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(Rose's POV)

Team Edward vs. Team Jacob

After the quiet meal in the mess hall Agent Jane stalked in, followed by two buff guards. She had her arms folded across her chest, a bored expression on her face.

"Come with me," she addressed us brusquely.

"Why?" Leah asked, looking like she wanted to be confrontational again.

"For answers," Agent Jane said simply and turned.

Our group slowly got up to follow with Leah at the front. I noted her watching the vampire agent carefully. The tiny one, Alice, grabbed a bread roll and shoved it into her mouth before following after Leah, nearly skipping onto her heels. The pale guy, the…vampire Jasper - jeez it felt weird knowing that this polite southern charmer was a vampire - tagged along after her faithfully. The pretty brunette, Bella, followed them lost in her own thoughts and Edward trailed behind her. Bella glanced back to see Edward close behind her and he blushed as she started walking faster. Emmett gave me a comforting smile and discreetly took my small hand in his, squeezing gently. I returned his smile, glad to have him with me. They led us to a plain room with a projector screen set up and seats in a row.

"Go in and sit down," Agent Jane commanded.

I watched Leah shoot Agent Jane a particularly nasty glare as she brushed passed her and entered the room, followed by the bouncy Alice, somber Jasper and Bella who just looked plain uncomfortable. I felt like a naughty child who just got sent to the 'time out' room. I saw Edward smirk in my peripheral vision, and narrowed my eyes.

Next time I catch you reading my mind you will regret it, I thought directly at him then imagined myself kicking him in the balls. Edward paled and averted his eyes from me, taking a seat beside Bella quickly.

Agent Jane left the room and shut the door loudly behind her. We all took our seats: Leah, Alice, Jasper, Bella, Edward, Emmett, and then myself at the end. There were two spare chairs beside me; I wondered who they were for. Edward opened his mouth to answer my unasked question but then shut it hesitantly.

"You can answer that one," I said out loud rolling my eyes and the others peered down the row to look at me curiously wondering what I asked Edward.

"Those would be for Leah's brother and ex…"

Leah cleared her throat loudly, a warning. She must have added a thought as well because Edward snapped his mouth shut and lowered his eyes to the ground.

The door swung open and two huge, handsome, dark skinned men entered the room, the shorter one had a huge smile on his face, the other was searching for someone, and his eyes fell on Leah. Leah stood up in an instant, running at the shorter of the two with more emotion on her face than I had seen so far, engulfing him in a huge hug.

"Seth, you are in so much trouble little brother," she whispered lovingly, then she pulled away from him and frowned. "Why did you come after me?"

"I got that phone call from the FBI and I thought you were in trouble. You're my sister - I had to come after you. I couldn't let anything happen to you."

I think I fell a little in love with Leah's brother; he was just the cutest damn kid. Leah looked uncomfortable by her brother's words and turned her flashing dark eyes to the other man. He was quite a looker. Short ebony hair, intense dark brown eyes, and his muscles looked like they were going to bulge out of the tight t-shirt he was wearing.

"What are you doing here Jacob?" Leah asked her voice less welcoming. "And you brought my brother."

"…More like he brought me. We were worried Lee so we came looking for you, and then Agent Jane told us about the war and we figured this is what we were made for… so we agreed to help," Jacob replied his face serious as he added accusingly, "You left without saying goodbye."

Whoa, wolf drama, this was getting more interesting by the second.

Leah glared at him. "Don't call me Lee. You were the one who broke up with me - you don't get to pretend you care." Leah hissed angrily and Jacob pulled himself up to his full height.

"…Because you wouldn't share anything with me." Jacob rolled his eyes and Leah glanced around at the rest of us who were watching them both like they were the main attraction at the zoo.

She snapped at him, "Now is not the time."

Jacob growled in frustration and then sat down heavily on the seat next to me. His bare arm touched mine and his skin burned.

"You're really hot," I exclaimed in surprise and suddenly I became the centre of attention. I blushed bright red hurrying to point out, "your temperature I mean." Looking over at the others, I clarified once again, "he has a very high temperature."

The little pixyish girl snickered with the tall vampire.

"It's a wolf thing." Jacob grinned at me, and I nodded looking away from him inching closer towards Emmett who placed an arm around my shoulders, his shoulders shaking with laughter.

"I'm Emmett, this is Rose," Emmett leant over me to extend his other arm to Jacob who shook his hand introducing himself.


"I'm Seth," Leah's brother introduced himself eagerly shaking Emmett's hand then mine, then he moved down the line and Alice took over the introductions.

