Funeral Propositions II

By PaBurke

Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended. I own neither of the universes nor the characters.

Distribution: The Nook

Spoilers: Season eight of SG1, especially Heroes. We'll say, before the end of Season 3 for House

Rating: If you can't watch House MD, go away!

Word Count: 400

"At least you're not wearing jeans and a t-shirt," the disdainful female voice spoke.

"I tried that," House lied and he turned to face the speaker. "But the black bouncer wouldn't let me in without being properly dressed." A tall, thin girl stood before him. She was pretty in her black dress. It was the brat that Fraiser had adopted.

The girl grinned at him. "T-Murray would have broken your good leg before letting you dis mom, Dr. House. I would have liked to see you try."

House waved his free hand in dismissal and limped toward the men's bathroom. The girl beat him there. "Aren't you the least curious as to my identity or why I'm bothering you?" she asked.

"Nope." House pushed by the girl.

She followed him into the restroom. "My name is Cassandra Fraiser. Remember it. It's going to be on a job application on your desk in a few years."

House looked her up and down. "Try ten. I might be retired by then."

"Five years."

"Ha. You're what? Sixteen? You'll change your mind six times before you graduated high school. I'll never see you again."

"Seventeen," Cassandra corrected. "And I've already started undergraduate studies."

"You don't have a big enough rack to be seventeen and you still have baby fat."

The cheap insult didn't faze the girl as it would most females her age. "Cassandra Fraiser. Remember the name. I'm going to learn everything I can from you and then I'm going to move on."

"Taking your mom's place?" House asked a little too innocently. "Finishing the job she started?"

Cassandra didn't wince at this comment either, but returned with a volley of her own. "Nope. It'll be Cameron's job by then. So, kindly refrain from getting yourself kicked out of the only job that'll have you. Also refrain from OD-ing on pain meds. See you in five years, Dr. House." She turned on her heel and walked out of the men's bathroom.

House found himself grudgingly admiring the brat. Janet hadn't had her for the formative years, but their time together had definitely had a profound affect on the girl.

House would keep an eye out for the girl's résumé. It had been ages since he had crossed someone who had been as hard to manipulate as Janet Fraiser. He had never received an answer better than 'classified.'

What made Cassandra Fraiser tick?