Another 20 short stories for Resident Evil

1. Down (Blink-182)

Chris shot the oncoming Majini in the chest and then in the leg. The Majini felt his leg in pain. Chris ran at the Majini and punched him in the face, he fell to the floor. Downed for good.

2. A Little Respect (Wheatus)

Jill ran through the door filled with terror.

"Barry! A monster!" She screamed.

The zombie put his hands on his hips "Hey, have a little respect for the recently deceased,"

3. Little Death (+44)

Chris scowled at Wesker "I'm shutting you down Wesker! I'm not going to allow you to kill the world,"

Wesker's bottom lip quivered "Oh come on, can't I inflict a little bit of death?"

4. Nine In The Afternoon (Panic! At the Disco)

Leon yawned and stretched "What's the time?" He asked Ashley.

She looked at her watch "Erm, nine in the afternoon,"

He nodded "Oh right…" He looked at her "Wait. What?"

5. On the Run (Pink Floyd)

"Oh my god! A huge walking statue of Salazar!" Leon screamed as he ran away.

6. There She Goes (The La's)

A tear dropped from Leon's eye as he watched Ada disappear in the helicopter.

7. The World's Greatest (R. Kelley)

Wesker watched with a smirk as the natives became infected and into his slaves.

"God I'm good," He chuckled.

8. Famous Last Words (MCR)

"Bleargh," The zombie said as it was shot in the head.

9. How You Remind Me (Nickelback)

Chris watched Sheva mow through the Majini.

"Not unlike Jill," He muttered.

10. Crawl (Kings Of Leon)

"Just coz you shot me in dah legs, don't mean I can't get yah," The zombie said.

11. Children Of The Revolution (T-Rex)

Wesker laughed as he infected all the Africans "You are my children of the revolution!"

12. Don't Think Twice, It's All Right (Bob Dylan)

"Just shoot the bastards!" Chris shouted at Sheva.

12. Stop Me (Mark Ronson)

"You can try and stop me," Wesker smirked "But you shall not succeed,"

Chris shot at him but he quickly dodged.

"I said you can't succeed," Wesker whined.

13. Never Forget (Take That)

"You're a jerk," Wesker said "I frickin' saved your life from the dogs at the mansion!"

14. Fences (Paramore)

"Just gonna hop over this," Chris said as he jumped over a fence in pursuit of a chicken.

15. Nothing On My Back (Sum 41)

"Get it off! Get it off!" The El Gigante whined.

Leon hopped onto his back and started cutting at the parasite "Calm down big boy," He hushed.

16. In Pieces (Linkin Park)

"There must be parts scattered around the place," Sheva said.

Chris nodded "Okay well lets find 'em,"

17. Wish For Something More (Amy Macdonald)

"This handgun isn't good enough!" Leon complained.

18. Make You Feel Better (RHCP)

Chris held his chest. He was dying.

Sheva ran over to him and quickly sprayed him with a herb.

19. I Shall Overcome (Hard-Fi)

The Las Plagas was taking over his body. Leon gulped and fought against it.

"I wont be beaten by this," He muttered.

20. The World We Live In (The Killers)

Wesker frowned and walked forward "Why do you fight me Chris? I'm improving the world we live in,"