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In true John Winchester fashion, before Dean could stop him John was off the phone, and too focused on his own agenda, the hunt to find the thing that killed Mary, to comprehend the pain he was about to inflict on his son alongside his brother had been trying to talk him out of the move out of Kansas City. He'd already said many hurtful things, but the next words out of his mouth took the cake, as in that moment he didn't even consider the repercussions for his family, as he frustratedly shouted at Sam. "You've held us up long enough, Sam."

"But, Dad-" Dean tried to speak up, only to have John drive the knife further into his youngest's heart and twist it.

"You know how many people are dying every day that we aren't out there?! Do you know that, Sam?" John paused for effect. "As soon as Dr Harris clears you, we're back on the hunt. That's final, no more arguments."

John instantly knew his mistake, but one look at his youngest's heartbroken expression told him that the damage had been done. John knew that he should stay, try to make it up to his son, to both his sons, but he couldn't bring himself to have the emotion heavy conversation that would be required, so without a word to either of his sons, John turned on his heels, and he hastily exited the apartment.

Dean could only offer Sam a sympathetic glance before he too was out the door, leaving Sam alone in the apartment, devastated.

As Sam watched from his place on the couch, as his father and then his brother left the apartment. He's right, I've held them up for months, if it wasn't for this damn cancer we would've left months ago.

Dean would try to convince me that that wasn't true, he always does, he's always trying to make me feel better.

But Dad's right, who knows how many people are dead now because I was keeping Dad from hunting?!

I guess I should've known this would happen though, even thought things were different now. I thought we'd stopped moving around, that we actually could have a home and friends, jobs, a normal life.

Sam shook his head sadly at the thought. I guess things never really change.

John didn't take long to find his way to one of the nearest bars, as did Dean just minutes after, and that evening they each drank more alcohol than the average person does in a year. Trying to forget the devastation on their youngest's face.

They didn't return until well into the next morning, and that was the beginning of two of the most awkward, deathly silent weeks of their lives. And they were still barely speaking the day after Sam's final chemotherapy round finished, as Sam was waiting alongside Dean and their father for what will hopefully be the last appointment with Dr Harris.

"Feels weird, doesn't it?" Dean said out of the blue as he examined the new painting on the wall across from him. He had been in this bright, yet so claustrophobic set of rooms all too many times.

"Yeah, it does." Sam agreed as he picked at the loose thread on the hem of his jeans. "It's going to be weird, not coming here any more. What'll we do with ourselves?" Sam joked.

Dean laughed in response, and they quickly found themselves back in the thick of their brotherly banter, so much so they barely noticed Dr Harris enter the outer office.

A minute later, greetings over with, the Winchesters were sitting in Dr Harris' office, with her. Beaming, Alanah told Sam. "You're cancer free, Sam." She was joyful, it was the best part of her job to give families this news. "Of course you'll still need regular check ups, but it looks really good."

"Thank you! Oh my god, thank you!" Sam gushed, overjoyed, it was finally over, and now everything was going to be fine, or so he thought.

That evening, John strode into the living room, as he said. "We're leaving in the morning, boys. Pack your gear before bed tonight."

Dean and Sam's heads snapped up upon hearing this. Sam was stunned into silence, as was Dean for a moment before decided to intervene before their father said something else damaging. "Dad, can we talk? Get out of here, Sam."

Sam quickly complied, and a moment later Dean and John were standing in the middle of their living room.

"Why don't you take off now, and me and Sammy will meet up with you after the school year ends?" Dean suggested, trying to find a way around this without pissing his father off.

John was about to rebut his son's suggestion, ordering him to stop fighting, but he paused for a moment thinking. Maybe it would be better. Sam's still going to be pretty weak for a while, it could be dangerous to have him on a gig. I nearly lost him once, if he got hurt on a hunt… I don't think I could forgive myself. Dean'll take good care of him, I know he will, but… I don't want to leave him again, it was too close. "I don't know, Dean."

Dean was thinking along very similar lines. "The chemo's over, but he's still so tired …and he still has to have his port taken out, that'll mean staying put at least a week. I can take care of him, Dad, he'll be okay, and this way we won't have him pissed off at both of us for the next thousand miles."

"I said I don't know, Dean." John said frustratedly, turning away from his son, and walking over towards the window. "Get to bed, I'll think about it, and in the morning… we'll talk."

For a moment Dean was stunned, this was a side of his father that he'd rarely seen. "Thanks, Dad."

As Dean walked away from his father, towards his bedroom, he walked past Sam's room, and he felt his heart get ripped just a bit more as he heard his baby brother sobbing quietly. Damn it, Dad.

Dean couldn't help but wonder if his brother would ever truly be able to forgive their father as he walked away.

The following morning's breakfast was a silent affair, but just as Dean was standing up to clear the plates, John finally spoke. "Okay, Dean."

Dean nearly dropped all the plates on the floor, he was sure their father would pull rank over him.

"Okay, okay what?!" Sam piped up, confused.

Dean and John exchanged a glance before Dean replied. "We're staying in town until school ends, you and me, then we'll meet up with Dad. Is that okay, Sammy?"

Sam laughed briefly, disbelievingly, but after a moment he turned to his father, and genuinely told him. "Thank you."

The following months past quickly, and all too soon it was the last day of school before the summer break, the last day that Sam and Dean would be in Kansas City, by nightfall they were supposed to be meeting their father a couple of towns over.

As usual Marshall and several others from their group were waiting out the front when Dean dropped Sam off just before the bell. As usual they all greeted Sam enthusiastically, but Sam remained unusually silent, he'd known that this day was coming, and at least this time he'd get a chance to say goodbyes and also to just finish out the year.

Sam remained silent through the first two classes, and it wasn't until recess when he was sitting alongside his friends that one of his friends, Matt looked over at Sam, and asked. "What's up with you today, man? We're on holidays tomorrow, you should be celebrating."

Sam shrugged slightly, and turned away from his friends. He didn't want to talk, he just wanted to be normal, and while this year had been the furthest thing from normal, it had also been the closest he'd had in a long time, and he didn't want to admit that in just hours it would be over.

But his friends kept pushing, and after trying to resist for awhile, Sam gave up. "I'm leaving; my family's moving away after today."

"WHAT?!" His friends exclaimed, they knew his father had been away a lot, but they hadn't sent this coming.

"It sucks, but what can I do. Honestly guys, I got lucky to be here this long." Sam said, his shoulders hunched, and his gaze not quite meeting his friends'.

The rest of the afternoon was a blur, and that afternoon as Sam walked out of the entrance of his high school for the very last time, it was bittersweet for him, this school, North Kansas High would go down in history as the only school Sam had spent the whole year at, and this city for him would always hold both his best and worst memories.

He'd nearly lost his life, but he'd made lifelong friends, and learnt many valuable life lessons.

If he hadn't have gotten sick, they would've left months ago, he probably would've been to numerous schools since, this school, everyone he knew here would've been long forgotten. It wasn't as though he'd ever expected things to stay the same here, before he got sick, he'd been enjoying the time he had here, but he never expected it to last.

Dean had the impala parked right out front of the school, waiting for Sam, and as he saw Sam approaching, he leant over and pushed the passenger door open, and called out to his younger brother. "Hey, Sam! You ready to go?"

Sam hesitated slightly before nodding as he walked over and stepped into the passenger seat of the impala, and closed the door with a solid thud behind him as the engine revved and Dean pulled out of the carpark, speeding towards the edge of town and subsequently the highway, effectively closing this chapter in their lives.

The End.

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