"This is Jasper, I'm Alice, and that's Edward and Bella."

Jacob shook hands with everyone as well, though both he and Seth shivered at Jasper's touch.

"Whoa, can't say it's going to be easy to get used to working with vampires-" Jacob commented then wrinkled his nose comically - "the smell alone might kill me."

"Believe me, you don't smell like a bed of roses," Jasper replied smoothly and Jacob let loose a laugh and returned to his seat, while Seth took a seat beside him.

These two shape-shifters were much more likable than Leah. I studied Seth out of my peripheral vision and when I had a good look at him I realized that he was very young, maybe fifteen. He had the body of a man but his face showed his true age. It worried me that the government allowed a kid to sign up for something as dangerous as this.

The door to the room opened and in walked Agent Jane and someone dressed as a General. I assumed him to be the one in charge militarily. Now we were getting somewhere. The General took a seat in the background while Agent Jane stood up to address us.

"Now I know you have all been wondering what it is you are doing here, we are going to brief you. First things first, we are dividing you into two teams, Team one will be Ms. Clearwater," no one missed the sneer in Agent Jane's voice when she said Leah's name, "Alice, Emmett, Jacob and myself."

"What?! No!" Leah stood up, looking like she wanted to charge the vampire. The military personnel readied their weapons, but Jane held up her hand holding them off.

"Sis," Seth said her name worriedly.

Leah placed her hands on her hips, shaking her head, so they'd see she wasn't going to do anything, and pacing. I wasn't sure she was protesting about Jacob or Jane, either way, she was pissed off. She started shaking.

"Lee, calm down," Seth raced over to his sister and tugged at her arm. Just the sight of her brother's innocent face calmed her instantly.

"I want to be in the other team with my brother," Leah snapped at Agent Jane – who only smirked. "I need to be with my brother."

"Too bad Ms. Clearwater, we are separating shape-shifters and you and Jacob are the best for our team's mission, Seth's skills are needed on the other team."

"I refuse," Leah retorted staring Agent Jane down, who answered with a short, haughty chuckle. It was not a pretty sound; it was eerie, like a warning.

"You don't want to do that," Agent Jane said softly and slowly. Leah averted her eyes and sat back down on the chair folding her arms under her chest.

Oh joy; I'm teamed with the Pie Man, I thought and Edward sent me a dirty look. I grabbed Emmett's hand and squeezed it. Typical, I find someone wonderful and we get separated. Emmett winked at me.

"That leaves, Edward, Isabella, Jasper, Seth and Rosalie on the other team. We will refer to the teams as Team Edward and Team Jacob."

We all stared blankly at her. That seemed… really odd. Agent Jane continued speaking as though she wasn't speaking nonsense.

"Team Edward will go on to Europe. Rumour has it that the newborn army is being led by someone who calls himself, or herself, Camros. Jasper has some contacts that he has set up a meeting with. You need to find out the identity of Camros and take him, or her, out. The sooner the better – this one is gathering quite a following.

"Team Jacob, our mission is to find the location of the newborn vampires and destroy it before it gets too large. The General has confirmed that the US Army Special Ops will provide all the support they can offer. Please keep in mind any forthcoming support will be minimal."

Agent Jane nodded at the General, and he gave a nod to her in agreement folding his arms across his chest.

Bella raised her hand hesitantly, speaking before Agent Jane had the chance to ignore her. "Why is the American Army on American soil not helping? Isn't this a problem that the government should be actively involved in eradicating?"

A silence fell over the room. So Bella wasn't just a pretty face, she had brains. Looking at the groups I could understand why she was with us. Jasper was a vampire and Seth was a shape-shifter which made them offensive weapons; Edward was the spy nerd, Bella was the brains, and I'm pretty sure that I brought tactical knowledge and leadership to the team. Surely Edward wasn't the leader of our group, he was way too inexperienced. We were the Intelligence unit of the two and that's why we were being sent to Europe to find this leader, this Camros.

I was startled from my thoughts when I realized that the General had started addressing us, "I am General Charles Swan. I hope you are all enjoying your stay here. We are trying to make it as comfortable as possible – to meet all your needs – but frankly, this isn't a vacation and what we're facing is a real threat to all of humanity. We want to stay out of this as much as possible, the newborn vampire army is actually an Army battalion outside our facility near Dugway Proving Ground in Utah," he revealed. "They're holed up just north throughout the three-hundred or so caves throughout Wyoming."

