by PaBurke

Distribution: The Nook

Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended, no money made, no characters created.

Spoilers: Season Four of NCIS, season one of NUMB3RS

Summary: It's all in how you define the terms.

Word Count: 100

The kiss was hot and left David Sinclair gasping for breath. Most of him was willing to barter away oxygen for more. The Israeli NCIS agent smiled knowingly and drove off.

David's teammates watched the show. Don shooed them away but remained, grinning. "You knew her in Tel Aviv?"

David nodded. "It's her 'hood. She taught me disarmament, spotting a suicide bomber, tracking raw materials."

"It looks like she taught you more than that." Don's look was recognizable in any locker room; waiting for the details.

So David said, "Ziva Davide was the most explosive thing I handled in Israel."