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Goodbye is the Hardest Word to Say

We had just finished eating when Agent Jane turned up and demanded that we follow her. I wasn't feeling particularly happy to see her but I followed anyway with Alice close behind me.

She led us to a plain room with a projection screen and told us to sit down. I couldn't resist glaring at her as I took a seat. I was beginning to feel more and more like their pet dog. No one said anything for a moment and then Agent Hale looked over at Edward rolling her eyes.

"You can answer that one."

We peered down the row at Agent Hale and Edward curiously.

"Those would be for Leah's brother and ex…"

I cleared my throat loudly, glaring at Edward. You finish that line and I will make it so you never have kids, I thought at him furiously and Edward paled and shut his mouth looking to the ground.

The door opened to reveal my brother, Seth, and someone that I really didn't want to see right now - my ex-boyfriend, Jacob Black.

I raced to Seth and hugged him so tightly, asking him why he came after me. He told me that the FBI had called him and he thought I was in trouble. Damn government, he had ruined everything. I turned my attention to Jacob. And then our arguing started, if felt like old times. I don't know what it was about Jacob, but even when we were dating he could get me riled up without even trying. I wanted to know what he was thinking by bringing my brother, and he blamed it on Seth then had the nerve to accuse me of leaving without saying goodbye. That was actually true, but the reason I didn't say goodbye was because he broke up with me, and I told him this not so nicely. Jacob blamed it on me this time and it was then that I noticed everyone was staring at us.

"Now is not the time," I snapped at him retreating to my chair and folding my arms under my chest huffily. This was a nightmare.

Jacob and Seth introduced themselves to the rest of the group then Agent Jane and General Swan reappeared.

(Read this scene in FPI: Superhero Saga Stage Three Rose's POV. It has a lot more details and a lot more talking that explains exactly what's happening. The below is basically a briefing of what happened in Leah's head during the scenes.)

Agent Jane informed us that we were splitting up and Seth was in the other team. I protested, hating that I was with Agent Jane and Jacob but also because if Seth was on the other team I wouldn't be able to protect him. Agent Jane shot down my request to change teams easily.

Our teams were given names; I was on Team Jacob with Agent Jane, Jacob, Emmett and little Alice. I worried about Alice coming with us, the four of us were all trained fighters, and Alice was just a girl with a gift. Edward, Bella, Rose, Jasper and Seth were on the other team labeled Team Edward. Team Edward was getting sent to Europe, searching for someone called Camros. Apparently he was the one who had authorized James to make the newborn vampires. As for Team Jacob, we were told we were heading to Wyoming. Our mission was to eradicate the vampire army. Five of us against an army of newborn vampires; we were so screwed. Well at least I would go down fighting.

Agent Jane and General Swan took us through a briefing, basically explaining that it was their fault that there were hundreds of newborns vampires running around. Of course I couldn't help adding my two cents every so often. I wasn't called a bitch for nothing. Once the meeting was over Agent Jane led us to a room where we were issued with our uniforms. I was given a couple of pairs of plain black pants and black shirts. Lucky since I had the bad habit of shredding my clothes every time I phased. The next room equipped us with guns. I only took a couple; in a fight I wouldn't really need them, I'd be going wolf. I looked over as Edward and Bella fumbled a gun between them, they were hopeless. It occurred to me that on the other team only Seth, Rose and Jasper were any type of fighter, and my brother was only fourteen. I looked over at Jasper. His face was serious as he took the weaponry he was issued. His eyes were following Alice around. I could have asked him to watch over my brother, but I didn't trust vampires, I barely trusted humans. I looked over at Edward and Bella again; those two could barely protect themselves much less watch over my brother. Rose was expertly loading bullets into her gun. She took everything into her stride and out of the whole Team Edward; she seemed to be most in control. I pulled her into a corner.

"You seem like the sanest one, look after my brother," I whispered to her seriously, not meaning to sound so rude but I couldn't help it.

"Because you asked so nicely," Rose replied sarcastically and I sighed rubbing my forehead. This conversation wasn't going the way I wanted. I decided to take another approach.

"Please, I don't know if you have siblings but he's my little brother. I can't let him get hurt," I said honestly, and Rose's face softened as I added, "You promise me you'll take care of him and I'll believe you."

"Certainly," Rose stared into my eyes seeing the quiet desperation in the depths, "I will watch out for him – I promise."

