Friends Should Act Friendly

By PaBurke

Summary: Abby's really bad date has led to mind-blowing discoveries. The learning process has just begun. The team can't NOT investigate.

Distribution: The Nook

Disclaimer: None of the characters are mine, no infringement intended. Just play and more play.

Spoilers: HL and NCIS season three.

Rating: for language


Gibbs was keeping secrets.

Ziva knew that Gibbs kept secrets and kept them well. She knew that he would protect his team and his team's secrets more than his own. He had done so for her; she couldn't have expected less on Abby's behalf. Whatever that had happened on the 'bad date' had scared Abby so much that she had started a self-defense class and had taken a month off of work to recover. Ziva was surprised that the guy from the 'bad date' hadn't ended up dead. The Mossad agent would have cheerfully killed him if she had been able to find him. She was surprised that Gibbs hadn't killed him, or at least given him the beating of a lifetime.

The bastard had vanished off the face of the Earth according Tim and Tony's investigation. Gibbs had been surprised and pleased when Tony had reported it.

If Gibbs hadn't killed the boyfriend that had hurt Abby, who had?

It didn't seem like Abby's style to get revenge like that. The complete lack of forensic evidence was her style though.

Ziva didn't even attempt to get into Abby's computer to find her secrets. She wouldn't accomplish anything but letting the scientist know that she was snooping. Though she would never get anywhere, she knew who would. Which was why she had cornered Timothy McGee in an abandoned hallway.

"I need you to get into Abby's computer."

McGee looked wary and uncomfortable. "Why?"

"I need to find out everything on her new self-defense teacher. She never would have chosen him without a thorough background search."


"No?" Since when had McGee shown that much backbone around her?

"No. I won't do it and I don't care what you do or threaten to do, you can't make me."

Ziva probably could make him, but she would lose his friendship in the process. "Why not? Abby is obviously in need of help. You can help me help her."

"She made me promise not to snoop."

Ziva didn't like hearing that. Tim was honest and trust-worthy. Ziva had taken advantage of those traits many times. Tim would not suddenly change his character to please her and certainly not to betray Abby.

"We're not snooping," Tony walked into the conversation much like Gibbs would have. "We're making sure that she gets the best possible care as she recovers from her ordeal. The wrong person can hurt her more than they can help her."

"Abby's happy with him," Tim declared.

"Does she really know what she needs right now? Would anyone?" countered Tony.

Tim shook his head and stepped back, aiming for the elevator and Abby's lab. Tony's hand on Ziva's arm was warning her to keep her mouth shut. She would, for now. They watched McGee scurry away. Tony grinned at her. "He'll investigate now and all we have to do is tease his findings out of him."

It wasn't like Tony to be subtle, but Ziva appreciated it.

"Keep watch," he hissed at her.

Ziva's eyes swept the bullpen (why not a sheep pen?) without appearing to do so. "Why?"

"You were aiming in the wrong direction. We'll never get to Abby's stuff, but that doesn't mean that Gibbs didn't do some investigating on his own. Rule number 4: Always double check." He sat at Gibbs' desk and started typing.

Sometimes she forgot just how experienced and accomplished an investigator Tony was. Tony didn't chatter on as he normally did. That told Ziva that he was as concerned as she was about Abby's PTSD. Ziva moved around their area pretending to do work and keeping a very wary eye out for Gibbs. He would not be pleased with his team using the tricks he had taught them on him.

"Get me a piece of paper from my desk," Tony hissed.

Ziva obeyed. Tony scribbled an address on it and closed out of the computer. With great pains, he put everything exactly how he had found it. Ziva snatched the address away from him and the two were back at their desks before Gibbs and Tim returned to the floor.


Ziva drove to the address Tony had found and walked into the brand new dojo. She had to admit she liked the set-up, but where was the teacher? "Hello?"

She waited. "Is anyone here?"

"This is a private establishment."

Ziva whirled to face the man that had snuck up behind her. "I wish to join."

"Private," the man repeated. "By invite only."

"You've only invited one student." She was guessing, but Tony hadn't found any tax returns for the place yet.

"That is my concern. Not yours. And she's not a student. She's my apprentice." He smiled and Ziva really did not like that smile. "I'm old fashioned that way."

"Why Abby?"

"That is not your concern. You may leave."

"No." She was going to make him throw her out.

He shifted expertly and Ziva was pretty sure he could accomplish his goal. "Leave." He didn't threaten to call the police. He could know her job, or he could want to avoid the attention.

Ziva shifted into a fighting stance. "Abigail is my friend. If she really wanted self-defense to get over her bad date, she could have come to me, or Gibbs. What can you teach her that we can't?"


Ziva rushed him. He dodged and landed a blow on her back that left her gasping for air. She didn't know that move. He might be good enough for Abby after all.

"Are you leaving yet?" he asked her.

Ziva considered him, how he wasn't out of breath, how wary he was. "Yes. For now."

He bowed slightly to her (he was old-fashioned), and said, "Shalom."

Ziva left to report her findings to Tony. They would have a 'campfire' and make a decision. She was sure that they would investigate more.