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Chapter 13: What you only need.

Shrieks filled the room.

"Get away from me! Don't get…get that..t..hing near me!!!!!!!!!"

Bel Peol laughed naughtily. "How such a guy like you,…. is scared at dolls?!"

Friagne push himself at the corner. He keep pushing, even there's no space to push his body through. While Bel Peol, stood at Friagne's feet,seemingly enjoying watching Friagne's horrified face. She kept swaying the doll back and forth, making him shout at the top of his voice as if there's no tomorrow everytime the doll gets near on his face. "Stop it!Stop it! Ah….AH!!!!!!!!!!"

She laughed jerkingly. Her hand holding her stomach, while her another hand that holds the doll placed on her forehead. Friagne looked at the doll she's holding terrified."I have enough of this…" Breathing heavily, trying to get rid of her laugh. "I guess it's time for the right thing."

"What…what you want..from..me?" Friagne asked in terror.

Bel Peol knelt down with her face close to Friagne's. "Simple enough for the old you."

At the center of Friagne's sight, he saw Bel Peol's hand lift the doll and push the doll with force towards his face.


"Mr. Friagne is absent today!" The student cried as he entered the room.

The boys cheered with joy and began throwing crampled papers at each other while the girls are… seems to be sad about the news. No handsome teacher to watch as he discusses their terror subject English.

"Eita, Keizaku, join the fun!" the student invited then a crampled paper hit him. He threw back the paper but failed to hit his classmate. "This is only once in a lifetime chance!"

"Ah..sure,we will." Keizaku replied with a slight smile.

The student was hit once more and it slightly hurt him. It wasn't a paper, but a blackboard eraser. He picked the eraser and chase the classmate who threw it to him, leaving Keizaku and Eita behind.

Keizaku looked at dazed Eita. "Sorry for what happened few days ago."

"It's…it's nothing." He replied palely.

"Come'on, let's join them." Keizaku invited.

At the corner of Eita's eye, he saw Ogata went out. "Ah…Later, I'm just going to the comfort room first." Then he went outside also.

Keizaku watched Eita go until a chalk hit him near his eye.

Kazumi sat silently at her seat, watching the boys go wild. Suddenly, a pack of Takoyaki appeared on her face.

"I got snacks, want some bite." Hecate said coldly, making her interrogative sentence into a declarative one.

Kazumi looked at Hecate. A slight smile drew from her face. She took one Takoyaki out of the pack and bite a little.

"Delicious…"She muttured.

"Yeah, it should be." Hecate replied.

Eita hurried, trying to catch up with Ogata. "Ogata…Ogata"

Ogata continued to walk, ignoring Eita behind her. She walk even more faster. The female comfortroom is almost there, she just need to reach it quick.

"Please, can we please just have a short talk?" He asked.

Ogata remained silent.

"Even just for a short talk?" He pleaded.

Finally, he reached the female comfortroom. Eita would not probably follow her until in there, she thought. But Eita went continued to walk, leading his way into the comfort room.

"What the heck are you doing!" She yelled.

"Following you."

"Bastard." He kicked Eita outside and quickly locked the door.

"At least you talked to me even a little." Eita sneered.

"Me?Talk with you? .ha." He laughed without any sense of humor.

"You just did."

She was about to blast another word, but stopped herself, unwanting to make another Eita's so-called "talk".

Eita waited for her response, but no words followed. "Alright. Tomorrow. On the riverside, after classes. I'll wait for you there until you come."

Ogata didn't replied.

"I'll wait…" Eita reassured and left.

Ogata remained silent. She sat by the door, and covered her face with her hands.

"Isn't kazumi a little bit weird?" Ike suddenly spoke.

"Kazumi? Uhm…I see anything unusual about her…" Yuji replied, gesturing for the right words to say.

Ike looked at him. "And you too."


"And everybody else." Ike continued. "Something happened?"

"Ah…uhm… Nothing happened to me, I just don't know if something happened to others."

"Eita and Ogata aren't talking to each other. And Kazumi…she seems not herself this recent past few weeks." Ike said grimly.

Yuji felt guilty about Ike's emotions. "Cheer-up! Maybe she's... adjusting herself."

"Adjusting to what?" Ike asked.

"To Hecate's arrival..? uhm..see, they are becoming closer to each other now."

"Yeah, right. I noticed that too." Ike said while thinking. "And Shana?"

Yuji was kinda surprise. "Her..?" Yeah, right. Shana

"He…he only cared for her."

Shana said grimly, while standing, her hand holding the fence with her hair continuosly flowing with the wind. Her gaze is somewhere down the campus ground, from the rooftop of the school.

Draco stood a distant away from her. His back resting on the fences, supporting his body's weight. He is staring to the fair, blue sky with the big clouds hiding the sun making it's ray unable to bright Draco's red eyes. He listens silently to Shana.

Shana's grip to the fence tighten. "And you caused all of it… How could..how could you just take Kazumi's life… all of sudden." It seems she's trying to be patient, with all the confused and outranged feelings she had. How could she say these words of concern for Kazumi, who's taking all the attention of Yuji…

"I didn't took Kazumi's life." He said calmly.

Shana gritted her teeth. "You..You..I..diot! Stop lying!" She shouted, letting go of the hold on the fence, putting her hand down with exerted force. "I'll kill you…"

"Her heart is still functioning, she is still breathing." He put his eyes on Shana. His eyes so calm and peaceful without any trace of any emotions against. "Am I lying?"

Little by little, he's taking away the distance that keep him and Shana away from each other. He took steps nearer to Shana. His eyes intently looking at Shana's fierce eyes. "Kill me?" He asked. But not in the way of insulting, but in such a calm way. Finally, he's standing in front of Shana, only an inch counts his distance away from her. "If you want to kill me, you must have already done it earlier. You never keep the opponents alive as long there is the oppurtunity hanging around."

Shana stood still there, made no any changes in her expression and position.

"Why don't ya admit it. You only need someone that can understand you."

Shana slowly bowed her head, making her hairbangs cover her eyes. Draco stood there, as calm as ever.

The clouds moved as the wind blews, revealing slowly the bright sun. It's rays once more reach the earth, enveloping it again in its heat and great light.

Shana opened her eyes as soon her thoughts went back to the present. She is still lying under the big tree, in a little hill, somewhere a little bit far away behind the school. This is where she spends her time when she wanted to be alone, in this hill that gives her a sigh of relief.


"Hmm…?" Alastor responded.

"Why you're so silent in that moment..You didn't even interrupt." She asked softly.

What she and Draco had talked about few days ago kept coming back to her mind. She remembers the peaceful red eyes of Draco. So gentle…

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