Chapter 1

Marui sighed. "I can't believe this day actually came."

"I know, I mean we all knew it was coming but…" Kuwahara trailed off.

"It's one thing saying it and another it actually happening," said Yagyuu.

"Like Sanada and Yukimura dating, we all knew it was coming but-" Kirihara's mouth was covered by one of his senpai's hand.

"Third year is going to be horrible without you lil sis," said Yagyuu hugging his year younger sister. She was the gentlemen's sister through and through, same face and side parting only her hair was a shade darker and her eyes had a hint of green within the brown; Niou always teased on how cat like the siblings eyes were.

"Bye Onii-chan," replied Yagyuu Hinata.

"I don't get it, she moves schools and all of a sudden we're all weepy and sad," remarked Niou. "She's not moving houses, just visit her after school."

"You'll need to find someone else to bleach your hair wouldn't you?" Marui pointed out. "And wasn't she going to pierce your left ear for you?" Suddenly Niou grabbed Hinata's wrist.

"Don't you dare leave," he said firmly, Hinata looked at his shocked for a moment then laughed.

"I can't wait to see you get your ears pierce by someone you don't know, she or he is bound to stuff it up and you'll be forever recognised as 'Niou, guy with demented left earlobe'," she said to him.

"Hina-chan, that's not very helpful you know," said Marui. It's like watching a dog and its owner, the owner always knows what buttons to push. He shook his head and sighed. Niou's going to be hopefully mellower this year now that Hinata isn't going to be there accompanying him on his pranks and tricks, there's a fine line between funny and over board and I'm scared he's going to pass that line now that she's leaving.

"Okay, I'm off," said Hinata as she stepped back to glanced at the five Rikkai students standing outside Hyotei's front gates, she laughed, it was too funny that a 15 year old brother felt the need to accompany his 14 year old little sister on her first day at the school she transferred to at the start of the year.

There was no denying that Rikkai was an excellent school but it didn't posses the funds and learning programs Hinata needed if she wanted to become a heart surgeon, she applied for a scholarship near the end of her first year and was now spending the rest of her school life at Hyotei. All the friendships she'd made in her first year at Rikkai were now deemed useless and she'd have to start from scratch one more, one of the many sad points, however on the upside Niou would no longer be there to put confetti and other things in her long hair.

"Your little sister is growing up," said Marui putting an arm around Yagyuu's shoulder. "I still remember our first encounter with her when she was in the sixth grade and came to visit you."

"We took her out to Mackers and Niou fell asleep beside her," continued Kuwahara in the same parenting tone. "She reached for her fanta and the lid popped off and spilt all over Niou's face and hair."

"She was like, 'Uh oh'," Marui chuckled at the memory.

"Uh oh was right, Niou just died his hair silver and the fanta had a bad chemical reaction with his fresh new colour," added Kuwahara. "I remember Niou sitting on our bathroom floor while Hinata redyed his hair for him."

"And friendships were forged," Marui said in a poetic voice. He sniffed and wiped a imaginary tear from the corner of his eye. "She's grown up that one, our little duckling has grown up to be a lovely white swan."

"Black swan, you mean," remarked Niou. "The same colour as her heart." Kuwahara clamped his hand over Niou's mouth.

"For once shut up, we're savouring the moment," he said as Niou struggled against Kuwahara's palm. Yagyuu was looking particularly in thought. "Hey man what's up?"

"Her skirts too short," said Yagyuu watching his little sister walk away. "You know what I'm just going to let down the hem so-"

"Okay, time we go to school," said Marui taking one of Yagyuu's arm.

"Agreed," said Kirihara taking the other, together they dragged Yagyuu away.

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