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(Bella's POV)

What was That Thing?

It was nearly four when I got in. I could hear my roommate's boyfriend snoring loudly. After the night I had, being kept awake by that snoring was the last thing I needed. I carried my bag to the kitchen, dumped it on the counter, pulled out the milk and placed it in the fridge.

I leaned back on the counter, thinking over what happened. A large grey wolf saved me from three creepy guys. Man, what was that thing? It obviously understood me. So it knew English.

For now, I desperately needed a shower and walked to the bathroom. At least the shower would dampen the snoring effects.

I tripped over something on the way in, "ouch," hitting the door, and then stumbled back to standing.

Looking down it was a set of men's tennis shoes. I picked them up, pausing, considering how much I would love to throw this at Jessica's boyfriend's head, but refrained. I needed to clean up. I'd had a rough night.

In the bathroom I stared at my lip in the mirror. There was a cut. On my left cheek was a bruise. At least I didn't have a black eye. Suddenly I realized my hand was shaking as it felt the cut and bruise. I guessed it did affect me. It was really frightening and if that wolf hadn't have come… it scared me the thought of what might have happened.

I turned on the shower, stripped, climbed in, and then allowed the water to run across my long hair and back. I'm not even sure how long it took, but I stood in that shower until the water gradually became cool.

Drying off I threw on some sweats and a T-shirt and then went to bed. I was exhausted, and Mike's snoring quieted some, so that I could finally fall asleep. I'd have dreams of that giant wolf through the night.


Walking in the kitchen, after a restless night of sleep, I saw Jessica and Mike sitting at the kitchen table eating – eating my Lucky Charms and drinking my milk.

"Oh hey sleepyhead," Mike chimed, "you look like you ran into a door."

Jessica stood up, her hair wavier than usual today, messy from a morning romp with Mike I was sure, and then walking to me in an instant, "What happened to your face?"

"I was attacked by some creepy guys last night – rescued by some… thing – and it's cool. I made it home."

Jessica's mouth widened, her light brown eyes looking somewhat caring. "Wow. I told you not to be doing that late shift crap."

"I'm a nine-one-one operator and I help people. I like working at night. That's when people usually need help."

Jessica placed her hands on her hips, guffawing, "no kidding."

"Hah," I groaned at her sarcasm.

Mike laughed and it didn't make sense within the context of what we were talking about. His blonde hair was spiky and going every direction too. I think he ate all my cereal, as he poured more into his bowl and I could see the box was spilling the little crumbs at the bottom. Jerk.

"I'm going to go get ready," I told Jessica. "They asked if I'd do the afternoon shift."

I lied. I was going to investigate the wolf, and I really didn't want to spend my day off with Mike and Jess.

"You work way too much. You should take today off and rest."

"Yeah," Mike added, with my cereal in his mouth.

It wasn't like he'd ever help pay for the rent, since he mooched off Jessica.

"I'll be back late tonight," I told her and left the kitchen. I couldn't take watching my Lucky Charms be engulfed by the endless pit that was Mike's stomach.

As I left I hit my shoulder at the corner of the portal. Ouch, I was such a klutz.


Driving in traffic on an early afternoon up the 17, I stared ahead, not really seeing the road, or cars, or buildings. My mind kept playing the night before on rewind. That wolf was so big. It was… like some paranormal creature that you see on Discovery channel when they search for monsters like the Sasquatch or the Loch Ness monster.

I drove off on the W. Peoria Ave exit to my old neighborhood. I lived with just my mom growing up, until she passed away while in Florida with her new husband. I'd been on my own since I was 17, and now I was 20-years-old and visiting the old neighborhood, passing rows of small two or three bedroom homes with stucco siding and adobe roofs. The street was still lined with tall palm trees, as I drove along.