Leah barked out an angry laugh. "How the hell did that happen?"

"I was authorized by the President to look at all options of strengthening our forces against the growing vampire threat. It was thought by some that we could somehow harness vampire abilities and use them on our soldiers. Soldiers with the strength and speed of vampires but without the desire to drink blood, all their strengths and none of their weaknesses," the General defended himself gruffly, not able to meet any of our eyes, "We had scientists working on the serum, and had a battalion of soldiers volunteer to be test subjects for their country."

"You made vamps?" Leah asked incredulously then she glared at the General scathingly.

"Something went wrong obviously. One of the test subjects broke free and infected one which lead to another, and soon it was like a domino effect and couldn't be stopped." Sadly he stated, "They took the whole battalion as the facility was overrun and destroyed," the General admitted quietly.

I looked at Emmett, shock on my face. A whole battalion became vampires? How did this not make the news?

I asked, "How many were in this battalion?"

"Seven hundred good men, Agent Hale," General Swan told me, his eyes hardened, "and two-hundred civilian casualties out of Salt Lake City who volunteered at the base – family members included, and more in Reno. They've grown exponentially, of course."

Obviously the government had been keeping the whole affair quiet.

"Perfect," Leah deadpanned, sarcastically, "Why not give them a helping hand?"

"We have some footage," Agent Jane ignored Leah, and rather, switched off the lights and gestured to the guards.

A digitally recorded surveillance tape showed up on the screen. It was footage taken at night and very dark and grainy.

We all watched the surveillance footage showing something run super fast past the screen. It was a man dressed in an army uniform, and as the camera zoomed in on his face you could see the nocturnal red pinpoints of a night creature. He was a vampire. He turned and dove onto a guard who was on duty and sucked him dry. The vampire returned where he came from, it must have been the laboratory where they were testing the serum because a couple of minutes later there were ten of them prowling the darkness. The vampires disappeared into the barracks and then screams could be heard. It was mayhem. People were running trying to escape; the vampires were devouring them mercilessly.

"Oh my goodness," Bella said, and the rest of us gasped. There were children among them.

Suddenly a familiar figure appeared on the screen, one that I had hoped never to see again. It was James, looking into the camera, smiling. It looked like he was holding a vampire meeting, as he called their attention and exerted his dominance over any of the vampires who wanted to challenge him, killing one for all to see. He offered them everlasting life with him, and then forced them to leave the soldiers who were merely bitten alive. They obeyed his every word. Under his command they paired off towards the other barracks. The video ended when James stuck his face in the screen and grinned. Agent Jane turned on the light and turned to us solemnly.

"They are military personnel, trained and organized. These are not just any vampires."

"You're sending us to clean up your mess. I won't kill kids."

No prize for guessing who said that. Leah Clearwater just couldn't keep her mouth shut, though I'm sure we all felt it a fair comment.

Agent Jane ignored her as was becoming the norm.

"I agree with Leah," Bella was the one who spoke now. "It's not right. We saw children on those tapes."

"They are no longer children. It would be wise for you to all remember that. They are vampires who are under James' command. And Ms. Swan you are going to Europe and won't have to worry over this."

The General addressed Agent Jane, "I believe you have all the information you need."

His eyes glanced briefly in the direction of the other person named Swan, his daughter. The look showed no love loss between them, and then he turned and strode from the room without a glance at any of us. I hated men like him, men in power; to the General we were expendable pawns. I pitied Bella; I couldn't imagine him as a father.

"Team Edward, you will be heading out immediately once you are issued with your uniforms and weapons," Agent Jane issued out orders abruptly, "Team Jacob, we have a lead on the vampire James whom we believe knows the exact location of the newborn army, we will leave at 0500 hours to track him down, all of you please follow me."

No rest for the wicked. I had only just recovered from nearly dying and now I was getting sent out on my next mission. We were led to another room and given our uniforms. For the group heading to Europe, we were given plain black pants and tight button shirt with the PII signature on the long sleeves, along with a travelling jacket with the same signature.

Emmett wound his arm around my waist and kissed my temple affectionately. I didn't brush him off like I usually would. Knowing that we were about to be separated changed my whole attitude to public affection.

For those heading after James they were given plain black clothing, no signatures or anything to give away who they worked for. We were then directed to an adjoining room where an array of weapons lay on tables waiting for us.

