Author's Note: Story inspired by Annie Sparklecakes' 'NaruBook.'

This is a collection of oneshots (mostly based on facebook quizzes) that are in no way connected to each other, unless stated otherwise. The 'world' may vary as well, but you can easily find out as the oneshot progresses. It may also contain innuendos and the like, so be warned xD

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by: Gabbeh


What's on your mind?


Quiz # 1: Who Will You Marry?

Want to know who your future spouse will be? Take this quiz to find out!


1. What do you look for in a person?

[] Social

[] Attractive

[] Passionate

[x] Caring (who knew Sasuke had it in him?)


2. What is your hobby?

[] Studying

[] Shopping

[x] Healing

[] Sparring


3. What is your favorite color?

[] Yellow

[x] Pink (Hell yeah!)

[] Blue

[] Purple


4. What do you prefer?

[] Flirty

[] Nerdy

[x] Badass (hehe..)

[] Intelligent


5. Who would you like better?

[] A person who can wise crack his/her way out of a bad situation

[] A person who goes out of his/her way to create a bad situation

[x] A person smart enough not to get in a bad situation (because Sasuke-kun's smart. duh.)

[] A person that can buy his/her way out of a bad situation


Get Quiz Result!


Haruno Sakura is WTF? This is so wrong...

Haruno Sakura took the 'Who Will You Marry?' quiz and got the result: 'Orochimaru.'

You will marry:


You like older men, especially those who are naughty, naughty, naughty! You like it when a guy stares at you with those piercing eyes. Never mind that he might not be loyal to you and have fun with little boys because you love his badass attitude! You like it when a guy has pale white skin and a very long tongue that things. You don't seem to mind when he himself is confused of what gender he is as long as he can make you happy!

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Uchiha Karin likes this.


Uchiha Karin at 8:21pm July 3


Uchiha Sasuke at 8:21pm July 3

What the hell? Wasn't he our preschool teacher?

And Karin, for the nth time, use your real name.

Uchiha Karin at 8:22pm July 3

But this is my real name, Sasuke-kun! ;)

Haruno Sakura at 8:23pm July 3

I think Stupid and Karin put together sounds wonderful.

Uchiha Karin at 8:25pm July 3

…who's Stupid?

Haruno Sakura at 8:25pm July 3

Exactly my point.

Uzumaki Naruto at 8:26pm July 31

NOOOOO! Kami, please don't let teme mess up as a boyfriend like he has in life. May he have the balls to finally ask Sakura-chan to marry his pathetic, bastardly self. May Sakura-chan end up with anyone but Teacher Orochimaru. Amen.

Orochimaru at 8:27pm July 3

Why issss that, Naruto-kun?

Uzumaki Naruto at 8:28pm July 3

…oops I didn't notice you were friends with Sakura-chan, Teacher Oro! Hihihi I was just kidding! Anyone would be lucky to be married to you! Believe it!

Orochimaru at 8:28pm July 3

Of coursssse. And I'm sssure Ssssakura-chan here will make a good wife. Hisssss…

Haruno Sakura at 8:29pm July 3

Ahahaha… Thank you for the compliment, Teacher Oro. I'm sure I'll marry someone…as kind as you someday.

Uzumaki Naruto at 8:29pm July 3

Poor teme. He will be dumped soon. But yes, you deserve a kind person, Sakura-chan.

Uchiha Sasuke at 8:30pm July 3

Are you saying I'm not kind, dobe?

Uzumaki Naruto at 8:30pm July 3

No comment.

Orochimaru at 8:31pm July 3

Ah, anytime. But Ssssakura-chan, why did you bother to take thissss quiz? Tsssk. Tsssk. Youth thesssse dayssss…

Haruno Sakura at 8:32pm July 3

Don't mind this stupid quiz, sensei! And don't take it personally. I'm sure some idiot just got bored with his life and made this pathetic quiz.

Orochimaru at 8:32pm July 3

Nonsssenssse. I'm actually amusssed. Sssomeone out there isss interesssted in my private life. How lovely.

Haruno Sakura at 8:33pm July 3

But…but…the the quiz says you like…you know…little boys!

Orochimaru at 8:34pm July 3

Thuss, the pressschool teacher job. My, my Ssssakura-chan. And here I thought you were one of my brightessst ssstudentsss.

Haruno Sakura at 8:35pm July 3

…long tongue?

Orochimaru at 8:36pm July 3

Well I wasss given a blesssssed tongue for a reassson now, wasssn't I? It's sssuch a ssshame not to put it to good usssse.

Haruno Sakura at 8:38pm July 3

…confused with your sexuality?

Orochimaru at 8:39pm July 3


Tsunade at 8:39pm July 3

Musst you hisss even when typing, Orochimaru? It'ss really pisssssing me off.