I knew who I had to see - my old crazy neighbor, Edward Cullen. When I left he was a 14-year-old geek. He moved away to live with his parents for a time in San Francisco, but I found out he came back when he turned 18 because Jessica who had gone to school with us and never passed up gossip, told me. His parents gave him the old house they had been renting

I hoped he was still a bit of a geek, and still into paranormal stuff. It must have been six or seven years since I last saw him. He actually believed there were vampires, werewolves, big foot, and every other odd creature and UFOs. Surely he would have been looking into the giant wolf sightings. It made the front page of the Metro section in the newspaper this morning.

I pulled up to a curb in front of the chain link fence and small home. It was a basic design, square, two windows in front with a door in the middle making it look like a little face. My old home next door still looked the same also.

I hopped out of my Toyota Corolla and walked up to the gate. I inhaled a deep breath. I wasn't sure he would recognize me. I might have changed in six years. I wasn't much taller, but I no longer wore braces and my hair was slightly lighter, I thought.

I finally walked through the gate and up to the door. It could use a new paint job, since the wood looked like it was peeling. The heat in Arizona meant everything was used up pretty quickly: paint, tires, roofing, anything exposed to this sun and heat.

I knocked a couple of times.

Waiting a minute, I then knocked two more times and the door swung open so fast I felt the air suck me forward, and I tripped over the mat and into his house, falling into his thighs and… oh shoot. I looked up, backing away so quickly I fell back out of the house within a second. My head had lifted right into his crotch. Shoot, could this get any more embarrassing? Some new guy lived here.

"I. Am. So. Sorry." I slowly stated, getting up with my hands out in front, closing my eyes since I was so embarrassed.

"Isabella Swan?"

My heart was racing as I finally looked up at the tall stranger. It couldn't be Edward – this guy had light brown, nearly copper hair going every direction and beautiful green eyes and a sculpted jaw line. The Edward I knew was a pimply faced, brace-ridden geek that was shorter than me.

"Bella?" he said it again.

"Oh my gosh… Edward?!"

"Yeah… yeah," he grabbed my arm hard, yanking me into the house and slammed the door shut, throwing me behind him, but still gripping my arm while simultaneously locking the door. His dark green eyes moved about, with a finger over his lips, "Ssh, they're watching."

"Uh…" I finally pulled his hand off my arm. "Hey – watch it!"

"Ssh." He bent over, peeking out the window, lifting the curtain.

Okay, his cuteness just totally took the back seat to his overt weirdness and violent grabbiness. Now I wasn't so sure I wanted to get to know him again. His home smelled of some chemical, like polyurethane or paint. I looked it over. There was a hallway to the kitchen and I could see it was messy with aluminum plates and glasses thrown haphazardly on the sink. His hallway was filled with photos along the walls – everywhere there were photos of Sasquatch or other sightings, UFO's, and blurry pictures, newspaper articles – tons of newspaper clippings gathered together covering the wall.

When I looked to the living room, on every table top, it was the same with all the photos and newspaper clippings and old food containers and dirty glasses. In the back of the room was a gigantic magnifying glass on an architect like table, and all these boxes piled up.

To the other side of the room I saw a small den with a computer, the screen lighting up the entrance. It looked like a really nice computer.

"I should probably go," I told him. He wasn't just interested in paranormal stuff now, he'd become part of a cult or something.

He finally stood quickly in front of me, his eyes lowering. "You sure you weren't followed?"

"Yeah, um… I'm going to go now."

"Oh hey," he finally smiled, the clandestine act lifting, "In that case, have a seat. I haven't seen you in so long. Can I get you a drink? How have you been? Anything new? How are the folks?"

What? I felt my mouth was hanging open slightly and I quickly shut it.

He scratched his ear like a dog, "I'm sorry about the roughness earlier. It's just… well recently with my uncovering a plot that…" he held out his hands to show that he was talking over something really big, "I mean… I know they are out there." He whispered, "watching."

"Who… are out there? ET's?"

"No," he laughed, "oh no – otherworldly creatures – vampires," he whispered again. "It started happening when that giant wolf was first sighted, and then I realized the correlation between the killings by the otherworldly creatures – vampires - and the giant wolf sightings. I think either the wolf is doing it or he/she is following the creatures that are doing the killings. This is big – very big."