There were a couple of SOF Combat Assault Rifles, or SCAR's as we called them at the FBI, the FN models that shot grenades as well. There were also some G36 assault rifles, H&K semi automatic pistols that I assumed would be for personal use, and the Benelli M4 Super 90, which was also known as the M014. Each gun looked like it had been modified slightly. PII were really fitting us out with everything they had, I'd never had access to such advanced looking weapons.

Emmett drifted over to a table that had the Benelli's atop, and Jacob followed him eagerly eyeing the shotguns.

"Cool, this is like the Terminator," Jacob said.

"Yeah, it is," Emmett grinned.

They each picked up a gun, as Emmett relayed, "Hasta la vista, baby," Jacob joined in, "I'll be baaaack."

They were being goofy. I hid a smile as I shook my head - men and their toys.

My gaze was immediately taken by the strange blue bullets lying next to the G36's. "What are those blue bullets?" I asked curiously, itching to touch one. I wasn't trigger happy; I appreciated having good weaponry.

Emmett looked up when he heard they were blue.

"Edward design, we call it Blue Fire, the casing and bullets are made of Titanium Plus, the only known material able to pierce a vampire's skin, with a little extra something on the inside. All the bullets are specially made for each gun," Agent Jane explained grabbing a G36 and tossing it to me. I caught it easily, and then the bullets as well.

The guards handed us a black bag each and I tossed the G36 inside with the bullets then set about grabbing a SCAR and bullets as well. I wanted to be as prepared as possible, as it would seem that Jasper and I were probably the only ones in our team who had any idea how to use all of the guns.

Alice went to grab a SCAR as well but Leah snatched it off her and Alice pouted with disappointment. After a moment Jasper passed Alice a G36 behind his back and she smiled at him cheekily. Hey, did she just wink at him? Note to self, keep Alice away from the handsome vampire. Agent Jane saw the exchange and sighed deeply, snatching the gun back off Alice and placing it on the table.

"That is too big for her, here." Agent Jane picked out a smaller gun and held it out to Alice, "it's a Walther P99."

"But it's so small," Alice complained taking the gun while looking longingly at the gun I was holding. She was so adorable with her gun lust. Agent Jane was right, the Walther P99 would be perfect for Alice, and Bella as well. It was useful for people who had never really shot a gun since it was lightweight, 4-5 pounds and carried a 15 round magazine.

Alice held out the Walther P99 to Bella who fumbled the gun and it clattered to the ground. Bella jumped behind Edward her hands clutching at his shoulders giving a scream of alarm.

Alice giggled in the silence that followed while Leah just rolled her eyes. Bella blushed to the roots of her hair.

"I thought that guns went off when they were dropped," she mumbled apologetically and Agent Jane huffed, leaning down to pick up the gun and shoving it at Alice who took the gun again reluctantly.

"Maybe in Jasper's heyday, but that is an impossibility with modern weaponry," Agent Jane replied coolly and Bella dropped her eyes to the ground with embarrassment then realized that she was still holding Edward and released him.

"Emmett, I assume you are familiar with the Benelli M4?" Agent Jane grabbed the gun effortlessly and tossed it to Emmett who caught it lovingly.

"Yes ma'am," Emmett confirmed looking at the gun in his hand like it was the best toy he had ever received.

"You look big enough to handle this too," Agent Jane schmoozed to Jacob handing him the M4 with a smile. I glanced at the wolf girl and saw her glaring furiously. So she didn't hate Jacob as much as she declared. And it was obvious Jane was teasing a reaction from her.

"For your side arms, H & K USP's," Agent Jane gestured to the table and the others apart from Alice and Bella grabbed one each. She looked to me, "and a compact just like the one you had before the vamps attacked."

"Thank you," I told her.

Agent Jane handed Emmett and Jacob the Tactical versions. It was an upgrade for Emmett. The average H & K USP weighed about 7 pounds and had a lot of combat extras and a larger magazine, for 15 rounds with 9mm bullets. The Tactical version that Emmett and Jacob took was heavier with a sight, using .45's.

Everyone, bar Bella, had grabbed a couple of guns and filled up their bags, even Seth, who didn't seem to know exactly what he was doing. I think he was just picking one's that looked 'awesome' because that is pretty much what he said before picking up each one and shoving them into his bag. His sister kept trying to take them out of his hands but he was taller than her and held his bag out of her reach.

The poor kid was in over his head, I'd have to teach him and Bella a couple of things before we left. I expertly loaded the Blue Fire bullets into the H & K USP and aimed at a wall, getting the feel of the gun when I felt warm breath at the back of my neck.

"I love seeing you handle that gun, it's incredibly hot," Emmett whispered to me lustily and I smiled flirtatiously back at him.

