An Epistle of Adoration

Disclaimer: All characters in Zetsuai since 1989/Bronze belong to Minami Ozaki-sensei. No infringement intended.

Premise: The poem is 'an epistle of adoration' from Nanjo Kouji to Takuto Izumi.

A bloodless dream
Terrifies me,
A painless heart
Drowns me in fear,
For your worship is sweet pain
And your presence,
Seductive torture.

Your lost smile I search
In the wilderness of my tears –
It is the dearest agony
I shall treasure it for years.

Frantic misery shrouded in doom
Fawning upon my being –
Does the music of my screams
Soothe your hurting soul?

A careless smile
On your lips,
Warmth of happiness
On your cheeks,
Eyes lit once more
With hope and laughter
On your altar
Are the offerings
Of my dying soul.