We stood in his hall. He just stopped talking. He stood with his arms across his chest, wearing a disheveled polo shirt and jeans. He wasn't a slob, but certainly wasn't a metrosexual.

We stood face to face and then he walked around me, checking me up and down. "Wow, you haven't changed much except no braces. Your hair is a little lighter - I'd say a medium warm brown with matching eyes that are slightly darker, almost chocolate. You don't get much sun - I'm guessing you work indoors or the late shift. So, Isabella Swan why did you come to see me now? It seems odd that the timing is as such, what with the wolf that was seen last night."

I stood for a second trying to figure out what just went on. I realized he knew about the giant wolf. I came to the right place. He was exactly the person I wanted to speak with after what he just said.

"Oh yes," I blurted, "I had a question for you. I'm guessing," I looked over his home once again, "you're still into paranormal stuff?"

Edward ran his hand through his hair, and then grinned to the side, trying to be coy, or covert, or just dorky. His lip curled upward and it looked like it was his attempt at male model.

"Why do you ask?"

"I needed an answer to a question."

His eyes lowered again, "Really?"

Paranoid much?

"Actually I need to head out soon," I said, "I was just hoping maybe you knew something about the giant wolf. Like… what it is and why it's here."

He laughed, kicking his head back, "Hmm, why would you want to know about the giant wolf?"

"So… you believe those sightings?"

"Of course - the evidence is too inexplicable to be disproved. I believe the government is trying to cover it up, but my brethren…"

"…Your brethren?"

"Oh, I'm sorry that's just the terminology for those like me who investigate the paranormal. You see, I've been communicating with DesertVamp1860 and he told me that all my theories are true. He's got a direct line into the vampires…"

"I'm sorry, but I thought you were talking about the giant wolf."

"One isn't one without the other, Ms. Swan."

"Just Bella – you can just call me Bella."

"You may call me Edward."

"I'm pretty sure that's what I've been calling you."

"Oh good," his hands flew up in an instant, as he waved me toward his den, "Come on, I'll show you."

We walked past the wall of photos and newspaper clippings and I stopped to look them over. There were so many different creatures: Mothman, Big Foot, Yeti, Loch Ness, Skunk Ape, and the Chupacabra - plus tons of newspaper articles on people who had their blood drained. He had an entire wall dedicated to vampire sightings and then the giant wolves mostly in the northwest. I stood at the wall, skimming the stories.

"Are you coming?" he asked.

"Sorry - yeah sure."

I walked into his den and he sat at the chair, lifted some tortoise shell glasses to his nose, and typed in a few keys and a small pie with a face came up, and then it faded into black and had a simple font with the word "PASSWORD."

Edward turned and told me, "Turn away."

It took me a moment to realize he wanted me to turn around. "Oh… sorry."

I turned away and heard him type in his password - I guessed that's what he did.

When I turned back around it was a site titled, The Pie Man.

"Who's the pie man?" I asked.

"It stands for Paranormal Investigator Edward."

"Oh - you're the pie man," I snickered lightly.

He didn't find my laughing humorous, and huffed, "I'm a veritable legend."

Okay, now he just had a gigantic ego.

He stood from the chair. "Either you're here for answers or to make fun of me again – just like when you lived next door. Frankly, I thought the six years, eight months and 21 days would have matured you."

My eyes widened and then I blinked rapidly. "You… remember exactly how long ago since we moved away?"

"I remember everything, Ms. Swan."


"Yes, Bella – I don't forget anything. How are Renee and Phil?'

"They died."

Edward gripped the chair's backing and uncomfortably sighed, and then slowly pulled off the glasses. "I… am very sorry. I didn't know."

His dark green eyes flickered, and I knew he meant it. It surprised me.