I gave her a brief nod then moved to stand by Seth. "You do everything she says Seth," I murmured to him and Seth grimaced at me.

"I don't need a babysitter," he retorted and I just grabbed his hand and squeezed it. There were only two things I cared about in this world, my mother and my little brother. Keeping Seth safe was my main priority.

Rose and Jane had something of an argument, and a very valid one at that. My brother, Bella and Edward had no army training whatsoever. Agent Jane basically shot her down like she did every complaint and after an intense staring contest that Jane won, because vampires didn't have to blink, Jane stormed out of the room with an order that Team Edward would be leaving in an hour. The group fell silent in her wake.

Alice was the first to break the silence, asking Jasper if she could have a word with him. I immediately opened my mouth to protest but Alice held out her palm to me.

"Leah, I'll be fine, Jasper won't hurt me. I have to be sure and tell him this before he leaves."

"He better not," I growled not happy with this development. Jasper and Alice left the room their eyes not leaving each other.

I felt someone incredibly warm touch my arm lightly.

"Leah, we need to talk," he said to me softly and I shivered with anger.

"Touch me again and I will break your arm," I hissed furiously wrenching my arm away from him like his touch was fire. Jacob's face flushed red and I glared at him, "You brought my little brother into this – how can I forgive you for that?"

"You know, your bitchy attitude can run off a lot of people, but not me, I know exactly how you work Leah Clearwater. I want to talk to you and if you persist in acting like a child I'm going to treat you like one," Jacob grabbed me and the next thing I knew I was hanging over his shoulder. How dare he? I growled furiously and started hammering his back with my hands but I was at the wrong angle to actually hurt him.

"Jake," I heard Seth call out worriedly and Jacob turned around to face him.

"Don't worry Seth, I won't hurt her," Jacob said cockily and I bristled with rage.

"You won't hurt me? You should worry about me hurting you, you macho good for nothing prick. If you don't put me down right now I'm going to kick your ass so hard you won't be able to sit down," I began my rant and Jacob just laughed at me and slapped my butt.

He walked me into the room we had vacated previously where all the clothes were and finally set me down. As soon as I was free from him I reeled my fist back and punched him. Jacob's head snapped backwards from the force of my punch. I caught Bella's scent and saw her peering into the room. I lashed out and kicked the door shut, before turning on Jacob to find him rubbing his jaw ruefully.

"I'd forgotten that you had a great right hook," he mused thoughtfully.

I grabbed the front of his shirt and dragged him close to me, my face in his. "I trusted you to keep him safe Jacob and then you brought him into this mess," I growled angrily and Jacob pulled away from me roughly.

"It's your fault we're even here," he spat back at me, and then he frowned in confusion, "why did you leave?"

A long time ago I had been a happy high school student dating the captain of the football team, Sam Uley. We were in love, we were going to get married, have two kids and a dog and live out our lives in La Push. All that changed when Sam became the first of us to phase into a wolf. My perfect little life fell apart. My second cousin Emily came to visit and Sam saw her; it was love at first sight, better known as imprinting. I was bitter to say the least. I didn't know Sam was a wolf when he broke up with me and hooked up with Emily. Then Sam had a whole band of knuckleheads following him around the Reservation, guys from school: Jared and Paul, then a couple of kids younger, Embry and Jacob. It was around that time when Emily and Sam got engaged. They came over to tell my family face to face, and then Emily asked me to be her maid of honor, and I exploded in a rage, turning into a wolf, causing my father to have a heart attack. He passed away that night. My little brother Seth saw the whole thing and seeing me phase because of the anguish Emily and Sam caused me made him phase as well. And that's how I became the first she-wolf in history.

Then there was Jacob, the only guy in the pack apart from Seth who didn't cringe in my presence. Whatever I threw at him, he just laughed off. Our parents were friends so he was always around, I couldn't escape his smiling face and it came to a point where I didn't want to escape him. One night when I was feeling particularly frisky I made a move on him, or he made a move on me, I'm not quite sure. All I knew was when I was with him I felt better, I didn't think about Sam. Jacob was like my drug, he could make me forget everything. So we started dating. I knew that I was using him in a way but I didn't care. What I was destroyed anything that was good inside me. At first it was physical and I wanted to keep it that way until Jacob told me that he loved me. I never returned his sentiment, I didn't do intimate. I knew I would ruin him. So I pushed him away, kept him at arms length, I just never dreamed that he would break up with me. Once that happened, I had to leave.