I'd forgotten that along with a great sense of smell, at least five people in the room had super hearing as well. Seth nudged Jacob and they both chuckled while Jasper whispered to Alice who giggled behind her hand.

"Can we keep the sexual innuendo to a minimum please?" Agent Jane intoned reproachfully and Emmett grinned boorishly.

"I'll try Agent Jane."

I smiled at him; I was absolutely smitten with the lovable oaf. Agent Jane just rolled her eyes and started gesturing to the next items that we would need: cell phones, and gadgets, small high-powered flashlights, med kits, high grade rope, and emergency MRE's (meals-read-to-eat).

"Knives also made of Titanium Plus. Everyone please take one for back up," Agent Jane explained then she noticed that Bella was standing there only holding clothes, her black carry bag completely empty. "Take your gun Isabella."

"I don't…I…I don't…I can't use a gun. I won't." Bella stuttered nervously and Agent Jane frowned at her like she was a disobedient child.

"These vampires are bad Ms. Swan. They won't be thinking of sparing your life."

"I'm sure not all of them wanted to be vampires – especially those children. Surely there's another way," Bella's voice became stronger as she spoke, completely believing her words.

Agent Jane picked up a tiny device that looked like a toy gun, no bullets. "This is a device that Jasper has been working on, we call it a Neutralizer, and it basically renders the vampire immobile for a certain period of time, not long, maybe two minutes or so."

Agent Jane tossed the Neutralizer at Bella but Bella fumbled the catch and Edward tried catching it for her, but it fell to the ground. He did stop it from hitting harder than it would have, but they were both klutzes, and I wondered why I was the one stuck with these two on my team.

He lifted up the Neutralizer and handed it to her, looking a little embarrassed. But she smiled, and said a kind "thanks… Edward." Something was definitely going on with those two.

We all set about grabbing a Neutralizer each, when a warm hand grabbed me by the arm and dragged me to a corner of the room. I looked up to see the wolf girl Leah, her nearly black eyes staring into mine.

"You seem like the sanest one, look after my brother," Leah whispered to me, though obviously Agent Jane, Jasper, Jacob and Seth would be able to hear us.

"Because you asked so nicely," I replied sarcastically and Leah sighed deeply.

"Please, I don't know if you have siblings but he's my little brother. I can't let him get hurt," Leah said humbly and her honesty really touched me. "You promise me you'll take care of him and I'll believe you."

"Certainly," I stared into the wolf girl's eyes and there was so much desperation, "I will watch out for him – I promise."

Leah gave me a brief nod of respect, and moved to stand with Seth whispering something to him too soft for me to hear.

"Leader of Team Edward is Agent Hale, Jasper will be your 2IC, use his experience to your advantage and good luck."

I stood there staring at Jane in disbelief.

"That's it? A little presentation showing how the military screwed up big time, some new guns and uniforms, and then a 'see you later'?" I asked feeling a little duped. We were all being sent to our death and I didn't understand why.

"I have given you all the tools you require," Agent Jane replied calmly, frowning at me like I was annoying her.

I wouldn't back down. "Bella and Edward have no training, I'm pretty sure Seth hasn't either, he looks like he is twelve," I pointed out, horrified that this was all they would be getting in the way of teaching.

Bella didn't look like she would be any good in a fight, as for Edward, I couldn't imagine he had ever been in a fight, and Seth was just a kid who could turn into a wolf. I was basically baby-sitting with a vampire as my right hand man.

"I'm fourteen," I heard Seth mutter behind me.

I could see his age only made Leah grow angry once again. She and I, at least, knew he was too young to be doing this.

"I learnt how to shoot guns online," Edward piped up proudly and I resisted the urge to roll my eyes. What a geek.

"Agent Hale, you have all the tools you require if you are unable to do your job I can put someone else in charge."

Agent Jane and I had a staring contest which she inevitably won. "Now, you will all have an hour before the plane leaves. You allwill be on it, I assure you. Take this time to say goodbye."

Agent Jane strode out of the room. Once Agent Jane was gone the group fell awkwardly silent.

Alice took that time to skip up to Jasper. "Jasper, can I talk with you about something?" Alice asked him, and then held the palm of her hand out to Leah who had opened her mouth. "Leah, I'll be fine, Jasper won't hurt me. I have to be sure and tell him this before he leaves."

"He better not," Leah growled, not looking happy with the development.

Jasper and Alice left the room.

