This is an extra chapter when Edward takes Bella to dinner. We'll see what was on Edward's mind when Bella saw him acted strange.

Enjoy :)


We arrived at the restaurant. The last time I came here with Alice, we were leaving with foul mood. And now, it was payback time. Alice had seen the waitress who we would like to get revenge took a night shift. It was my time for my sweet revenge.

I opened the passenger door and took Bella's hands. She looked stunning tonight. If my heart was still beating, it will be ponded heavily now. The waitress saw our arrival and her smiled faded when she saw Bella. Wait...isn't that girl who come here with his sister? No way.....this is his fiancee?

I tired so hard to control my expression. I smiled when we approached her. "Good evening. We rent this place for tonight."

"Er...yes...of course. You must be Mr. Cullen, then," She stammered.

Bella looked at me curiously. I just squezzed her hand gently. We followed the waitress and she sent me to a table in the center of the room. I requested the table with a flower of freesia and a fragrance candle. I pulled the chair for Bella and after she was comfortable, I sat on my chair.

"Um...Edward, isn't this too much?" She asked and bit her lip.

I fought to stay calm on my seat when I saw she bit her lip. A warm feeling surged into my stone body and good thing we were getting married. I didn't think I could take my virtue any longer when I saw she did that. And the worst was I remembered vividly when we were making out in the kitchen this morning. Focus, Edward!

"Please, Bella. Let me do this for you," I answered simply, fighting the urge to kiss her.

She sighed. "OK!"

A waiter approached us to write our order. Wow, she's hot, man....I wish she's not coming with him. I glared to the waiter. He still had the nerve to hit on my fiancee. Immature!

"What would you like to order?" He asked after cutting his staring contest to my fiancee.

"Bella?" I asked her.

"Um...I'll have the meatballs and pasta, please."

"And you, Sir?"

"Make it two."

Bella raised her eyebrows. I grinned.

"For the drink?"

I motioned to Bella for her order. She quickly glanced to the menu. "A...strawberry smoothy?"

I looked at her curiously. A smoothy? Really?

"And you, Sir?"

"Just water, please."

The waiter raised his eyebrows and took our menu. I turned to Bella. "A smoothy?" I asked her.

She smiled sheepishly. "Sorry....I thought this is a special occasion, so I want to try something else. You don't mind, do you?" She asked slowly and biting her lip, again.

I gulped. I didn't know she did that on purpose or not. "No....not at all, love." I shook my head, trying to compose my face and tamed my hormones. Really, I'd rather face the entire Volturi guard rather than fighting my hormones right now.

Damn, she's lucky. I wonder why they are married...she couldn't be pregnant, could she? It was the waitress again. I fought the urge to smile. Bella furrowed her eyebrows when she saw my face. I was sure she already knew the change from my demeanor.

I wish he was mine. But the girl is pretty. I don't think I can compete with her..and she seems nice too... Ha! Finally, she realized that.

Our food came not long after the mental attack from the waitress. Bella ate her food while I showed her my skill to make my food disappeared. She just shook her head watching my antics. She looked surprise when my plate was nearly empty.

" think I need to learn how to do that," She said to me.

I grinned. "Don't worry. We have eternity to do that."

She smiled and back to her food.

Oh, wow....I never see a girl like that. Why in this small town all the chicks are not like her? And this time, it was the waiter. I rolled my eyes mentally. I couldn't believe I had to hear their immature comments.

Bella finished her food and I asked for the bill. I didn't think I could hold myself any longer from hearing their thoughts. I walked Bella to our car and I planned to give her my ring back on a beautiful park. I wished she didn't refused me this time.