April -May


The month of April was pretty quiet. The team knew that I was pregnant with Edward's child. In addition, both Jessica and Lauren spread the news to the team faster and clearer than the best telephone company. The only people we still needed to tell were my family and Carlisle and Esme, who Edward and I decided we wanted to do face to face.

Everyone assumed that Edward had forgotten their performance appraisals because they were not completed at the originally planned time in March. It wasn't done because we were all swamped with work and meetings and neither Edward nor I could make the time to have a two on one interview. So, it was decided that he would start the process at the end of April, and who better to start with than…the three Musketeers.

No stone was left unturned as he reviewed Tanya, Jasper, and Emmett's performances. Even though Tanya was sent home, an appraisal still had to be completed by Alice and Edward, while Edward and I completed everyone else's.

Needless to say no surprise, Tanya's inexcusable actions dug her own grave. Alice informed me that Tanya had a meeting with Carlisle and Esme when she returned to Forks and was dismissed from the company permanently. Apparently, she left the meeting in tears.

Emmett got an appraisal of twenty percent. I tried to talk to Emmett to let him know that we were worried about him. He was continually coming to work late and half drunk, smelling of alcohol which was a safety risk to himself and everyone else on the site. That was when everything went downhill—he ended up in a shouting match with Edward. Edward was frustrated and had reached his end with Emmett, wanting to punch him several times during the heated exchange. He made numerous attempts to advance on Emmett, though I was able to calm him down by placing my hands on his shoulders and rubbing gently.

In the end, he dismissed Emmett, informing him that Carlisle and Esme would be made aware of what had happened that day—specifically that his behavior had a lasting and detrimental affect on the team.

Then there was Jasper, who surprisingly got seventy-five percent, even though he was involved in the schemes with Emmett. He made sure to complete his work. Smart cookie. One would think he would have been smart enough to stay out of Emmett's schemes.

Leah, Alice, Ben, Tyler, Mike, and Jacob all got percentages of ninety for their exceptional work. They were always willing to help the team.

Rosalie, Sam, Seth, Eric, Jessica, and Lauren all got eighty-five percent, whereas I got eighty percent. Alice and Edward did my appraisal and I understood why they gave me such a low percentage—my jealousy towards Alice had caused my standard of work to drop. They were right, although Edward and I were together, a disagreement should not have stopped us from completing the job—we were both professionals and needed to act as such.

During our break up, Edward drowned himself in more work while I did only what was asked of me, and left. I even switched teams. Not a good quality for someone who wants to become a manager. Edward was assessed by his peers and he received a total of ninety-seven percent from everyone, excluding Emmett—even Jasper started to see the light. I thought Jacob would have given him a low grading because of the bar incident, but in the appraisal from Jacob, he thanked him for watching both his and Alice's backs.

Bitch, it seems that he could do no wrong.

Hormones talking.

When Jacob said that he admired Edward in front of the team, Edward and everyone else were left speechless.

"So Jacob, why did you come to Masen, instead of taking over your father's company?" Alice questioned with a raised eyebrow. She associated with Edward so much that she started to act like him. They acted like they were family.

Nope, I am not jealous, I learned my lesson before. I understand their relationship now.

"Well Alice, it's pretty simple; My father's a dick! Sorry to say it, but it's the truth. His work ethics are unscrupulous and I wanted to learn about project management the right way."

Edward soon joined the interesting conversation. "When you say unscrupulous what do you mean?" he inquired.

"Edward, the world knows my father is crooked, they just don't know how to prove it. Hell, I don't even know how to prove it. He bribes, blackmails, and I even believe that he would kill to get a contract."

"Oh!" was the only word that came out of Rosalie, Ben, and Angela's mouth.

"So how's that working out for him?" I asked. This conversation was getting pretty interesting. Masens and Blacks had been rivals for years. Masens chose the ethical way of doing their business, while Blacks, well, obviously didn't.

"Not good, I think that soon he will be filing for bankruptcy. Most companies in America and Europe don't want to do business with him or Blacks's Projects. When any contractors in Europe or America have a project they go straight to Masens, because they trust them to get the job done on time, within the budget, and have no legal or safety problems. Hell, the staff is even treated better at Masens than at Blacks. I tried to talk to my father about changing his tactics but he just laughed me off and said get on or get out. So I chose to get out."

"I guess he wasn't happy with that decision?" Angela asked.

"Nope, he called me a traitor and some other not so nice words. But I've learned more under Edward and at Masens than I've learned in my three years at Blacks. Esme took a chance on me saying that her sister and brother-in-law would have never turned me away and I am grateful for the opportunity." Laughing he added, "You know my dad really wanted this contract. He said it would have helped him financially, but then Masens got it. He cut all ties with me, even removed me from his will."

"Damn, your dad's brutal." Ben and Jasper said at the same time, causing everyone to laugh.

Eventually the subject changed and everyone began talking amongst themselves. We were all enjoying ourselves for once, well besides Emmett he left after his appraisals. Edward gave the contractors and the team the rest of the day off, but we all stayed in the office, ordered food, ate and drank. At the end of the day, everyone knew each other a little better than before and the team was finally starting to look and move as a team.

I was walking to the site with a smile on my face, nothing could get me down today, or for the past month actually. I was happy and in love. I had the man of my dreams, who had asked me to marry him, and I was pregnant with my first child—his child. Normally I walked with Angela but she wanted to stay behind at the hotel, saying that she had something to finish up before coming over to join me.

At the site, I held a meeting with one of the contractors on top of the building to sort out any problems. Edward went to get some bake and shark from around the savannah that I was craving, so he would be back any minute. The meeting lasted for about an hour and I remained on the roof looking down at the site. Suddenly, I heard someone shouting my name, when I spun around it was Angela.

