Don't hate me for this, I had this idea for this fic after watching the movie Stepmum!! enjoy!

Phil Hunter had the perfect life seemingly, a fantastic career, a beautiful daughter, an awesome car and to top it all of a stunning wife. Most of his male colleagues were jealous of the man who had it all.

"Good morning baby" he smiled to his petite blonde haired wife before giving her a kiss.

" morning gorgeous" she greeted her husband

"do you know how lucky I am to have a wife like you" he said

" well I would be even luckier if I had a husband that didn't snore and keep me up at night" she replied with a smile.

" You know we have half an hour before I have to get Rachel up for school" Phil winked

"Oh are you propositioning me Mr. Hunter?" She questioned.

With that cheeky Phil Hunter grin he nodded and dived onto his wife in a mad moment of passion. Everyday with his wife was the honeymoon period, it never got boring. When it was over, she breathed deeply "was that 30 minutes?"

"nope, we still have another 10" he puffed giving into desire one more time.

Rachel Hunter sat at the breakfast table quietly eating her cereal, she hated her life right at this present time and she had good reason to. "Morning sweetie" her dad said planting a kiss on his daughter's forehead.

" Dad I'm going to be late, let's get going" she snapped.

The blonde figure entered the kitchen and poured a cup of coffee " Morning Rach, you all set for exams?" she asked sipping the hot liquid.

Rachel didn't answer her, she put her bowl into the sink and exited the kitchen declaring " I'll be in the car Dad" slamming the front door behind her.

"Phil I can't take much more of this, I'm making an effort to get on with her, but she just doesn't seem to like me" His wife said.

" Debs, I'll get her mother to have a word with her after school, she goes back to Sam's tonight. I'll see you at work shortly" kissing his wife and leaving.

Phil had been married to Debbie McAllister for the past 2 months, they had got together after having an affair which followed the break-up of his marriage to D.I. Sam Nixon. Previously he had been married to Sam for 17 years and they had their daughter Rachel together. The deceit was too much for Sam and she ended their marriage. Phil and Debbie had now been together for 18 months, but Rachel refused to accept them together and spent the entire time at her dad's in silence, speaking only when necessary.

"Rach" Phil began in the car "how about I take you and Debbie out for dinner tonight before I drop you back to Mums?"

"no thanks Dad, I'm going to the cinema tonight with Mum" she replied getting out of the car and slamming the door hard. Phil sighed to himself and sped off to work.

Coolly walking into the CID office, his ex-wife was already there, he tutted to himself as he watched her look at her watch "Philip you're late" Sam Nixon reminded him, she was like an army major.

" yes well I had to drop our daughter off to school" he replied walking into her office.

" I hope she wasn't late Phil" Sam said shuffling some paperwork around on her desk " I don't want her attendance falling"

" Sam we need to talk about Rachel, she's not getting on with Debbie at all" Phil informed her.

Sam looked up from her paperwork " can you blame her? I mean this woman wrecked her parents marriage. Do you really expect her to want to play happy families?"

" You need to talk to her Sam, please"

" fine I'll talk to her tonight, why don't you and Debbie come over, I'll cook. Is that what you want? She asked.

" Yes" Phil said walking away with a smile.

Later that evening after work, Sam Nixon picked up her daughter up from her friend's house " hey darling" she greeted Rachel with a kiss. " did you have a good time at Dad's?"

" it was ok" Rachel said belting up

" That's good, Debbie and Dad are coming over for dinner, I'm going to make spaghetti"

"what why does she have to come?" Rachel protested.

" Rachel, I know me and your father are split up, but we're still friends, we all have to get on" Rachel didn't reply, instead she just rolled her eyes.

Sam spent ages preparing the perfect spaghetti, it was her speciality and Phil's favourite food, even though they were divorced, Sam always had a love there for Phil and no matter how hard she tried, it wouldn't go away.

The doorbell rang "Rach, can you get that?" Sam called putting the finishing touches to the meal.

" yeah" she replied not interested, opening it, she wasn't surprised that it was Phil and Debbie.

" Hi Rach" Debbie smiled leaning over to give Rachel a hug but she turned away " Dad" she acknowledged leading them to the dining room.

Rachel began laying the food down not wanting the evening to go ahead, but she knew it would with or without her approval. Soon, they were all sitting down to the meal that Sam had cooked. Debbie and Phil had brought white wine as a goodwill gesture.

After what seemed an eternity of no-one speaking, Sam broke the ice "So Debbie how's married life?" Sam asked.

"it's great" she replied rubbing Phil's hand as they stared into each other's eyes.

"Rach, how did you get on with your exams?" Debbie proceeded to ask Rachel " I was thinking of maybe taking you shopping as a treat, you know just you and me".

Again Rachel didn't answer, to which her father stepped in " Rachel, could you answer Debbie please?" he said sternly.

Banging the fork onto the plate, she eventually spoke to Debbie, but it wasn't the reaction that she wanted " Debbie why do you pretend you're interested in my life?".

Debbie was totally unprepared for that question "I care about you and your dad" she replied taking a sip of wine.

Sam poked her dinner with her fork feeling extremely uncomfortable wondering if she should say something.

" well I don't care about you, I don't like you Debbie. It's bad enough you had to sleep around with half the nick but you have to sleep with my dad and ruin my parents marriage. I hate you and I will never, ever like you. Mum may I be excused?" Rachel may have been young, but she shocked everyone to the core with that very sentence.

"Rachel Hunter apologise this second to Debbie" Phil said harshly.

"no and you can't make me" Rachel said defiant as ever. Sam agreed with her ex husband and demanded that Rachel apologise, but she left the table and walked away.

When she got to the bottom of the stairs, Rachel shouted into the dining room " I won't be back in your house Dad until that slut's gone" she shouted, next sound they heard was the slamming of Rachel's bedroom door.

They all looked at each other not quite believing what just happened

"well" Sam said trying her hardest not to laugh "that was eventful" taking a sip of her wine.

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