Title: Rules of Engagement
Rating: T
Disclaimer: I do not own Macross Frontier.
Summary: A prequel series to The Longest Battle. Ten shots where Saotome Alto attempts to propose to Sheryl Nome.
Notes: See profile page for the status of the other ongoing stories.


In the commemoration party of Frontier's victory in claiming the Vajra planet, a silent Alto stood beside Luca near the punch table. Luca was busy in the process of pouring himself another drink to notice the growing smile of Alto upon sighting a certain songstress making her grand entrance in fashionable tardiness. Like in the old war movies, especially the ones in the twentieth century, where one military man singles out the woman who was destined to share his future, turns to his buddy and says "See that girl over there? I'm going to marry her", Alto turned to Luca.

"Luca," he smirked, motioning his head to where his songstress was chattering with Ranka and her biological brother (who wasn't really doing much talking). "See that girl over there?"


"I'm going to marry her."

Luca blinked, astonishment highlighted in his childlike face.

"Err…Alto-sempai, I don't think Captain Ozma would appreciate you stealing Miss Cathy from him."

Taken aback, Alto followed Luca's gaze and found Cathy Glass standing in their plain view while effectively blocking Sheryl and her chitchat group.

He groaned.

"Not Miss Cathy! The one behind her."

Luca's mouth formed an "O" as he watched Cathy Glass drift off to join the Bridge Bunnies, revealing the trio composed of two green-haired siblings and one strawberry-blonde songstress, one thing all three had in common was being used once or twice by an evil psychotic scientist slash manager.

"Oh! I get it now, sempai!" Luca's eyes gleamed with understanding. Alto closed his eyes in satisfaction—then snapped open when his shouta friend happily added, "So you were really holding a torch for Ranka-san all along, huh, Alto-sempai?"

"No! It's Sheryl, you idiot! She-ri-ru." The blue-haired pilot corrected through clenched teeth.

Luca frowned, "You could have just told me from the beginning, you know."

"Isn't it obvious that it would be Sheryl I would want to marry?"

"Well sorry, sempai. It was always rather vague when it came to which girl you liked the most."

Alto glared, "What do you think I am? Some wishy-washy male lead of some love-triangle anime?"


"Don't answer that. In any case, I'm going to ask Sheryl to marry me and that's that." He said, refilling his cup. He drank to cool off his vexation.

It was some time later when Luca spoke again and when Alto managed to find his calm again.

"...Sheryl is a terrific woman, Alto-sempai."

Alto smiled in agreement, ready to take another sip from his drink when...

"So how are you going to ask her to marry you?"