Funeral Propositions

By PaBurke

Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended. I own neither of the universes nor the characters.

Distribution: The Nook

Spoilers: Season eight of SG1, especially Heroes. We'll say, before the end of Season 3 for House

Rating: If you can't watch House MD, go away!

Word Count: 350

"What's a hot chick like you doing in a depressing place like this?"

It was a horrible pick-up line whispered too close to her ear and totally inappropriate for a funeral. She had been prepared to ignore the guy, but than couldn't. In an odd way, it was that very inappropriateness that first registered, even before the very familiar voice.

"House?" Surprised, Allison Cameron turned in the pew and faced her boss. "What are you doing here?"

He was at least dressed appropriately, soberly in black. Gregory House grinned wickedly, like he normally did before calling someone stupid. "I'm here for a funeral."

"You knew Dr. Fraiser?"

House leaned back now that he had her attention. "Of course. You didn't think that I hired you only 'cause you're hot and worked hard, did you? Fraiser vouched for you and Fraiser was a damn good diagnostic doctor."

"She was the best," Cameron murmured.

"Second best," House argued. "But she was in the Air Force –wasted- and couldn't compete with me."

Cameron smiled. "You can relax. Now you are the best."

House's jaw dropped at the audaciousness of her comment. "Tut, tut. Cameron, are you flirting with me- your boss? And at a funeral? What would Fraiser say?"

Cameron stood to pay her respects. She threw one last comment over her shoulder. "Janet would applaud me for getting the better of you. And where better than at her funeral? In her presence."

House watched her walk away. He saw the self-confidence in the line of her spine. She was among those who saw her as a competent colleague. He saw the friendship in the way she shook hands and in the gentle way that she hugged that girl- what the hell was her name?- that Janet had adopted. He saw the respect that she offered all those in uniform. He saw the respect that was offered in return. He saw those with stars on their shoulders and medals on their chest make a point of speaking with her.

House had a feeling that Cameron was walking away in more ways than one.