A/N: I can't finnish a FF to save my life. So to try and get into practice I'm am going to attempt to write a series of droubles based on the Fanart100 project years ago. Feel free to write your own. I haven't seen the pilot so If I make mistakes just consider it to be a case of AU. Also it says this is exactly 200 words on my PC so I don't care that the archive says otherwise, damnit. Hope you enjoy. ;-)


'Well?' Mitchell threw his arms wide in a grand sweep. 'What do you think?'

George stood and looked at the building, his arms wrapped around his waist, his head on a slight tilt.

'It's er…' George licked his lips. 'It's… very…'

Mitchell slumped 'You don't like it.'

'No!' George said quickly. 'No no no no no no no. I never said...no. It's just…'


'It's pink.'

A tiny smile pinned up the corners of Mitchell's mouth.

'Yeah, So?'

'I mean really really pink.'


'If a flamingo had a torrent love affair with a stick of fairy-floss this building would be their forbidden love child.'

Mitchell looked back at the building. George spoke the truth. It was undeniably pink.

'I like it.' he said with a nod. 'It's unique, like us.'

'I thought the point of this was us trying to be normal.' said George.

'Can't you be unique and normal?' asked Mitchell.

'No. In fact I think they are complete opposites. When I ask myself "What's the antonym for unique?" I think "normal".'

'Well it's either this entire pink house, or that two bedroom flat that smelt like goat.'

George thought for a second. 'I like it.'