Chapter 25

"Hiiinaaa!" Niou's voice echoed in her ears, she was scared, terrified, angry and above all else, stuck on a balcony with Atobe Keigo, her… fiancé.

"How long have we been up here?" she asked him, they had argued for almost half an hour when they realised the door was locked, they'd snapped at each other for at least another.

"Not all that long," he answered, despite the situation he found himself starring out at the beautiful view the balcony displayed, it was quiet, the buzzing lights below seemed so far away, reality, seemed so far away. There was another long silence; Hinata found herself picking at the black nail polish on her nails.

"Do you hate us?" asked Atobe quietly, Hinata didn't answer. "Do you hate my family for putting you in this situation? Do you hate my mother for suggesting it?" Hinata still didn't reply. "Do you hate me?"

Her silence wasn't anger, she just didn't want to shout every single thing that was on her mind like she'd done for the past few days, every horrid thought, every mean comment and every emotion she felt, she threw them at those around her. Words she didn't mean, thoughts she never really intended to say, she'd hurt those she loved deeply.

"No," she answered at last. "I don't hate your family or you… but I'm angry, at first," she paused, once again careful to express what she truly wanted to say. "At first I though they had no right, my father had no right to sell me like that, my brother had no right not to tell me, you mother had no right to request such a thing from my father and your family had no right to desire such a thing…"

Hinata stood up and walked towards him. "But, my father didn't sell me, he loved- loves me, he did all he could to protect me…to save my life, it was then I realised, I have no right to be angry, I'm alive, I'm living a close to normal life I can and not because of my heart…" She looked Atobe in the eyes. "I guess a thank you is in order," she told me.

"What happened to the crazy person I used to know?" he asked. She laughed lightly.

"She's still around, but she grew up and realised it was time she stopped acting spoilt," Hinata answered. Leaning closer she pulled on Atobe's tie and kissed him on the cheek. "Thank you," she said.

Atobe starred at her, his gaze unwavering, to the point of confusing Hinata. "What?" she asked, he leaned closer, surprised Hinata took a step back, but forgetting she was wearing heels she slipping and began to fall backwards. Atobe quickly caught her and steadied her, leaning closer he kissed her gently.

After the moment of surprise passed and Hinata regained her senses she pushed him back. "What are you doing?" she demanded. Atobe ignored her.

"Nothing," he said to himself.


"I mean I felt nothing," he explained. "Strange," he told her. "Aside from the fact you froze, it was a decent kiss, but nothing."

"I've got something, I think I might hurl," answered Hinata causing him to laugh. "It was like…like I kissed Sanada or my brother or even Yukimura…wait, I've kissed Yukimura before…"

"You kissed that pretty boy monster?"

"That not very-" Hinata trailed off, he'd just described the Child of God perfectly. "A while back, before he and Sanada discovered that they both were unrequitedly in love with each other."

"What happened?" asked Atobe. Hinata shrugged.

"One sided feelings on both side," she answered. "I guess we used each other as subs…although how am I a sub for Sanada I have no clue…"

"So a double sacrifice then?" Hinata looked up at him and frowned.

"I have no idea what you're implying but the moment you said that I thought of bloodied crosses and garlic." Atobe laughed again. "Really? Nothing?" she asked him breaking the minute long silence. "Not that I care about any of those feeling but it hurts my pride, even if I was frozen solid with shock, disgust and surprise, I consider myself to be a good kisser, at least that's what Niou tells me and since it's Niou I believe him."

"Nothing," repeated Atobe. For some reason Hinata felt pissed about this.

"Nothing?" she asked placing a hand on his shoulder.

"Nothing," he answered. Hinata took a step closer, her body almost touching him. Atobe swallowed.

"Nothing?" she asked again. Atobe felt his heart beat a little faster.

"Nothing," he answered, struggling to compose him voice. Her pride still a little hurt, she stood on the balls of her feet and whispered into his ear.

"Still nothing?" she asked, Atobe felt his face redden as he inhaled her perfume. Leaning closer he kissed her, this time it was different, for as long as he'd known her, whenever he looked at her, he saw his sister, he saw the little girl who he treasured more than anyone else. But his sister was nothing like Hinata, she was kind ad gentle while Hinata was the prickliest girl he'd ever met, she was scheming and adored mocking those around her including him, looking at her now, with her high pride and ego, he didn't see the sweet innocent little girl anymore, he saw someone who was almost a woman, someone not ten years old but less than a year younger than him, he'd always know he'd love her, but this time…

"Timeout," said Hinata pulling away. "I-I was just, I was just…you bruised my ego a bit when you…never mind. What's that about nothing?" she asked him, despite the situation, she was still mocking and teasing him. Atobe knew full well his cheeks were turning red. What was he doing? Despite the agreement he couldn't marry her, there was no way…was there? She loved Niou, it was obvious…but what was that? How could such a strong pull exists? What was he doing? What was he thinking? No, that was exactly it, he didn't think, he merely acted as his body dictated…

"I can practically see down the front of your dress," he replied, thinking on his feet. "I'm a man not a saint," he snapped at her. Hinata grinned and took a step back. "I think I found the crazy chick again," he said quietly. This time it was Hinata's turn to laugh.

"I'm glad, I was beginning to feel a little off with all the sickening sweet goodness inside me," she answered him with a small smile. Atobe couldn't look her in the eyes anymore.

"Do you…" Atobe inhaled and tried again. "Do you, love Niou?" he asked her.

"Yes, with all my heart," she answered. Atobe swallowed and bit down on his lip gently. The sound of an opening door behind them caught their attention.

"Oops," giggled a girl who looked slightly drunk, leaning against her was Shishido in a similar state. "Sorry," she said and the two stumbled away leaving the door opened.

Atobe and Hinata exchanged looks.

"I don't mean to sound…actually I really have no idea what the correct word is but um…" Hinata frowned. "No offence to him but umm, I was under the impression… well I kinda thought Shishido-senpai, was well…you know, gay."

"Actually," replied Atobe. "I thought the same thing; maybe he's drunker than he looks."

"Maybe. Think she had anything to with it?"

"Maybe…scary thought, fan girls going around drugging the regulars its... what do you call it when the guy gets rufied?" asked Atobe.

"No idea, I think it's a history's first."

"Knowing our school probably not."