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Quiz # 6: What Will You Be When You're Older?

Want to know what you'll be doing 10, 20 years from now? Take this quiz to find out!


1. How old are you?

[] Less than 17

[x] 18-30

[] 31-60

[] 61 or older


2. What is your favorite color?

[] Red

[] Blue

[] Green

[x] What the hell does my favorite color have to do with anything? (My point exactly.)


3. Are you a people person?

[] Omg yes, I absolutely loooove talking to people

[x] *silence*

[] Maybe. I'm a bit shy.

[] I stay at home all day


4. Rate how smart you are. The higher, the smarter! Remember to be honest now. No cheating!

[x] 4 (Obviously.)

[] 3

[] 2

[] 1


5. Do you think your future career will include 'dirty' work?

[] Uhhh…

[x] Yes. (If killing is considered dirty.)

[] No freaking way!

[] If I can't get any other job, then sure ;)


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Uchiha Sasuke thinks this quiz is stupid

Uchiha Sasuke took the 'What Will You Be When You're Older?' quiz and got the result: 'Professional Stalker.'

You are a:

Professional Stalker!

It's alright to look, but staring at her like there's no tomorrow's just a little too much, don't you think? It's a surprise she hasn't melted by now. And walking behind her unnoticed as she walks home at night is NOT considered 'making sure she's safe.' No, that's considered stalking and at the rate this is going, you'll be a professional in no time. Congratulations?

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Haruno Sakura at 6:21pm April 9

...I thought I heard something following me that night.

Guess it was you then.

Uchiha Sasuke at 6:21pm April 9

No, that was a pervert.

I happened to be walking in the same direction and beat him up for you.

Haruno Sakura at 6:22pm April 9

Am I supposed to be thankful?

Uchiha Sasuke at 6:22pm April 9

That would be nice, yes.

Haruno Sakura at 6:23pm April 9

Alright, thanks for stalking me Sasuke-kun.

Uchiha Sasuke at 6:24pm April 9

I was NOT stalking you.

Uzumaki Naruto at 6:26pm April 9

HAHAHAHA. Teme's a stalker!

Uchiha Sasuke at 6:26pm April 9

Shut up, dobe.

Uzumaki Naruto at 6:27pm April 9

Ha! I was wondering why you left right after Sakura-chan did that night.

Uchiha Sasuke at 6:27pm April 9

I had a mission the next morning.

Uzumaki Naruto at 6:27pm April 9

Isn't your house in the opposite direction?

Uchiha Sasuke at 6:28pm April 9

Stop trying to be a smartass.

Haruno Sakura at 6:29pm April 9

But he has a point there.

I still think it's fishy.

Uzumaki Naruto at 6:29pm April 9

HA! Hear that, teme?

Uchiha Sasuke at 6:30pm April 9

For the hundredth time, I was NOT stalking you.

Haruno Sakura at 6:31pm April 9

Ooohh got your panties in a twist, Sasuke-kun?

Uchiha Sasuke at 6:32pm April 9

I'm not wearing anything.

Haruno Sakura at 6:32pm April 9


Uzumaki Naruto at 6:32pm April 9


Uchiha Sasuke at 6:36pm April 9

Holy sh


Uchiha Sasuke is homeless

Hyuuga Neji is drinking tea in his wonderful kitchen

Uchiha Sasuke thinks that cold-hearted people should shut up

Hyuuga Neji thinks that Uchiha Sasuke should shut up then

Uchiha Sasuke is sure that Hyuuga wouldn't last 5 minutes in his condition

Hyuuga Neji doesn't agree

Uchiha Sasuke wonders if you would survive an attack by almost the whole Konoha female population while you were dressing up

Hyuuga Neji ...shit

Uchiha Sasuke thinks shit doesn't even describe it

Haruno Sakura is sure you enjoyed it anyway

Uzumaki Naruto agrees

Uchiha Sasuke blames the two of you for making him homeless

Tsunade has to agree. By order of the council, Naruto and Sakura, both of you are in charge of Uchiha's living conditions for now

Uzumaki Naruto WHAT? But baa-chaaan!

