Clones Get Happy Endings Too

By PaBurke

Summary: The clone muses on his new life, and the excitement of it.

Distribution: Wormhole Crossing (posted within 'Road Trips and Other Short Stories'), Smart!Jack, Mini!Jack, and CrossGate and the Nook

Disclaimer: None of the characters are mine, no copyright infringement intended. No money made. Just play and more play.

Spoilers: Bait of NCIS, Twilight. And Fragile Balance of SG1

Rating: for language, does this count as under-age drinking or not?

A/N: The actor and his portrayal of Mini!Jack O'Neill are just too good to ignore on any show.


As Jack hugged his foster parents, he mused that there were sting operations and then there were sting operations. He knew that he was good undercover but even this was a testament to his acting abilities. The fact that all the kids, him included, were still alive was a sheer miracle. The universe wasn't done with Jack O'Neill –the clone- yet.

Jack made himself another mental note to send a thank you card and candy –maybe cake- to the smart people who had created this identity as Kody Myers. His fake identity had withstood the scrutiny of both the Colombian drug lords and the NCIS.

Speaking of NCIS, he had never been so relieved to see a Marine walk through the door in this life or in the last. That meant that someone competent was in command. The only better possibility would have been SG1. Thank goodness, Gibbs had never seen Jack when he was young. Gibbs would never connect the dots to old O'Neill underneath a mountain of dirt and secrecy. Jack had known when Gibbs walked through the classroom door that everything would be okay. He had needed that reassurance.

Jack had been walking a tightrope of following the directions of the drug lords, keeping in character as a high school student and giving NCIS everything they needed –including time- to catch the crooks.

Now the crooks were caught, his 'foster' parents were back together and the NCIS had a nice collar under their belts.

Now if only he could get his 'foster' dad to sneak him a beer, life would be as good as it could get for this clone.