Emmett POV
Here I am in the bar alone, I skipped work again. I had no friends, no family.

Edward had taken everything and everyone away from me. Rosalie wouldn't speak to me, Alice wouldn't speak to me, Mom and Dad said that they were disappointed in me and that I wasn't acting like the son they knew. Jasper refused to speak to me since Alice asked for a divorce. He had been trying his best to show her that he was trying to change.

Change? Ha! I would change after I got the money.

Fifty billion dollars! I wouldn't give it up for nothing, not even Rosalie.

I needed to get even with Edward, but how?

I tried Tanya, but the stupid slut couldn't even do one thing right, before they kicked her ass back to Forks and out of MPS.

Edward seemed to have it all, while I was losing everything. My friends were now in his corner and he had a pretty little girlfriend who I heard from Jacob was pregnant.

Wait…Bella. That's it!

In order to hurt Edward, I needed to hurt Bella.

A devious grin spread across my face as I picked up my phone and dialed the one person I knew who could accomplish just that.

I am going to kill Bella Swan.

Mystery POV

I couldn't believe he got her pregnant. I had been sitting on the information for the past month now, unsure of how to tell my boss. They wanted me to kill Bella, but I couldn't kill a pregnant lady. This led me to drinking myself into oblivion by the bar.

I really didn't have a choice in whether she lived or died, because if she lived, that meant that Masens' empire would have another heir to claim the money. Something my boss didn't want.

I needed to call my boss and inform him of the new development. It seemed as if this Masen kid had an angel watching him and that angel was now going to get Bella and his unborn child killed.
"Billy, we have a problem."
"I told you not to call me by my name, boy."
"Sorry sir, won't happen again."
"What seems to be the problem, boy?"
"Bella Swan is pregnant with Masen's heir."
"Should I kill her still sir?"
"Masens' empire must not have an heir. We agreed before to kill Bella. What makes you think that this new information would change that? If anything, it just reinforces it," he said and hung up the phone.
"I am going to kill Bella Swan," I muttered to myself. Maybe if I said it more I might actually be able to do it.
I was about to sit down to plot Bella's murder when someone slapped me across my face.
What the fuck!

Angela POV
I walked over to the boy's suite looking for Ben, even though I figured that he was already at work, it wouldn't hurt to check.
Before I reached the suite, I heard a voice on the stairs, "Billy, we have a problem."
Who the hell is Billy?
"Sorry Sir, won't happen again."
"Bella Swan is pregnant with Masen's heir."
I wonder if he's talking to Carlisle, but he said Billy before. And Bella is pregnant by Edward... Who the hell is Masen's Heir.
"Should I still kill her?"
What? Kill Bella! This has to be some joke, right? I need to warn her and let Edward know.

I was blinded by rage when I realised who the person was. I walked up to him slapped him across the face and started my angry outburst.

"I can't believe you. We all trusted you and this is what you're doing to us? How could you?" I said raising my hand to slap him again.

He grabbed it and started to shout in my face, "Listen little girl, I should teach you to show respect."

He smells like alcohol.

What did I get myself into?

I needed to warn Bella and the others, but first I need to get out of here.

I turned my head to the left and saw the elevator doors opened. I brought one of my knees up and hit him as hard as possible in the balls. I quickly made a dash towards the elevators and just in time, because the doors closed before he could make it inside. My heart was beating twice its normal speed, I took giant gulps of air in an attempt to control my breathing, but nothing was working.

Shit, I may die.

I'm going to die.

I impatiently waited for the elevator to reach the ground floor, constantly pressing the big 'G' button, hoping it would make it move faster. The elevator doors opened and I made a run towards the direction of the site. I ran my heart out, tore through the streets like a criminal running from the police. But this time it wasn't the Police but an assassin behind me shouting for at me to stop.

I can't believe we all trusted him. Bella will never believe me. I trusted him, Bella trusted him, Alice trusted him, and Rosalie trusted him. Hell, everyone trusted this…this… criminal

I ran onto the site and spotted some of the contractors just before the building and asked them for Bella. Most of them said that they had just finished a meeting with her on top of the building, so she should still be there. Before the contractor could say anything else, I made a run for the service elevator that would take me to the rooftop. But, before I could reach the elevator, two strong hands grabbed me and started to shake me.

"Where is Bella?" he asked, reeking of alcohol. For the second time today, I lifted my leg and kneed him in the balls, before dashing for the elevator with two people on my heels looking for Bella. The service doors closed and I counted the seconds that seemed like hours before it would open and hoped that I would find Bella on the roof.

The doors opened and there she was standing on the edge of the roof with a smile on her face.
"BELLA!" I shouted to get her attention.
She turned around smiling, but when she took in the expression on my face her smile immediately turned to a frown.
"Angela, what happened to you?" she asked, concern written all over her face

"Bella someone is..." But I never got to finish as I felt a strong hand on my arm, and suddenly both Bella and I were falling, surely to our deaths.

God I should have stayed in Forks.

We both screamed each other names at the same time as we went over the ledge. The fall couldn't have lasted more than a second, but time moved in impossibly slow motion as I looked up to see a face that I never could have guessed.

He was the last thing I saw before the blackness took over.

Emmett POV
I took the stairs and followed Angela to the top of the roof, not exactly sure what I would do with them when I reached them. Everything was blurry after that, I remembered reaching the roof and Angela and Bella going over.

Shit, Bella saw me. What do I do?

I quickly made my way back downstairs to join the group in the rush to save the fallen girls.

Mystery POV
I took the stairs and followed Angela to the top of the roof, not exactly sure what I would do with them when I reached. Everything was blurry after that, I remembered reaching the roof and Angela and Bella going over.

Shit, Bella saw me. What do I do?
I quickly made my way back downstairs to join the group in the rush to save the fallen girls.