Haruno Sakura WHAT? But Tsunade-shishou! He's the one who proclaimed to the world that he was naked!

Uchiha Sasuke did not. Some stupid person hacked into his account and made everything on his profile public

Uzumaki Naruto is trying not to laugh

Haruno Sakura thinks Naruto should be the one responsible for Sasuke then

Tsunade is also sorry to say that since Naruto's apartment is not...suitable to live in, Uchiha will be staying in Sakura's for the time being

Uzumaki Naruto thinks that's a great idea! But my apartment is just perfect, just saying...

Uchiha Sasuke is smirking

Haruno Sakura cannot believe this

Yamanaka Ino wants to get her beauty sleep every night, so people better turn it down

Haruno Sakura is confused

Jiraiya isn't

Hatake Kakashi is so proud. My students are truly growing up!

Uchiha Sasuke thinks that's sick

Jiraiya thinks it's the beauty of life


Haruno Sakura is getting more confused

The Mighty Gai is surprised. Sakura-chan doesn't understand?

Haruno Sakura obviously doesn't

The Mighty Gai is willing to explain!

Haruno Sakura thinks yes, please do.

Uzumaki Naruto DON'T!

Uchiha Sasuke thinks the guy with a bowl-cut hair and tight green spandex should shut up

The Mighty Gai doesn't agree! Sakura-chan is old enough to know!

Haruno Sakura agrees

Uchiha Sasuke does not like repeating himself

The Mighty Gai wonders, for starters – if Sakura-chan knows about the birds and the bees?

Haruno Sakura doesn't

Uchiha Sasuke warned you

Haruno Sakura ...hello?

Haruno Sakura is rolling her eyes


Haruno Sakura wrote on Uchiha Sasuke's Wall:

Since you scared away the person who was supposed to enlighten me, why don't you tell me about the birds and the bees?


Uchiha Sasuke doesn't want to talk about it

Haruno Sakura is well, tough luck, you have to or I'm throwing you out of my apartment

Uchiha Sasuke is scared. Not.

Haruno Sakura asjkslfjjd

Jiraiya will give some advice: it's better to show than tell ;)

Haruno Sakura is yes. Go Sasuke, or I swear I'll burn all the tomatoes in Konoha

Uchiha Sasuke is no. And that will never happen

Haruno Sakura is getting pissed. Come onnn!

Uchiha Sasuke thinks Sakura should stop whining

Haruno Sakura won't unless you start enlightening me!

Uchiha Sasuke thinks Sakura should leave his room

Haruno Sakura won't. And this is MY extra room in MY apartment and I can throw you out anytime

Uchiha Sasuke would like to see you try

Haruno Sakura definitely will


Kani Tahoru wrote on Haruno Sakura's Wall:

Sakura-neechan! Are you okay? I heard weird sounds coming from your place down the hall. Is that weird chicken ass-haired guy being mean to you?:(


Yamanaka Inowrote on Haruno Sakura's Wall:

Congratulations, you two lovebirds. BUT WILL YOU GUYS PLEASE TURN IT DOWN!


Haruno Sakura –signs out-

Uchiha Sasuke -signs out-


The Mighty Gai

The birds and the beeees. Ah, the power of youth. YOSH!

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Jiraiya will use his sannin powers to shut down this stupid networking site.

Jiraiya took the 'What Will You Be When You're Older?' quiz and got the result: ''

You are a:

Sorry sir, but it seems you are too old to be taking a quiz like this. This was designed for our, ehem, younger users. Maybe take a look at our other quizzes that may be more suitable for you?

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Jiraiya at 9:13pm April 11

When I get older, I'll be the greatest writer that ever lived.

Oh wait, I already am.


Uzumaki Naruto at 9:15pm April 11

Old hermit.

Jiraiya at 9:16pm April 11

What's that, brat?

Uzumaki Naruto at 9:17pm April 11

You're so young and fresh.

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