So This is What it Takes?

A fan fic by Beautiful Nightmare07

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Rated M for language and adult situations

Chapter 1- Teasing

Tifa stared at the caller i.d. on her cell phone with frightened eyes. She knew he would have found out eventually, but she hadn't expected it to be so soon. She hadn't even thought of an excuse or a lie for that much. It had only been last summer. She had been hoping and praying that he would never find out, honestly. But you could never put anything past him, he was foolproof. She ran her pale thumb over the green button that would connect her with the caller.


The beautiful martial artist nearly jumped out of her skin upon hearing someone speak her name. She spun around to find Yuffie gawking at her, "Oh, Yuff it's you. What's up?"

The high strung ninja approached her long time friend slowly, her hands outstretched in front of her; a clear sign of hesitance, "You're ghostly white. What's the matter?"

Tifa's phone vibrated with proof of the missed call. Less than a second later, it began to ring again, the same caller demanding her immediate attention. Yuffie caught sight of her friend's eyes darting down when the phone rang again.

"Tifa, who is it?" The younger of the two women demanded, snatching the device from Tifa's gloved hands. Yuffie looked from the phone to her friend, and back again until the phone ceased its infernal ringing, "What's your deal? You're shaking like a leaf."

The long haired maiden swallowed hard at the lump that was beginning to form in her now dry throat. Her lack of ability to answer Yuffie as quick as the ninja had wanted resulted in the spicy ninja's face turning red with annoyance, "Um, hellooooo, would you answer me please? What's wrong? Why didn't you answer your phone it was just-GAH!"

Tifa grabbed Yuffie by her upper arms suddenly, her face wild with fear, "Yuff, he knows. He knows about last summer with Reno!"

The younger girl's mouth fell open, "Who the hell told?"

"Probably that dirt bag Reno. Whenever he gets a chance to brag about his conquests he does. Oh god, what do I do?"

Yuffie quirked an eyebrow, "Tifa, you're getting yourself all worked up for no reason, maybe he doesn't know. Besides, you're single. You were single then. You don't have to answer to Cloud Strife about your sex life-"

"You don't understand! It's too complex!" Tifa wailed, cutting Yuffie off before she had the chance to finish her sentence. Tifa sealed her eyes shut with horror as she tried to slow her breathing.

The ninja shrugged her panicking friend off, tossing her cell phone back to her, "What's complex about it? You love Cloud, but Cloud is unreadable, always has been, and you decided to take out years of frustration on Reno. It's really not all that unheard of."

This earned another wail from Tifa as Yuffie inserted her take on her relationship with Cloud. She was completely right of course, but it was entirely too embarrassing to stomach in her current state. It was true, she absolutely adored Cloud and the ground he walked on, and she knew that he knew of her feelings for him. He, however, remained a wasteland of emotions. She knew he cared for her, but not in the same intense way she cared for him…right? And Reno had been so charming that night. He had used the same pick up lines he always used, but he had also been interesting company that could make her laugh when she felt like crying. He had been there for her while Cloud had been off delivering a package in some god forsaken part of the world, she couldn't remember where exactly. And besides, Reno's blue eyes had reminded her of Cloud's mako ones.

Reno had treated her the way she had always dreamed Cloud would. He whispered sweet nothings she had always longed to hear, he had essentially been Cloud in Cloud's absence…rather his constant absence in the romance department.

Tifa scolded herself upon remembering her intimate encounter with Reno. She hadn't been sleeping with Reno at all, she kept reminding herself. It had been her long time childhood friend, in her head at least. He had been a generous lover, taking his time and sexing her right. But it hadn't been the right decision at all.

She had been lonely and the alcohol might have had an effect on her as well. Even though she was past Reno being a Turk, she knew how Cloud felt about them, and it made her mistake all the more haunting.

"Why would he talk to Reno?"

Tifa stared at her friend blankly for a moment before she realized that Yuffie had asked her a question, "He delivered a package to the inn this morning. Apparently Reno has been staying there. He probably took that as his opportunity to boast about it in front of Cloud."

"How do you know that?" Yuffie asked.

Tifa's cheeks burned red,"Because he left me a voicemail telling me he was staying there. I don't know why he thinks I'm even interested. I wish he would lose my number, I mean really."

Yuffie let out a loud snort, "Do you even hear yourself? Why would you think he's interested? You knocked bones with the poor guy last summer. And besides, you're still single. Maybe he's hoping for a summer rendezvous part deux."

"Yuffie!" The long haired beauty gasped, cracking her fingers in nervousness, "Stop it!"

"Seriously Tifa, why are you so nervous? You aren't married, hell, you aren't even dating anyone. You're free to sleep where you choose."

"Please, stop Yuffie!" Tifa tried again, "It was a mistake, one that I wish I could take back."

Her friend let a mischievous smile work its way onto her face, "I bet you weren't saying that then. 'Oh Reno, Reno, harder!'" Yuffie mocked at the top of her lungs. Luckily the bar was closed until five so there wasn't a soul around to hear her fake moans.

"SHUT UP YUFFIE!" Tifa yelled at the top of her lungs. This only made Yuffie more neurotic, "'Oh god, just like that. Show me that those rumors about the Turks are true-'"

She ceased her teasing once she noticed that Tifa wasn't clinging onto her anymore, trying in vain to shut her up. She followed her friend's gaze to the door and immediately her lips sealed into a tight line.

The teasing atmosphere died once he had walked through the door. Neither woman dared to move once their eyes had connected to his deathly cold cerulean blues. But Yuffie wasn't the object of his focus. It was the voluptuous woman standing next to her, cracking her fingers with unforgiving fierceness.

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