"It was very sudden and I've gotten over it mostly," it made me think of my mom and someone I grew to love as a dad, but I smothered those feelings and asked, "How are your parents?"

"The doctors still live in San Francisco. I told them I would never live where you have such a high possibility of falling into the ocean. They finally allowed me to stay here. Carlisle and Esme understood that I needed to live my life as I chose."

He still called his parents the doctors. I used to think it was funny when I was 13, now it was just strange. He spoke so cavalier about his parental units.

"I'll be twenty-one in two days. Would you like to go with me to a bar and try a beer?" he asked.

"I'm only twenty and I won't be old enough yet."

Was he asking me out on a date?

"Ah… then I suppose I'll have to wait, or go alone."

"Edward," I said, "I seriously only came to find out what you knew about the giant wolf. You see… I saw it…"

"YOU WHAT?!" He grabbed me hard at my upper arms, shaking me.

I grit my teeth, slowly prying his hands from my arms. "Do you mind not doing that?!"

"Sorry… sorry – so sorry." He shook his head, a quick little head tilt and laugh, as he placed his hands on his hips and paced away from me. "You don't understand how very privileged you are to have run into that giant wolf. Tell me everything about the encounter."

I had to take a couple of breaths. He made my heart skip grabbing me so suddenly. He was so high strung.

"I was out at three in the morning and I was attacked by these would-be assailants and the giant wolf saved me."

"You were attacked by would-be assailants – that doesn't make sense."


"They attacked – there was no would-be about it."

"Semantics?" I nearly screeched. "Edward I only came to find out what you know about this wolf. It understood when I spoke to it. In fact, it almost seemed polite and gracious. Why? Is it an intelligent life form - more progressed than other creatures in the animal kingdom? Oh my gosh, am I talking like you now?"

"No – that is an impossibility. Your voice has a high alto range to it and mine is very baritone."

"NO…" I took another loud breath, sighing. Edward was a tiring person to be around.

"Well, actually I can answer that question that you asked before insinuating we sound alike," Edward stated, pointing a finger toward me instructionally.

I decided to just let him talk.

"You see, there were earlier sightings of a dark grey wolf in Dallas and near Shreveport where people swore they saw the wolf change into a tall, dark-skinned woman. There were only two witnesses who said this. So, I'm thinking the giant wolf is a shape shifter. I'm not sure the one you saw is the same female since there have been sightings up north also. It could be an entire pack of wolves that are shape shifters and I'm thinking it correlates with many legends among the Indian tribes in our country. There is a legend that some shape shift into giant birds – the thunderbird legends - and other legends in South America where they transform into leopard or cat-like creatures. That is also true among tribes in Africa – the Mngwa."

There was a knock at Edward's door.

He looked to me, as if I'd done something wrong.

"Hey," I told him, holding up my hands, "I didn't tell anyone I was here. It's probably a girl scout selling cookies or something like that."

"I have a 'no solicitation' sign out front."

"They never pay attention to those – they're just kids."

He walked over to his door as five heavy raps hit all in a row. Somebody really wanted him to open the door.

He looked out the side window. His eyes lowered as he turned to gaze at me. "I can't believe you're right – there is a small girl at the door."

"Is she dressed like a girl scout?"

"She needs to brush her hair, is wearing tennis shoes, jeans, and a blue shirt and jacket. Has a penchant for twirling on her right toe, because the shoe is worn, and also has a poor diet, and doesn't get enough sleep. I'd say she is an escaped mental patient."

Edward was by far the most unusual guy I'd ever met.

Four more raps hit at the door.

"Edward is Bella there?" a small voice cried from the other side. "I really need to see you both."

Our heads both swung facing one another. Who knew us? And who would be asking for us.

"I see things," the small voice said. "And we need to hurry. Please open the door. Bella, it has to do with the wolf."

Who was she? I peeked out the window and I'd never seen her before. She waved wildly when she saw me, like we were old friends, and a gigantic smile spread across her face.

"Oh man," I breathed, "I've entered the Twilight Zone."

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