The Way a Family Defends

By PaBurke

X-over: Navy, NCIS

200 Words, rated PG

Distribution: TtH, if someone would like to put it on the TtHdrabble livejournal for me, that would be nice.

Summary: Just something that can happen when families are near each other and alcohol. Double Drabble

Disclaimer: No one belongs to me.

"Interesting." He looked over the long row of solemn faces.

"Precisely what, Agent Gibbs?" The British accent was unexpected.

"Civilians taking on a squad of marines."

"We won," the youngest pointed out. She sported a beautiful black eye.

Jethro had to agree. "There seems to be differing opinions on who threw the first punch."

"They started it," the young man reiterated. He moved stiffly.

"Then there's the little business of attacking the MP's."

"How were we supposed to know that they weren't there for the fun?" asked the brunette. She had nary a mark on her.

"They were in uniform," Gibbs offered.

She shrugged. "Only difference between a man and a man in a uniform is that there's a couple extra layers of clothing to strip off."

Gibbs stiffened but the others snickered.

Gibbs struggled to regain control. "As I understand it, the altercation started with a derogatory comment to one of the women?"

The young man grunted. "They wanted to know how much Faith, Buffy, Dawn, and Willow charged by the hour. And if there was a group rate."

"Starting a fight and getting thrown into the brig was an adequate response how?"

"They stopped laughing at my family."