The Prince's Problem

It was a fairly normal say in the house of the Varia. Well, as normal as you get when living with seven assassins. All was quiet. Birds were chirping in the trees, the trickling of a stream could be heard from the windows. Everything was peaceful. That was until-


The cry came from none other than the Varia's own prodigy, the Prince the Ripper, Belphegor. He was being dragged by the hair, very uncharacteristically, kicking and screaming. The one who was o-so-gently dragging the prince down the corridor was Superbi Squalo who wore his usual black coat and an evil grin. They eventually reached a door which was covered in cute, pink stickers and had a banner stretched across the expensive wood, declaring that it was 'Lissuria's Room'. Without bothering to knock, the Silver haired man barged in. Lissuria glanced up, slightly surprised at some of the language flying out of the prince's mouth and the fact that a Varia member had dared to go into his room (they usually gave it a wide berth for some strange reason).

"VOI! The Prince is complaining that he can't see. I thought we could help him." Squalo's grin had widened. Lissuria caught on pretty quickly.

"I was not complaining! I was…. Commenting…" The prince finished lamely.

"Oh fantastic!!" And with that the green haired man ran to a large box in the corner of the room and began rooting through what appeared to be sewing equipment. Bel gulped. About 10 seconds later he came back with a piece of equipment that made the prince blanch.

Strange screams and strangled yells echoed down the corridors of the mansion causing Levi and Mammon to glance at each other in faint confusion.

About five minutes later, Belphegor was frog-marched into the room by two very smug looking Varia members. Mammon and Levi broke down in laughter.

The fearsome Prince the Ripper now wore a bright pink bow which had scraped back almost all of the hair off of his face except from a couple of stray strands. He looked furious and this just added to the hilarity.

"I REFUSE TO WEAR THIS BECAUSE I AM A PRINCE!!!!" A couple of tears were pricking the corners of his usually hidden eyes due to the fact that his hair had been pulled back so savagely and the bow was pulling it even more so.

"VOI! Can you see better now princess?!" Squalo asked between laughter. Belphegor stormed out of the room to try and get the bow out, still fuming and muttering something that sounded like 'the prince is not amused'.….

"LISSURIA! HELP ME GET THIS GODDAMN BOW OUT!!!!" The Varia broke down into laughter again.

There is now a drawing to go with this! To view, go here

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