Orochimaru at 8:40pm July 3

Oh? I thought it wasss sssexyy.

Tsunade at 8:40pm July 3

Sexy, it is not. Puke-worthy, it is.

Orochimaru at 8:41pm July 3

Pfft, sstop trying to ssound like Yoda just to feel ssmart.

And are you PMSssing again? Or are you just jealousss that I'll be married to Sssakura-chan here in the very near future?

Tsunade at 8:42pm July 3

You will not, under any circumstances, touch a single strand of hair on my student. You hear me?

Orochimaru at 8:42pm July 3

Ahh, no worriesss. I'm sssure her hair isssn't her only asssset.

Tsunade at 8:43pm July 3


Tsunade at 8:44pm July 3

Orochimaru, I'm warning you.

Tsunade at 8:50pm July 3


Uchiha Sasuke at 8:50pm July 3

Orochimaru-sama is unavailable for the time being.

Tsunade at 8:51pm July 3

And how, pray tell, did you know this piece of information, Sasuke?

Uchiha Sasuke at 8:52pm July 3

I happened to pass by his house only a few seconds ago.

Haruno Sakura at 8:52pm July 3

Sasuke-kun…please tell me you didn't knock him unconscious.

Uchiha Sasuke at 8:53pm July 3

Okay, I didn't knock him unconscious.

Haruno Sakura at 8:54pm July 3

What did you do then? And don't you dare lie.

Uchiha Sasuke at 8:55pm July 3

I kicked him where it hurts the most. Didn't seem to bother him. Then I destroyed all his makeup and he fainted.

Haruno Sakura at 8:55pm July 3

So you did make him unconscious, damn it!

Uchiha Sasuke at 8:56pm July 3

Well, you asked if I knocked him unconscious. Which, technically, I didn't.

Haruno Sakura at 8:57pm July 3

Why you little…

Uchiha Sasuke at 8:57pm July 3

I think we both know I'm not.

Uchiha Karin at 8:58pm July 3


Haruno Sakura at 8:50pm July 3

SASUKE! That's inappropriate!

Uchiha Sasuke at 8:59pm July 3

You didn't think so yesterday.

Haruno Sakura at 9:01pm July 3

I…I…hate you! Don't ever talk to me again!


Uchiha Sasuke thinks Sakura should come out of her house

Haruno Sakura is still too pissed to talk

Uchiha Sasuke does not like waiting

Haruno Sakura doesn't care

Uchiha Sasuke is still waiting

Haruno Sakura still doesn't care

Uchiha Sasuke thinks Sakura should just open the fucking door

Haruno Sakura thinks her boyfriend is too demanding

Uchiha Sasuke is definitely not

Haruno Sakura is annoyed

Uchiha Sasuke thinks Sakura stole his line

Haruno Sakura wants to be ALONE

Uchiha Sasuke is oh fuck this

Uchiha Karin is aww, you can come to me anytime, Sasuke-kun ;)

Uchiha Karin ...

Uchiha Karin hellooooo?


Haruno Sakura and Uchiha Sasuke are now engaged.


Uchiha Karin is WTF? Die bitch die!

Suigetsu is like, so how about that date Karin?

Uchiha Karin is OMG leave me alone you freak!

Suigetsu is :(


Uchiha Sasuke wonders how the dobe is still alive

Uzumaki Naruto thinks the teme shouldn't try to change the subject. Why him, Sakura-channn? :(

Uchiha Sasuke thinks why not, idiot?

Haruno Sakura remembers Naruto saying he wanted her and Sasuke to end up together

Uzumaki Naruto doesn't remember saying such a stupid thing

Haruno Sakura loves Sasuke

Uchiha Sasuke is smirking

Uzumaki Naruto is puking

Haruno Sakura thinks that's gross


Name change request submitted.

Uchiha Sakura thinks her new name looks nice

Uchiha Sasuke likes this.


Uchiha Sasuke thinks this quiz is stupid.

Uchiha Sasuke took the 'Who will you marry?' quiz and got the result: 'Orochimaru.'

You will marry:


You like older men, especially those who are naughty, naughty, naughty! You like it when a guy stares at you with those piercing eyes. Never mind that he might not be loyal to you and molest little boys because you love his bad ASS attitude! You like it when a guy has pale white skin and a very long tongue that things. You don't seem to mind when he himself is confused of what gender he is as long as he can make you happy!

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Orochimaru likes this.


Orochimaru at 11:42pm July 3

You know where I live, Sssassuke-kun ;)

Uchiha Sasuke at 11:43pm July 3

Go to hell.



Author's Note: When I was done writing this and decided to start proofreading, I noticed that Sasuke's name was nowhere to be found. All I could see was 'Sauce.' I blame my spell check in MS Word for that. LOL.

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