"I had to go, there was nothing for me in La Push," I said without emotion and Jacob grabbed my arm, making me face him.

"I was in La Push," Jacob reminded me and I grinned cruelly.

"You're not listening to me, there was nothing there for me," I spat at him and Jacob stared at me for a few moments before he gave a loud laugh.

"Someday I might actually believe you," he chuckled and I rolled my eyes.

A silence fell between us as I stared at the door that connected us to the other room.

"I'm scared for Seth," I whispered knowing Jacob would hear me, and Jacob sighed, coming over to me but I took a step away almost involuntarily.

"I'm sorry Leah, if I had known what was going on I wouldn't have let him go," Jacob apologized sincerely and I bit my lip turning to look up at him.

Jacob still smelt the same, like the woods, and summer. His face was so familiar, so warm, like home. Jacob moved his head his lips heading for mine when the door swung open.

"Hey," Seth called out coming into the room and Jacob and I turned to him pulling apart guiltily.

"Hey Seth."

"Is everything okay?" Seth asked eying Jacob and I curiously and Jacob and I looked at each other and then nodded.

"Yeah," I said.

I walked over to Seth and hugged him tightly. After a few moments I felt warm arms encircle both of us and one hand drift to my boob. I elbowed Jacob's ribs.

"Oww Clearwater, what the heck was that for?" Jacob asked, though the cheeky smile on his face told me he knew.

"You copped a feel," I accused and Jacob held up his hands in surrender waggling his eyebrows. Seth leant over and punched his arm and the three of us burst into laughter.

We spent the hour talking; I was getting caught up on what was happening in La Push.

When our hour was close to being up we exited the room to find everyone gathered in the ammunitions room staring anxiously at the door to a closet from which some interesting sounds were emitting. It sounded like…people having sex. I quickly glanced around and saw Alice and Jasper standing by the door and I relaxed slightly, at least it wasn't them. We all stood there in silence until the sounds faded and then Jacob grinned wickedly leaning over to open the door.

"Whoa," Seth breathed as he stared at the half dressed couple inside the closet and I covered his eyes with my hands.

Edward was gawking at them; boy probably never had sex in all his life. Edward twisted his head to glance at me but I ignored him, a smirk on my lips that turned into a laugh. Jacob laughed as well. Emmett had this satisfied grin on his face and Rose just gave a satisfied smirk. Jasper was the one who moved forward and shut the door.

After a few moments the fully clothed Emmett and Rose emerged from the closet looking a little sheepish.

"Way to go Em – my main man," Jacob cheered and I smacked him hard on the arm rolling my eyes.

Emmett pumped a fist in response to Jacob's cheer and Rose smacked him. I locked eyes with her and we both smiled, understanding each other.

Jane came in and told Team Edward it was time to go. Alice went to say goodbye to Bella while Jacob and I hugged onto Seth tightly.

"Be safe little brother," I whispered to him and Jacob punched his shoulder lightly the way boys do when they don't know what to say but want to show they care.

"Don't kill each other," Seth replied grinning then he ran after Jane and Edward.

Bella waved at me and I nodded my head at her and at the last minute decided to add, "Don't die, Lucky Charms. You might be missed."

I was fond of the klutz. Bella nodded at me then she too went to join Jane, Edward and Seth. Jasper gave a silent farewell to Alice and departed. Rose and Emmett were kissing goodbye and then she too was gone. All that was left was me, Jacob, Emmett and Alice. Guards appeared and led us back to the barracks. Now that there was only four of us they let us all stay in the same dorm. Jacob and Emmett rustled up some cards and started playing poker in a corner.

Alice crawled onto a bed and curled up into a ball. I walked over to her and sat down beside her, resting a hand on her shoulder.

"What's wrong Alice?" I asked her worriedly and Alice turned her tiny face up to me.

"I'm scared."

"Don't be, I'll protect you," I promised her squeezing her shoulder and Alice closed her eyes.

"I know," she whispered, though her body started shaking.

I crawled into the bed beside her and curled my body around her so that she was lying inside my arms. I heard her breathing become slower and slower as she fell asleep. I didn't sleep; I just stared at the empty bed next to us, and watched Jacob collapse onto it.

His dark eyes caught mine and we stared at each other. I knew what he was thinking. We were screwed.

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