Jacob touched Leah's arm lightly. "Leah, we need to talk."

"Touch me again and I will break your arm," Leah hissed at him furiously wrenching her arm away from his touch and Jacob flushed red with anger. "You brought my little brother into this – how can I forgive you for that?"

"You know, your bitchy attitude can run off a lot of people, but not me, I know exactly how you work Leah Clearwater. I want to talk to you and if you persist in acting like a child I'm going to treat you like one," with that said Jacob swung Leah over his shoulder and she growled in anger and started pummeling his back as he walked away with her.

"Jake," Seth called out hesitantly and Jake turned to give him a careless grin.

"Don't worry Seth, I won't hurt her."

"I'm more worried about her hurting you," Seth muttered under his breath as he watched Jacob walk away with Leah, slapping her butt as he went causing her to scream a load of profanities at him. They went back to the room where we had picked up our uniforms.

Bella curiously leant closer to the open door and Leah kicked it shut with finality making Bella jump in fright. Bella turned to Seth. "I can't believe you and Leah are related."

"We get that a lot," Seth agreed grinning.

"You're so young," Bella remarked and Seth shrugged.

"I'm not the youngest in our pack. In fact, I'm pretty mature considering…."

There was a loud commotion from the room next door like something was being thrown. We could hear Leah's furious yelling and then Jacob laughing at her.

"Like I said," he smirked, "more mature…considering - I better go make sure they haven't killed each other," Seth sighed resigned, and then he got up and ran into the room.

"Bella I have something that I want to show you," Edward said.

"Please tell me its not some weird gadget."

"Actually… it's a surprise."

Bella bit her lower lip, and then nodded, "sure… okay."

The two left the room.

"Alone at last," Emmett sighed, touching my cheek with his strong hand. "I'm a little bummed we won't be on the same team."

"Me too - I've grown accustomed to seeing you and your poor eating habits."

He laughed, and I joined him for a moment, but then… I leaned in and kissed his thick lips, my hands running along the contour of his shoulders. They were so strong, and he instantly wrapped his arms around my waist, kneading me forward and into him, as we kissed.

His lips smashed mine intensely, and our tongues teased and considered the other, playfully entering one another's mouths, as our lips grew swollen in our hungry passion.

We might not ever see each other again and I wanted to make the most of my goodbye.

I fell back on the table and he moved over me. I could feel his excitement growing as we continued ravaging the other's lips. My hands moved downward, into his pants, and his moved to my back, as his lips trailed down my neck and to the top of my breast.

I ran my hands through his soft, short curls on his head, pulling his head into my chest, as he maneuvered under my bra and started suckling on a tit with his warm lips.

Oh, he was arousing me so much. I'd never been with a man like Emmett. Frankly, I hadn't been with many men because I found them all so boring. There was a fire in Emmett that I couldn't place, and he invoked a blaze within me as his hands ran along the small of my back and teased my ass.

"Ohh," I moaned, my head falling back, "we need… to find a room."

He lifted me up and carried me to what seemed a closet. I wasn't sure. It was dark inside and there wasn't much space; however, there was enough for what we were about to do.


Deep in the throes of our encounter the door of our closet swung open. We were both half dressed and having fully enjoyed one another, when light entered on our half clothed bodies.


I turned to look over. There was a crowd gathered around us. Seth was the one who let out the 'whoa.' Edward was gawking and Bella was surprised, Leah was laughing, as was Jacob.

I think it was Jasper who walked up and closed the door, yelling from the other side, "We're leaving soon, boss. I hope you found those clothes you were looking for in there."

And I was sure I heard laughter. Who knew a vampire could have a sense of humor? Emmett and I quickly finished dressing then walked out from the utility closet.

I was still buttoning the remaining buttons at the top of my shirt, as Emmett helped me straighten up, brushing at my hair, tugging at the back of my shirt. He was so helpful. He leaned over and gave me another quick kiss, grinning from ear to ear.

I brushed down my hair. "Well, are we all here?"

No one spoke for a minute. Their eyes furtively glanced back and forth between one another.

"Way to go Em – my main man," Jacob cheered juvenilely. Leah smacked him hard on the arm.

Emmett pumped a fist, just as juvenilely. I smacked him.

Leah and I instantly had a sudden camaraderie, as the two oafs laughed. I felt sorry for Leah being stuck with them. However, I would have loved being with my Emmett. He was going into a den of possibly thousands of vampires. He was big and strong, but not that strong.

We seemed to have the relatively easy mission. We only had to find one vampire named Camros.

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