend soccer match, Sam was running, and he suddenly felt his leg snap mid-stride.

Dean was sitting in the stands alongside Chloe and several other of Sam's friends, when he saw his brother hit the ground, clutching at his right leg in pain, and within seconds, Dean was out of his seat, and with Chloe close at his heels, he rushed down to the field to help his younger brother. As he knelt beside Sam, Dean worriedly questioned him. "What's wrong, bro? What happened?"

Gasping in pain and shock, Sam answered. "My leg, I think it's broken."

Just then, the first aid officer came jogging over to Sam, and knelt beside Sam, as he said. "There's an ambulance on the way, we'll take care of you, kid. Can you tell me what happened?"

"I don't know." Sam ground out, his voice betraying the pain he was in. "One minute I was running, and then it just snapped."

The first aider gave Sam's shoulder a light, comforting squeeze before he moved down to start splinting Sam's leg.

Dean stayed at Sam's side as he winched and groaned in pain as his injured limb is jolted, and all the time he kept up a steady stream of reassuring words and comfort for his younger brother.

When the ambulance arrived several minutes later, the paramedics were quick to move Sam onto a gurney, and load him into the ambulance. As they prepared to leave, one of them called out to Dean. "Kid, you coming with us?"

Dean was hesitant for a moment. He desperately wanted to stay with his brother, but practically he needed to have transport, and that means following the ambulance in his own car. And so, with a sigh, Dean looked over at Chloe, and asked her. "Can you go Sam? Please."

Chloe nodded quickly, knowing how close Sam and Dean are and how hard this must be on him, especially with their father away so often. And without another word, she rushed over to the waiting ambulance, and climbed in beside Sam.

Two hours later, Dean and Chloe were sitting beside Sam's bed in the emergency department, when Sam's doctor caught Dean's eye in the doorway and motioned for him to join him in the hallway.

"I'll be right back, Sammy." Dean said quickly before standing up, and walking out into the hallway, where he is greeted by the doctor.

"Dean, I just wanted to speak with you about Sam's x-ray before I talk to him. Really I'd prefer to speak with your father, but I understand that he is away on business for the next few days."

"Yes sir." Dean answered automatically before he noticed the cardboard folder in the doctor's hand. "Is that Sam's?" He asked, pointing to the folder.

The doctor led Dean over to an empty exam room, where he put the x-rays up on the light board, and flicked it on as he said. "There's a shadow on the x-ray." He pointed to a spot just below the obvious fracture in Sam's lower leg.

"What is that?" Dean asked with panic starting to creep into his voice.

The doctor paused for a moment before informing Dean. "I've arranged to have a biopsy done, and once we've gotten the results from that we will know a lot more, so for now just try not to think the worst."

Meanwhile in Sam's room, he and Chloe were joking over Sam's accident, and debating what colour cast he should get. Sam was set on plain white or blue, but Chloe was trying to convince him to get a bright cast, maybe even pink. "Come on, Sam. Why not? It'd be worth it just to see the guys' reactions, don't ya think?"

Sam laughed at the mental imagery of his mates finding out that he got a pink cast, but he then lightly replied. "No way, Cloe. I'm not getting stuck with a pink cast just to get a laugh. No way."

Chloe pretended to sulk, only to break into laughter as she said. "Spoilsport. You never let me have any fun."

"I let you have plenty of fun." Sam said in response, making reference to their relationship. And to make his point, he leant over towards her as far as his splinted leg allowed, and catching her by surprise, kissed her passionately. He was truly grateful for the pain meds right now; he felt no pain as he bumped his leg in the process.

It had been so good just to be a normal teenager, well as normal as someone who spends most their weekends hunting the supernatural can be. He had no idea that in just a couple of hours his normal world would come crumbling down.


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